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RHOC Star Shannon Beador’s New Boyfriend Scot Matteson Accused of Abuse and Failure to Pay Child Support by His Ex

RHOC Shannon Beador and Boyfriend Scot Matteson ex Sarah Pavlik

RHOC Shannon Beador and Boyfriend Scot Matteson ex Sarah Pavlik

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador has been spending more time with her new boyfriend, Scot Matteson, lately but now his ex-girlfriend is speaking out to warn her about her new beau.

Sarah Pavlik, a 32-yr-old California attorney, who also happens to be the mother of Scott’s 2-yr-old daughter Arabella, took to Instagram to call him out under a photo that Shannon posted of herself with Scot.

In the now deleted Instagram comment, Sarah alleges that Scot, 58, is a deadbeat dad while also accusing him of past domestic violence abuse.  She also claims that she was able to obtain a 3-year restraining order against Scot in addition to full custody of their daughter. He allegedly gets supervised visitation.

“Hi!!!! Tell [Scot] that his child support check bounced and that he still owes me $6889 (and that’s only on the temporary orders entered less than a month ago). Also the judge granted me a sole legal and physical custody and a 3 year permanent restraining order after our 10 day domestic violence hearing — otherwise I would relay the message.” wrote Sarah under Shannon’s post.

Sarah continued, “But since you’re staying in penthouse suites [and] flying first class, paying the $6889 in back due child support shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, you kinda need your passport / license to keep on going on such trips so figured better you than Dept. of Child Support Services. Thanks @shannonbeador.”

Scot Matteson and Sarah Pavlik photos
Scot Matteson with his ex-girlfriend Sarah Pavlik

For those not aware, child services departments tend to seize the passports of men who fail to pay their child support.

While the Instagram comment has been deleted, Sarah did share a public Facebook post this week in which she speaks out about her experience with domestic violence, without naming Scot, and states she has “sole legal and physical custody” of their daughter. A screenshot of her post is below.

Sarah Pavlik Facebook

We must note that Reality Blurb hasn’t been able to corroborate these claims as we were not able to get access to these court records.  However, there seems to be good reason for that as a source close to the situation tells us records of this paternity case are currently sealed, adding that paternity cases are sealed by law in the state of California.

Scot has yet to address these allegations being made by the mother of his child.

In addition to his child with Sarah, Scot, who is a real estate developer, is also father to two teenage girls by his late wife, Kimberly Ann Matteson, who passed away in 2004 at the age of 37.

Scot was also married to a woman named Samantha Matteson before a divorce filing in 2014. Court records, obtained by Reality Blurb, show this was a rather contentious divorce as allegations of domestic violence were made and a temporary restraining order was filed.

Shannon started dating Scot this summer, amid her divorce from estranged husband David Beador following 17 years of marriage.

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