Is RHOC’s Gina Kirschenheiter Dating Again Amid Divorce? Plus She Reveals if the RHOC Played a Role In Split from Husband & How She Got Cast by Bravo

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RHOC Gina Kirschenheiter shares divorce update from Matt Kirschenheiter

Gina Kirschenheiter and Matt Kirschenheiter may be headed for divorce, but when it comes to their co-parenting relationship, they are staying close.

During a new interview, Gina offered an update on her split, revealed if the The Real Housewives of Orange County played any role in her divorce, as she also shared whether she has began dating.

Gina first revealed how she got cast to appear on the RHOC.

“It was really random honestly,” said Gina during a recent appearance on The Daily Dish podcast. “My friend Tatiana was a friend of Tamra’s. Basically I met Tamra at one of her parties that she was having and we hit it off. I guess they got my name and they called me up. I truly feel like one day I was driving my mini van and then the next day, I was on the Real Housewives of Orange County.”

And unlike most of the ladies who join the Real Housewives franchises, Gina actually admitted she was a big fan of the series before becoming a cast member.

“Yes, I did watch the [RHOC]. Of course, I watch the show,” admitted Gina. “Yes, I was excited when I met Tamra for the first time. I watched it like moms watch it though. So like back in the day, I would probably say I was more faithful to the show, but now, it’s like I’m so busy so I just won’t watch it at all and then I’ll sit down and it will be on and I’ll watch seven in a row.”

Gina then opened up about why her estranged husband Matt did not appear on the Bravo series, stating he was actually ready to do the show but his employer barred him from doing it at the last minute.

“It was very scary. It was hard,” she admits of her decision to join the cast of the RHOC. “And then also obviously, my husband, we were doing it together and then he couldn’t film because of his job. That’s really what it was. Everybody thinks it has to do with our relationship but it really doesn’t.”

“They were kind of like ‘no, you can’t do it,’ and shut it down,” Gina continued. “And obviously that’s his job, and he’s not going to go against it.”

When it comes to her ongoing divorce, Gina denies the RHOC played a role in the split, stating her marriage was already in trouble by the time filming started.

“I for sure knew that we were having relationship problems. Marriage is hard. And I knew we were in a down. We had been in a down for a while. It’s just interesting the way everything lined up because when I started the whole process of the show, at the same time, that really was when Matt started at the new location for work,” she shared. “Also simultaneously, I was coming out of this huge baby phase that I was stuck in with the kids. So it was just really good timing.”

While Gina, mother to Nicholas, 6, Sienna, 4, and Luca, 2, puts no blame on the show, she does admit the distance made her realize it was time to end her marriage.

“It didn’t really have so much to do with the show as it did with him moving away and me being able to say I’m okay on my own without him,” she explained. “Honestly, when you’re a mom and you have that many kids, you don’t really even think about your relationship. You don’t care because you just need help. And then once you come out of that, you’re able to reevaluate things a little bit. And this is a mutual decision between Matt and I.”

On the topic of dating, Gina isn’t focused on finding a new man quite yet but suspects she will face challenges when she is ready.

“No. That’s horrifying to me. It makes me sweat, like literally sweat. I’m like afraid of boys. I drive a mini van. It makes me like so uncomfortable,” admitted Gina. “I’ll give you this, It’s exciting to think about thinking about that. But I am not in anyway there. I’m really focused right now on my relationship with Matt. I have to focus on that and I have to make that a priority because we clearly weren’t the best at marriage so I’m like we have to be better at divorce. And that is a process and it takes time. The communication wasn’t always there in our marriage so we want to be better communicators.”

And while most newbies are usually terrified of reunions, Gina is actually blasé about it.

“I’m not nervous at all about the reunion actually and I don’t know if that’s naive of me,” she revealed. “I feel like I know what happened on there, I was myself. I’m not perfect but I tell the truth usually even if it’s not good. I make mistakes but I say I’m sorry. I don’t understand what there is to be scared of.”

Finally, Gina also shared what viewers can expect from her during the second half of the season.

“[Matt and I are] taking baby steps. You’ll see throughout this whole season,” she shared. “We baby step our way away from each other. We’re so comfortable with each other so it’s hard to break away but we know that there’s no connection in that way anymore.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 13 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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