Did Teen Mom 2’s Javi Marroquin Pursue A Relationship With Kailyn Lowry For Fame? She Reveals Shocking Details About His Efforts To Get On Another MTV Show

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Did Teen Mom 2's Javi Marroquin Pursue A Relationship With Kailyn Lowry For Fame

When Kailyn Lowry met Javi Marroquin years ago, she believed their encounter was a “chance” meeting. Years later, the Teen Mom 2 star is convinced her former husband pursued her in an effort to gain fame.

During a special episode of Teen Mom 2 season eight, Kailyn opened up about the moment she discovered Javi knew exactly who she was on social media.

“He sought me out, knew who I was, came to find me,” she revealed on Wednesday’s special.

According to Kailyn, she learned, via social media, that Javi had nearly appeared on an episode of MTV’s True Life just before their first meeting.

“I went through his Facebook messages. I found out that Javi applied for another MTV show called True Life: I Want To Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend. He got picked for it, but the girlfriend at the time refused to do it. So, weird how two months later he oddly finds himself in the mall where I’m working but claimed he didn’t know who I was,” she explained.

Kailyn then looked at her Twitter account and found out Javi previously sent a message to her page.

“You don’t know who I am, but you tweeted me and you knew where I worked?” Kailyn asked.

In August, Kailyn first revealed details regarding Javi’s suspicious behavior and admitted she was “desperate” when she decided to marry him in 2012.

“I was young and ignored red flags apparently. What most would call desperate,” she wrote.

In response, Javi told his former wife, “Stop tweeting about me. Stop seeking validation Move on please. Like we’re grown now…That’s for the birds.”

According to a report shared by Starcasm on September 7, Kailyn chronicled her first meeting with Javi on a since-deleted Tumblr page in 2013.

“So I’m working at the mall, the store Buckle, and Javi and his brother come in. I assume his older brother is his dad & that gets us laughing,” she wrote at the time. “At check out he asks to take me for ice cream and I tell him no, lol. Hard to see that looking back I turned him down! Anyway, from there he came into Buckle again and we started forming a friendship via Twitter and Buckle visits.”

After his marriage to Kailyn came to an end, Javi moved on with their fellow Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus but split from her earlier this year.