Andy Cohen Reveals Why He’s Upset About the New RHOBH Season, Plus Is Lisa Vanderpump Still Filming?

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Andy Cohen talks Lisa Vanderpump and RHOBH New Season

Andy Cohen opened up about the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during a recent episode of Sirius XM’s Andy Cohen Live.

As rumors continue to swirl on social media in regard to Lisa Vanderpump‘s alleged refusal to film scenes for season nine with her co-stars, Andy was asked if there was any truth to the reports regarding Lisa’s estrangement from the rest of the cast.

This led to Andy revealing he’s upset about the upcoming season of the RHOBH, citing that he’s unhappy some of the story-lines have already been leaked.

“I hate it when things that are or aren’t happening play out on social media because it makes the show less fun to watch. [Lisa] is on the new season of [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills]. The season is great and I can’t wait to see everyone let it play out,” Andy said.

“It’s a great season and there’s a lot of drama. There’s a lot of laughs,” he continued.

Andy also addressed the addition of Denise Richards to the long-running series, saying so far, she’s been a “great fit.”

“Denise Richards is on. She’s amazing and a great fit,” he said. “I was talking to Lisa Rinna yesterday and I go, ‘You are all superstars. You are all all-star housewives.’ It’s just a great season.”

Earlier this week, the drama between Lisa V. and her co-stars seemed to reach an all-time high as Lisa Rinna called her out on Instagram for refusing to film with her and the rest of the women for the past six weeks.

“Why hasn’t Lvp filmed with us for over 6 weeks? I have no beef with her,” she wrote in the comments section of a post. “Who does that? Who doesn’t show up for work?”

Although Lisa V. hasn’t been filming scenes with her co-stars, she has reportedly been filming season nine by herself as she continues to focus on her humanitarian efforts and animal rights.

“Not all of her scenes are with the other women,” a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight this week. “She films multiple days a week. Much of her filming has been focused around her charity and philanthropic work within the LGBT community and her activism for dog rescue.”

“Anytime you lose a family member you reflect on the important things in life,” the insider explained. “Her brother’s passing drove her to be even more passionate about her philanthropic endeavors and appreciate every day with her family.”

Lisa V. tragically lost her brother Mark Vanderpump to a suicide in April of this year.

Lisa R. also addressed the death of Lisa V.’s brother this week on Instagram, stating that while she felt sympathy for Lisa V., she however didn’t stop showing up to work when she experienced the loss of a family member.

Lisa Rinna comments on Lisa Vanderpump's brother's death

“I too lost my father while filming and I completely understand that everyone’s grieving process is just that their process. We have all reached out to her and we are all there for her. She has chosen to not film with us,” wrote Lisa R. “I too lost my sister to an overdose. I have great empathy and I have been there. If you sign up to do a job you do it. No matter what. That’s show biz. I did it. Eileen did it when her mother passed away the day before the reunion.”

She continued, “You show up or if you can’t then you say I can’t and I’m going to take this season off to heal. But please don’t make any of us out to be bullies. We are not. We are here to film a tv show that we all signed a contract to do. We wish Lvp only the very best in her time of mourning.”

Lisa R.’s post comes just as a birthday post she posted last month for Lisa V. recently came under fire. In the now deleted tweet, Lisa R. posted an image of cupcakes with pills on them. It appeared she might have been poking fun at her own past accusations about pills, but some thought it was insensitive in light of Lisa V.’s brother passing away from a suspected drug overdose.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine is expected to air sometime next year on Bravo TV.

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