Shahs of Sunset Recap: Prenup Hiccup

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Shahs of Sunset Prenup Hiccup MJ Javid

The Persian Posse of Shahs of Sunset returned last night, and as always they brought the fun, the fab, and most importantly the friendship.  This crew is always there for each other through good times and bad, and that’s what we love most about them.

When we picked up with them last night, MJ was getting down to her last two weeks as a single woman, and paid a visit to her attorney to have a prenup prepared before the big day.  It was a smart thing to do, but MJ’s version of a prenup may have been a little more one-sided than most.  But being MJ, she had no shame in her game, and fully acknowledged the double standard.  She modeled the document after Ivanka Trump’s famous philosophy of “don’t get mad–get everything,” and directed her attorney to draw up a document that ensured that if the worst happened, what was hers stayed hers, and what was Tommy’s became theirs.  It may not have been the most equitable arrangement, but it seems that what works for MJ better work for Tommy.

He wasn’t exactly happy about it at first, but Tommy knows his Persian Princess, and loves her for the fierce, fabulous mess that she is.  He put up a bit of a fight, but in the end, he wisely agreed to her conditions. After all, as MJ was quick to remind him, she’ll be the one bearing their children, and there’s no bigger double standard than that!

Across town, Nema paid GG a visit at her home to talk about her abysmal performance at the “elevator pitch” for her cannabis line, WuSah.  Nema actually has a lot riding on GG’s success–and not because he has an enormous crush on her! He threw the full resources of his marketing company behind her vision, and if it fails, it’s as much his reputation on the line as hers.  He wants her to start taking the business more seriously, and really putting in the work to make it a success.  He gave her some tough love, and advised her to get dialed in, and fast! Of course, GG mainly blew him off, and insisted that she’d invested a great deal of herself in her business and had more than enough passion to see it through.  Nema didn’t exactly seem seem convinced,  but GG was determined to prove him and the rest of the doubters wrong when she threw her big launch party in a few days.

In the meantime, Reza and Destiney met with the private investigator she hired to help her find her father.  As it turns out, Destiney’s father has turned out to be a bit of a needle in a haystack, and the PI told her she needed a lot more information to narrow down her search.  The only problem was that Destiney didn’t have any more for her to go on because her mother has been suspiciously mum about the details of her ex-husband’s life.  Destiney didn’t even know if her father had siblings, or whether or not his parents might still be alive.

Reza advised her to stop beating around the bush with her mother, and insist that she tell her everything she knew about him.  Reza suspected that Destiney’s mother was just trying to stop her from getting hurt, and he was right, as the older woman begged him to discourage Destiney from digging any further into her father’s life.  But as she listened to her daughter crying over the phone, she finally relented and provided some information that would help to narrow down the private investigator’s search.

Speaking of fathers, Mike parents’ traditional values certainly seem to have a lot in common with his.  The two men are practically identical in both looks and temperament, and when father paid a visit to son last night, he had plenty of advice.  Mike spoke about the trouble he’s had in his romantic relationships, most recently his breakup with Morgan, and how difficult it’s been for him to reconcile what he wants in a partner with his and their desire for him to carry them on with his own marriage and family.  But Mike’s father told him that it was time for him to do what he wanted, and to find love naturally with a woman that made him happy, rather than worry about what they wanted.  It may be easier said than done, but having his parents’ blessing will likely ease Mike’s tension and help with his anger issues.

Of course, MJ lost her own father earlier this season, and last night she and Reza spread his ashes on a beautiful cliff side MJ was sure he would love. Shams was more than her father, he was her best friend, and a man that was admired by many, and while MJ has missed him desperately, she knows he is with her all the time.

Shams was special to Reza too, as he was the first Persian adult that he came out to.  Sham’s love and support in the face of something that’s not always so easily accepted in their culture, gave Reza the courage to live his life openly and love himself fully.  He paid a beautiful tribute to Shams as they released his ashes, thanking him not only for the support so long ago, but also for giving him his best friend, MJ, whom Reza said certainly got her amazing, fearless personality from him, and not her mother, Vida, whom Reza loves dearly, but said was a “hater.”

MJ and Reza also paid tribute to his cat, Buzzy, whom had been a gift from MJ, and had also recently passed away, after 16 years with Reza.  He was devastated at this loss of his pet, an emotion MJ could certainly understand, after all, she kept her late dog wrapped in a blanket in her freezer after he passed, and actually retrieved him quite often to cuddle him.  Reza didn’t quite take his grief that far, but he appreciated that MJ understood the particular pain of losing a beloved pet.

Their tribute meant that MJ and Reza had to miss GG’s launch party for Wusah, but they were with her in spirit, and they must have given her some strength because she did much better than she did at the elevator pitch.  Even though much of the staff she hired to set up the event canceled on her at the last minute, she pulled it together beautifully, and even managed to impress the representatives from Greenstone, one of the largest manufacturers in the industry.  They see big things for GG, and more importantly, after years of fighting and drinking and trouble making, she now sees big things for herself.

Nema was impressed too–and still smitten.  And perhaps he’s not the only one.  It was clear to see last night that his crush is totally reciprocated.  According to Nema, it’s never been as one sided as it seemed, as GG tries to play cool around her friends, but sends plenty of flirty texts to Nema when no one else is around.  They’re adorable together, actually, and Nema may just be the guy who can get her to finally stop wearing that enormous wedding ring!

The show faded to black from there, but stay tuned, as there’s plenty more drama to come!