90 Day Fiance Star Paul Staehle Reveals TLC Has Fired Him, Shares Shocking Post About Karine’s Miscarriage

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TLC fires Paul and Karine from 90 Day Fiance

All good things must come to an end?

Just days after the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days‘ second season came to an end, the show star Paul Staehle is revealing that the TLC network has fired him and his wife Karine Martins.

Paul took to his Instagram page on October 23 to share the news.

He wrote, “Even though we were not selected to advance on the show, we are very excited for this huge next step in our life as a few family.”

A screenshot of his now deleted post is below.

Paul says TLC fired him from 90 day fiance

Paul shared the news along with a screenshot of a visa interview appointment. It appears Paul has an interview on October 30 to try to get an American visa for his pregnant wife Karine.

He recently revealed that his plan is to have Karine come to the United States in December so that she can spend Christmas with his family.

Paul also took to his personal Facebook page on October 24 to reveal his plans to continue filming his life with Karine without TLC.

He wrote, “Since we are not being filmed we will be live broadcasting Karine Staehle USA Travel. As well as all her first USA experiences. We will Live Broadcast from my private Instagram. We will also be broadcasting pregnancy updates. This is our way of saying thank you for your support.”

Paul talks new show with Karine

As for TLC’s decision to stop filming Paul, there is some speculation over whether it is due to his somewhat excessive postings on social media, mainly a shocking post Paul made this week about a miscarriage suffered by Karine.

If you recall, Paul and Karine suffered a heartbreaking loss on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff this year after Karine miscarried the couple’s baby, although she has since announced she is pregnant once again.  Well, in Paul’s post, he revealed this was actually the second miscarriage the couple had suffered… while then making the stunning revelation that their baby (a fetus) was being kept in their refrigerator because they couldn’t afford to bury him yet.

Paul wrote, “We endured 2 miscarriages. First was very early on. Second one was documented on the TV show. The hospital gave us the fetus. It is still in the refrigerator until Karine can bury him in Tonantins graveyard. Would you like to see the fetus of proof of our pain?”

He continued, “[We’ve] been married a year. We finally have a healthy pregnancy. We do not care about filming anymore or publicity which is why all our accounts are private and we cancelled our recent filming schedule. We just want to raise our child in peace at this point. Public negativity and people like [name redacted] blackmailing [then] posting revenge images and videos has us both on edge. Karine is about to come here for the holidays. Leave the negativity in the hate filled fan groups.”

Paul post about miscarriage

Paul’s shocking post about Karine’s miscarriage. Photo Credit: 90 Day Fiance Facebook Group

Paul first made this post before later admitting that it was TLC’s choice to stop filming him and Karine. Paul’s revelation about their fetus also left many fans feeling stunned and fueled the speculation on whether or not TLC fired him due to this post.

As for TLC, the network recently announced they have began casting for new seasons of both Before the 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance.

Photo Credit: TLC