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Real Housewives of Orange County

RHOC’s Tamra Judge Reveals the Real Reason She Got Upset With Shannon Beador, Says She’s ‘Not a Complainer and Refuses to Play the Victim’

rhoc tamra judge VS shannon beador

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County have been in rare form this season, and at the center of it all has been series star Tamra Judge, stirring the pot and keeping score! In her latest Bravo blog, Tamra is opening up about her nasty spat with Shannon Beador on the latest episode of the show as she reveals the real reason she got frustrated with Shannon.

For starters, Tamra admits that she’s gotten a little impatient with Shannon, and that her “built up frustrations” were starting to rise to the surface. Tamra also makes it clear that the real reason she got very upset with Shannon is not just because Shannon refused to accept her help when she offered it to her regarding getting in shape, but because she cost her a chance to promote her business on the RHOC.

See, Tamra owns her own fitness company – Cut Fitness, and Shannon was shown working out with a trainer from another fitness company. By choosing to work with a competitor, Shannon essentially gave free promotion to that company instead of Tamra’s company. As most Housewives fans are aware, a lot of the ladies use the Bravo series to promote their businesses.

“I try my hardest to help Shannon with her weight loss and everything else in life,” Tamra explained. “I’ve offered her nutrition advice, workouts at Cut Fitness, sending a trainer over to her house..She’s just not interested in letting me help her and always comes up with an excuse.  Now hearing she’s hired a trainer makes me believe she doesn’t trust me. As one of her best friends, it’s very frustrating and a smack in the face to see her bring in another trainer after I’ve offered so many times.  I am in the fitness industry and she doesn’t want to use my business. What am I supposed to think?”

“How would she feel if I ordered another frozen food company to be delivered to my house after she offered to send me her brand multiple times and then promote them? I don’t know how else to explain it,” Tamra continued, referencing Shannon’s QVC food business.

That’s a fair point, but things got awfully ugly between them over lunch during last Monday’s episode. Could all that venom really be about Shannon’s trainer? Tamra says no.

“I was upset about something that had happened earlier with Shannon that day,” she explained.  “I didn’t feel like my point was coming across at lunch.  It might be the champagne talking or misdirected anger.”

Tamra admitted that after watching the episode, she could see that she “wasn’t being clear,” and that Shannon misunderstood what she was trying to say. All the same, she’s fed up with Shannon’s complaining, including calling her to cry about not knowing she had to pay for water.

“When Shannon called me hysterical about her water being turned off and not knowing you had to “pay for water,” I just couldn’t!” wrote Tamra. “I had just gotten the news that Eddie’s latest heart procedure didn’t work and Eddie decided to go off his medication without the doctor’s approval. I was extremely stressed. My husband was in denial, and no one was getting through to him how dangerous his condition is.”

“In my mind, all I could think was, “Shannon, we’re all going through our own sh-t! I’m going through so much right now, but most people wouldn’t even know it because I’m not a complainer and I refuse to see myself as a victim,” she continued.

However, Tamra understands that friends don’t always see eye to eye, and signed off with a message of love.

“I love Shannon like a sister, and I just want what’s best for her.  It’s okay for friends to disagree.”

You can continue to keep up with Tamra and the rest of the RHOC ladies every Monday night at 9/8c!


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