Kelly Dodd Calls Out ‘Spoiled Brat’ Shannon Beador for Playing Victim, Praises RHOC Producers for Dealing With Her “Tantrums”

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOC Kelly Dodd calls out Shannon Beador

Kelly Dodd is calling out her Real Housewives of Orange County castmate Shannon Beador, referring to her as a “spoiled brat” who’s always playing victim, while also praising the show’s producers for putting up with Shannon’s “tantrums.” 

Throughout the first half of the RHOC’s 13th season, Shannon has been accused of refusing to get to know new cast members Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter and in Jamaica, not much changed. In fact, as Kelly explained in her latest Bravo blog, things between Shannon and the other women were quite tense throughout their trip.

“Going into this trip, my goal was to get Shannon to let her guard down and bond with Emily and Gina,” Kelly wrote. “Heading out to The Sugar Mill for dinner, I was hoping that ‘fun Shannon’ would get on Vicki’s ‘fun bus,’ and we could all cut the drama and have fun together!”

As viewers saw on Monday night’s episode, the fun stopped after Shannon was confronted about not making any effort in getting to know Gina and Emily. Shannon lost it, which Kelly believes was her way of “playing the victim.”

“I see both sides with Gina and Shannon. I like how Gina let Shannon know how she feels in such a direct way. She’s no bullsh**, just like me. But Shannon doesn’t take confrontation well,” Kelly explained. “Instead of apologizing for hurting Gina’s feelings, she started playing the victim. It’s the Shannon switcheroo! The truth is nobody was out to get her. If I had been in her position and Gina confronted me, I would have said, ‘I’m sorry! I had no idea. Let’s hang out tonight and have fun then!’ That’s all it needed to be.”

Ultimately, the women reached their breaking point with Shannon, who was continuing to spew negativity due to her messy split from David Beador. However, while they simply wanted to see Shannon turn the page and get to a better place in her life, the delivery of their concerns didn’t receive a warm welcome from Shannon, especially after Kelly claimed Tamra Judge had suggested she wasn’t a good friend.

“Gina’s comments about Tamra and Shannon’s friendship were just her repeating what Tamra has been saying. Tamra said it to Shannon too! None of this should have come as a big surprise. In fact, I think Tamra repeats it so much, because it’s the only way to get Shannon to really listen,” Kelly noted.

Kelly then goes on to describe Shannon as acting like a “spoiled brat” for storming off and removing her mic pack during filming. In fact, she gives a shout out to the RHOC producers for having to put up with Shannon’s “tantrums.”

“By the time we got back to the hotel, I thought things had cooled down…then Shannon ran for it,” Kelly continued. “If you remember Vicki’s birthday lunch at the golf course, you’ll recall that Shannon stormed off and removed her mic pack once before. It breaks my heart to see her so sad, and to know she is feeling cornered and attacked. But then on the other hand, I don’t see what the big deal is, so she can come off like a spoiled brat, who runs off whenever she doesn’t get her way. I’ll always be there for Shannon, and I’ll do what I can to defuse the situation whenever possible, but the tantrums are beyond exhausting.”

“Without breaking the fourth wall too much, I also think the producers deserve a little more respect,” she concluded.

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