The Real Housewives of Dallas Premiere Recap: Adoptions, Amygdalae, and Making Amends

by Tiffany Brown
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THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS season 3 premiere recap Leeanne Stephanie and Kameron

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Dallas kicked off the third season last night, and with the new year comes a new life…an absolutely adorable one!

We got to meet Brandi Redmond’s new adopted son, Bruin, and not only is the two month old too precious for words, he has red hair! He was absolutely made for the Redmond family, and Brandi reported that from the moment she met her son, it was as though he knew she was his mommy.

It happened quickly too! Following a devastating miscarriage last year, Brandi and her husband, Brian were ready to call it quits in the baby department, but out of nowhere, Brandi got a call from Stephaniewhose friend owns an adoption agency and had told her about a baby boy who needed a good home.

Brandi took Bruin to meet “aunt” Stephanie and do some shopping  (an activity he should probably get used to!) and the two women gushed over how cute he was and how it had all been meant to be.

The other women have yet to meet Bruin, as Brandi is still harboring some hard feelings toward D’Andra and LeeAnne, and who can blame her?!  She felt that LeeAnne tried to blame her for everything she did last season, and those careless rumors D’Andra started about her cast mates abusing Adderall could have caused a lot of problems with Brandi’s adoption. It’s for that reason that she chose to skip D’Andra’s upcoming 4th anniversary party.

And seriously, who throws a huge bash for a 4th anniversary?! Maybe the 5th, certainly the 10th, but the 4th?! Quite frankly, D’Andra’s lucky anyone wanted to come to that.  But there was one guest she was particularly worried about facing…her mom, Dee.

The two women have been at odds since last season, and Dee actually took back the reigns on the family business after officially handing them over to D’Andra.  They’ve barely spoken since that time, and D’Andra was visibly shaken when her mother walked in the room.  But these are southern belles, and no one would have been the wiser.  They hugged and called each other “darlin”, and slopped enough of sugar to cause a diabetic coma, until Dee was alone with her escort for the evening, and could be heard talking trash on own her daughter, that is! She told her date that everyone was “surprised” that D’Andra was so happily married because of her past “experiences.” I’m not sure what that means exactly, but there’s something particularly lethal about mom shade!

Prior to the big event, LeeAnne wanted to take some steps toward “owning” the things she’s done in the past to make the women distrustful of her.  She went to meditate with D’Andra, and a man called Sunshine, and explained that it was good for her amygdala, which is enlarged and apparently the cause for all of her messy behavior because it reacts to every little perceived threat.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how any of it works, and somehow I suspect LeeAnne would be hard pressed to spell amygdala (truthfully I had to check myself) much less identify one on a diagram of the human brain, but hey, she’s trying.

She also called Cary and met her for coffee.  Cary was standoffish at first, and actually ordered her food to go.  But once LeeAnne arrived, she managed to turn on the charm enough to convince Cary to stay.  She apologized profusely for the rumors she started about Cary’s husband, Mark carrying on behind her back with other men, and said she hoped they could be friends.

But Cary said she wasn’t so sure.  She said she wanted to be cordial and to feel comfortable speaking  to each other when they saw each other at events, but had to draw the line at lunches and phone calls.  She admitted that last year, she likely would have just agreed to a friendship before she was ready in an effort to be pleasing, but mama’s got a brand new bag! She’s a “boss b***h” these days, after opening her own laser center in the Deuber’s medical practice, and is no longer taking anyone’s disrespect lying down.

It was obvious that LeeAnne was intrigued by this assertive new Cary, who refuses to sugar coat anything, and seemed a little sad that she didn’t want to be friends, but it’s only the first episode, and I suspect these two will find common ground sooner rather than later.

LeeAnne is also looking for common ground with her fiance, Rich.  After a year of being engaged, the couple are  no closer to walking down aisle, and LeeAnne is getting impatient.  She’s trying to bide her time and step softly so that she doesn’t scare him off, but she’d like to, at least, begin planning the wedding. But if you ask me, he has to get rid of the eye patch first.  I sympathize with his injury…I truly do.  But in 2018, there are surely other options available.  Besides, you can tell he’s feeling himself, and enjoying playing pirate just a little too much. If LeeAnne doesn’t snatch that thing away soon, it may be here to stay.

The Real Housewives of Dallas - Season 3

So, all in all, the ladies of RHOD are off to a pretty good start, and there’s plenty more to come.  In previews for next week, we see Brandi having a change of hearts and deciding to stop by the Simmons’ anniversary party, after all. But something about the look in her eye tells me she isn’t there to congratulate them! It looks as though that won’t be the only showdown for D’Andra, either, as she goes head to head with Dee. Stay tuned viewers, there’s some Texas sized drama ahead!

Photos Credit: Peter Larsen/Bravo