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Real Housewives of New York City

Ramona Singer Responds to Backlash from RHONY Reunion and Says She’s “Embarrassed” by Her Behavior, Plus Luann de Lesseps Addresses Her Absence

RHONY Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps talk reunion

If you happened to catch the first installment of The Real Housewives of New York reunion on Wednesday, you know that most of the women didn’t exactly show their best side. There was plenty of bickering and finger pointing, and now, series star, Ramona Singer is saying that she’s “embarrassed” by her behavior!

First, The Apologizer Ramona responded to an Instagram follower, and said she agreed with the viewer’s sentiments about the episode being “hard to watch.”

That fan wrote, “This was hard to watch. All of you going at each other and talking on top of one another. I really enjoy the show but this kind of drama is too much. All of these ladies should try and get along and be civil.”

Ramona wrote back, “I agree with you.”

Ramona talks reunion

Another viewer weighed in, telling Ramona: “Normally you are amusingly funny, but tonight I was embarrassed for you. I don’t think I will watch part 2.”

Ramona responded that she agreed, and replied: “I was embarrassed for myself too.”

Ramona embarrassed by RHONY reunion behavior

Well, I can’t say I blame her. Ramona acted like a child…but so did the rest of the ladies, so she fit right in!

As for Ramona’s castmate, Luann de Lesseps, she was probably relieved that she wasn’t a part to the madness. As we previously reported, Luann was in rehab while the ladies were filming the reunion, but she did take to her own Instagram account to respond to fans who said they missed her, and supported her on her road to sobriety.

“Wish I could have been there but #Healthfirst #Nevercountoutthecountess,” wrote Luann.

She also posted a pic, remote in hand, to let the ladies and the viewers know she was watching and was with them in spirit.

“Catching up on @rhony reunion on bravotv.com and @bravotvapp,” wrote Luann.

Well, here’s to hoping Luann and the rest of the viewers find the second installment of the RHONY reunion a little easier to stomach!

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