MTV Renews Teen Mom 2 For Season 9; Find Out Who’s Returning and Who Got A Raise! Plus Could David Eason Return?

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Teen Mom 2 News with Briana DeJesus

Teen Mom 2 has been renewed for a ninth season! Below, find out who is returning, and who is expected to get a pay raise.  

According to a new report, MTV isn’t considering canceling the show and has high hopes for the upcoming season of their hit reality show. In fact, all five of the girls, including Chelsea Houska, are expected to return.

“MTV isn’t about to get rid of the show, especially now with shows like Jersey Shore Family Vacation doing so well,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “MTV is hoping the girls keep the drama going. They are hoping it turns into a Real Housewives sort of show, I think.”

Although Briana DeJesus reportedly told producers at the season eight reunion that she was leaving the show, she later decided to return and received a salary increase for doing so.

“Briana got a big pay increase because it is her second season,” a source said. “There was no way she was turning that down.”

Jenelle Evans also had some issues with producers after her husband, David Eason, was fired from the show. As fans may recall, Jenelle became upset with the network after they refused to pay for David to travel to New York City for the season eight reunion and was also unhappy that he wasn’t invited to attend the MTV Movie and TV Awards last weekend.

The Ashley’s source revealed that because of David being left out of many things, Jenelle had been refusing to sign her season nine contract unless her husband is included in some way.

“Jenelle is only negotiating through her lawyer. Some of the executive producers have been on the phone [with the lawyer] for the last few days, trying to negotiate,” the source said. “She was not budging and MTV was not budging.”

“Basically, Jenelle wants David included in filming, and if that’s not possible, she wants him to be allowed to be around while she’s filming,” the source continued. “She doesn’t care if he isn’t shown on-camera or paid. She told [the producer] that if she is filming at their home, she is not going to make David leave. She also wants him to be able to attend Reunions and other filming events with her–even if he doesn’t go on camera– and for MTV to pay for his travel.”

While it would make sense to think that MTV would simply offer a pay raise to Jenelle, they are unable to do so due to a most favoured nations clause in the girls’ contacts that prohibits them from giving any of the four original girls any more money than another.

“They can’t offer Jenelle more money to sign because all the girls– except Briana, who was not originally part of the cast–have to make the same amount,” a second source explained. “If they give Jenelle more money, they have to give the other three girls more money. They do give out different bonus deals to the girls, though.”

Leah Messer reportedly dealt the network with a number of demands as well, but all of her demands were shot down.

“One of the things Leah wanted was for MTV to pay for a professional makeup artist to do her makeup before she filmed. MTV told her no way!” the source explained.

Although the girls of the show are all returning, Jo Rivera and his fiancé Vee Torres have confirmed they will not be involved with season nine. In addition, eight-year-old Isaac has been removed from the show and Kailyn Lowry‘s youngest child, Lux Russell, may not be able to appear on the show either due to his father Chris Lopez‘s potential refusal.

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