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Real Housewives of Dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: 80s Ladies

The Real Housewives of Dallas Recap 80s Ladies - Stephanie, Cary and Brandi

If you’ve been wondering when the ladies of The Real Housewives of Dallas were going to finally bring some serious drama, the wait is officially over.  All the silliness and nonsense of the first half of the season led to last night’s episode, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

When we picked up with our Texas gals, LeeAnne, Kameron, and Stephanie were meeting for lunch.  LeeAnne’s been pretty desperate to forge her own little mini clique since she and D’Andra have been on the outs, and who better to manipulate and cajole than Stephanie and Kameron?  The doe eyed, interchangeable pair rarely cause much of a fuss, and they’re both too soft spoken to truly stand up to LeeAnne, or call her out on her trouble making.  The only trouble is, they don’t particularly care for each other, but LeeAnne quickly convinced them that they were friends.

Before long, Stephanie was wondering why they hadn’t been besties all along.  After all, they have plenty in common–they’re the only two blondes, they both like pink, and their sons even have the same name! Kameron seemed to have the answer–Brandi.  She and Stephanie are besties, and Kameron said she was the only thing standing in the way of them having a Barbie dream friendship.  LeeAnne couldn’t have planned it any better, if she’d written a script.

Not only was Kameron unwittingly doing LeeAnne’s dirty work by putting a bug in Stephanie’s ear about Brandi, she had also given her the perfect segue to start in on some Brandi bashing of her own.  Since they were on the subject, LeeAnne casually mentioned that during Kameron’s “dog painting party” last week, Cary had told her that Brandi said that Kameron didn’t have a mind of her own, and that LeeAnne was “getting in her ear” about some of the other women, including Stephanie, and convincing her not to be friends with them.  Kameron was appalled to hear this, and insisted that, of course, she held her own counsel, and was friends with whomever she liked, regardless of what LeeAnne had to say, and Stephanie just sat there looking  confused, and offering a half hearted defense of her bestie, as LeeAnne sat back looking smug and satisfied with the knowledge that her mission had been accomplished. As all three women took timid, bird-like sips of the tequila shots she’d ordered, she announced that she was “finally in the right group.”

And wouldn’t you know it, at the exact same time, on the other side of town, Brandi and D’Andra were enjoying a liquid lunch of their own.  And what–or more importantly–who do you think they were talking about? You guessed it… LeeAnne! D’Andra was filling Brandi in on the conversation she’d had with LeeAnne the week before, and how she was absolutely certain that she was hiding something about her relationship with Rich.  The streets of Dallas have been talking, and they’ve been saying that Rich has been cheating, and D’Andra is convinced that that’s the reason they still haven’t tied the knot.

Brandi was quick (and happy) to agree with D’Andra’s suspicions, and said that LeeAnne was “full of sh**.”  She went on to say that she was still angry at LeeAnne for telling D’Andra to watch her back with their friendship, and warning her that Brandi was a “bad influence.”  Just who did LeeAnne think she was, Brandi wanted to know?  Furthermore, Brandi said that she believed LeeAnne was jealous of D’Andra because she had actually gotten married for love, and LeeAnne couldn’t even get Rich down the aisle.  This seemed to make D’Andra pretty happy, and before long, they, too, were enjoying tequila shots.  The only difference was, they weren’t just sipping, and it was about to lead to a big ole Texas sized mess!

That evening was the Black Tie Kickoff Party, one of the many charity events on the Dallas social calendar.  LeeAnne was there alone, although she had invited D’Andra to join her.  She wasn’t particularly surprised by her absence, as she felt that D’Andra’s “priorities” had changed since she’d become closer with Brandi.  But she was disappointed. Theses days, D’Andra  seemed far more interested in drinking and hanging out with Brandi than attending the charity events they used to go to, and just as the party was about to wind down, and LeeAnne was wondering if D’Andra was only going to show up to events that involved putting k-cups up her butt, she came striding through the door –with Brandi right behind her.  Needless to say, LeeAnne wasn’t happy.

They got into it almost immediately.  D’Andra and Brandi, clearly still tipsy from lunch, walked over to greet LeeAnne.  D’Andra announced that she was there because she wanted to support LeeAnne, and honor her promise to attend, to which LeeAnne responded, “And you brought Brandi?” LeeAnne told D’Andra all about her conversation with Cary, and the things she’d said Brandi had said about her being in Kameron’s ear, and D’Andra said that they should really talk to each other.  When LeeAnne asked Brandi about it directly, she “called BS” on the entire situation, but said that it was true that LeeAnne was telling people not to be friends with her, and recalled an incident from two years ago, in which LeeAnne told Cary and Stephanie that they should be careful hanging out with her because they would be judged by the company they keep.  LeeAnne denied ever saying any such thing, but since it is reality TV, Bravo went to the tape, and there was LeeAnne saying exactly just that.

Brandi said that LeeAnne saying such things about her was a pattern with LeeAnne, and LeeAnne again denied it, and said that she hadn’t said anything like that this year.  Of course, they went to the tape again, and there she is telling D’Andra to watch her back with Brandi because she “knows what she’s capable of.” When Brandi brought up the incident, LeeAnne said that she wasn’t talking trash, but was simply talking about the way Brandi had treated her in the past.  As all this was going on, D’Andra stood silently listening to her friends go back and forth, as LeeAnne wondered if she was every going to “give this little chihuahua a chew toy to shut her up, or take her away.”

LeeAnne asked Brandi what she was so worked up about, and whether she was just angry that the conversation wasn’t going her way.  Brandi said she just wanted LeeAnne to own her actions and admit that she was wrong.  Eager to put the issue to bed, LeeAnne said, “Fine, I’m wrong.” But Brandi wasn’t interested in being patronized.  She asked LeeAnne why she was wrong, at which point LeeAnne became completely exasperated, and just said, “I have no idea.” That did it!

Brandi got right in LeeAnne’s face, and began pointing at her, and yelling that LeeAnne always spins things and makes everything about other people, and can never own the things that she does, and stormed out of the party, leaving D’Andra and LeeAnne alone.  D’Andra finally spoke up, and said that LeeAnne and Brandi really needed to have a real conversation because there was clearly a “miscommunication” between them (Ya think?!).

The following day, the ladies took care of some other matters.  Kameron went to her husband Court’s office to take a call from an international pet food supplier, who she was hoping would be interested in helping her take her pink dog food to the next level.  Court was pleasantly surprised to hear that the man felt quite confident they could take Sparkle Dog global, and had to admit that perhaps his wife had a good idea on her hands.

Steph took care of some much more personal business, as she arrived at Cary’s laser center to have vaginal rejuventation.  I’ll spare you the details, but Stephanie was pleasantly surprised to find that the procedure was pretty quick and painless, and was so grateful to have a solution to her bladder control issues, that she invited Cary to join her and Brandi for pregaming at her house before the 80s prom themed charity event they were all going to be attending. Cary was hesitant because of her conversation with LeeAnne, and Stephanie agreed that perhaps she should be.  She explained to Cary that her new policy of total honesty was going a bit far, and it was starting to seem like she was just stirring the pot.  Cary agreed, and said that from now on, she was going to go back to keeping private conversations private.

That evening the ladies turned out in their full 80s prom regalia, and as soon as Brandi and LeeAnne saw each other, Brandi asked if they could go somewhere and talk.  As they went out into the hallway, Brandi joked that conversation might be a bit awkward.  LeeAnne said she felt like all of their conversations were awkward lately, and mentioned how drunk she’d been the night before at the kick off party.  Brandi explained that she’d only been trying to unwind, but tired of LeeAnne’s judgements of her, she quickly turned the tables, and told LeeAnne that she really didn’t think she’d changed very much, and that she was still manipulating people and failing to own up to what she did wrong.  LeeAnne said that couldn’t be further from the truth.  She said she was in a great place, and was finally happy and at peace.  Brandi said that she thought that LeeAnne was actually quite sad, and that everyone was wondering what was going on with her and Rich and why they weren’t getting married, but that, unlike her, they were all “too chicken s**t” to come out and ask her.  As you can imagine, this went over like a lead balloon!

LeeAnne said that it was none of Brandi’s business when she was getting married, and asked how she’d feel if she asked her if the rumors were true about her and Brian adopting Baby Bruin to save their marriage.  Brandi was shocked at this, and during her interview said she wanted to punch LeeAnne in the moment, but she refrained, and simply brought the conversation back to LeeAnne, and said that she thought she was jealous of D’Andra.  LeeAnne asked her why she would possibly be jealous of D’Andra, and Brandi said because D’Andra had walked down the aisle, to which LeeAnne responded, “yeah, more than once,” and assured Brandi that she didn’t have a jealous bone in her body.  Brandi once again “called BS” and walked away from the conversation, just as D’Andra was walking over to them.

As Brandi went off to tell the others about her showdown with LeeAnne, she told Cary that they needed to talk about a few things too.  But, unlike LeeAnne, Cary took immediate ownership and admitted she’d “f***ed up,” and apologized.  Brandi forgave her, but vowed to be more careful in the future about what she told Cary.

Once they were alone, LeeAnne turned on D’Andra, and told her that if one more person questioned her relationship with Rich she was going to fly into a “rage of fury the meditation bowl couldn’t fix.” D’Andra warned her not to speak to her that way, and said that everyone was concerned because they knew something was going on.  LeeAnne insisted once again that things were fine with her and Rich and everyone needed to let it go.  Taking a page from Brandi’s book, D’Andra said she “called BS” on that because she knew there were things LeeAnne wasn’t telling her.  LeeAnne said that perhaps she would confide in D’Andra more if she’d calm down, and said she could call BS all she wanted, and walked away from D’Andra just in time for the announcement that she’d been named Prom Queen.

Trust me folks, this isn’t over yet. Stay tuned!

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