REPORT: Jenelle Evans Will Not Be Attending The Teen Mom 2 Reunion This Weekend! Find Out Why

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David Eason and Jenelle Evans News

The Teen Mom 2 reunion special is set to film in New York City this weekend but one of the show’s stars will reportedly not be present.

As Briana DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska prepare to reunite in the Big Apple, a new report reveals Jenelle Evans will not be attending.

The reason? She opted out of filming with the cast after her producers refused to allow her recently fired husband, David Eason, to come along with her.

“MTV has refused to give in to any her demands in regard to the reunion,” a source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on May 15. “Jenelle wanted them to pay for [her husband] David [Eason]‘s entire trip– travel and expenses– even though he’s not allowed on the set. When [the producers] refused to agree to pay for David, Jenelle said she’s not coming. This has been going on for a long time, them battling back and forth, and MTV refused to budge.”

“Hopefully they hold their ground for once,” the source added.

Although Jenelle isn’t planning to travel to New York City to film the upcoming special, she will reportedly appear on the show briefly, via Skype.

“Right now, the plan is to not really even explain Jenelle’s absence, and just have Dr. Drew stated that Jenelle was ‘unable to be with us’ or something, so that they don’t have to lie and go into too much detail,” the insider explained. “Everything is being set up on the set as if she’s not coming, because it’s super unlikely that she’s changing her mind at this point.”

Despite Jenelle’s absence, producers of the show are still taking steps to ensure the safety of each and every member of the cast, especially considering the ongoing tension between the women and their newest co-star, Briana.

“There is still a ton of tension between the other girls and Briana, and between other cast memebrs so for this reunion, every girl is going to have their own dressing area/green room area,” the source said. “Everyone is worried that fights could break out again, and things could even turn physical.

“Last time MTV was kind of encouraging the drama by putting the girls around each other, but things got way out of control and dangerous, so they are going to try to keep things separate this time,” the source added. “Last reunion was a complete s**t show so the producers are hoping that’s not the case this time around.”

As fans will soon see, Jenelle’s husband flipped out during the last reunion after being denied alcohol at the set bar and during his meltdown, he stabbed a number of decorative balloons. The incident has been a hot topic amongst Jenelle’s co-stars in the months since it took place and during an episode of Kailyn’s podcast weeks ago, she and Leah spoke of how unprofessional and frightening David’s behavior was.

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