Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry Slams “Greedy” Jo Rivera for Requesting Child Support Despite 50/50 Custody!

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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry Slams "Greedy" Jo Rivera for Child Support

Kailyn Lowry‘s ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, just filed new custody documents and she’s not happy about it.

During a recent taping of her podcast series, Coffee Convos, the Teen Mom 2 star said that while she and Jo currently share 50/50 custody of their son, eight-year-old Isaac, he has filed for child support against her.

“I could see…if one parent is struggling at 50/50, it’s warranted,” Kailyn said, according to a November 14 report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “But if you’re not financially struggling, and the child does not live two different lifestyles in each home, to me you’re just being greedy and you’re just doing it because you can.”

In Delaware, where both Kailyn and Jo live, the parents’ monthly income is the main factor for how much child support is ordered. Although Kailyn does make more than Jo due to her projects outside of Teen Mom 2, he doesn’t rely solely on his MTV paycheck either and has been flipping houses for additional income in recent years.

As The Ashley explained, Kailyn and Jo actually make the same amount per episode because he is an original dad of the show.

Earlier this year, Kailyn and Jo were in court to reassess their custody arrangement, which had previously stated that Jo would pay child support to her. However, after the former couple was each given 50/50 custody of Isaac, Jo stopped paying child support payments after he and Kailyn agreed to cover their son’s expenses equally.

“Jo had been paying child support for a long time and we were in the process of taking him off since we now have 50/50 custody,” Kailyn said. “We switch every Sunday. I was going to take him off. From the time he got 50/50, I had even offered to give him his money back since I didn’t need his child support since we’ve had 50/50.”

“I’m shocked at the way that he did it. He did it so sneaky,” she continued. “I kind of just feel like he was kind of plotting to do it behind my back…I’m shocked and more hurt at the way that he did it! He was always the one preaching to me about talking things out before going to court.”

According to Kailyn, Jo led her to believe he was filing to decrease his payments or get rid of them but instead, did the opposite.

“I feel like he should have talked to me about it, or at the very bare minimum, texted me and said ‘I’m filing for child support,’” Kailyn revealed. “He had me thinking that he was just filing to decrease his [payments] or get rid of it because we have 50/50 and don’t need it. It was so out of the blue and sneaky, and, like, [Jo] had been plotting that for a long time.”

While Kailyn and Jo have been on extremely good terms over the past several months, and Kailyn even attended his wedding to Vee Torres, his recent actions have her second-guessing their civil relationship and her friendship with his wife.

“I don’t think that’s fair. Like I said, I’m not against child support,” Kailyn explained. “If a man makes less than the mother, and they’re in a situation where they need it, and it’s warranted, OK fine. But he’s just being greedy.

Kailyn and Jo’s child support battle will play out on the upcoming ninth season of Teen Mom 2, which is expected to air next year on MTV.

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