Teen Mom OG’s Tyler Baltierra Responds to Critics Who Call Him Insensitive After He Blames Catelynn’s “Lack of Action” for Her Ongoing Mental Health Issues

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Teen Mom OG's Tyler Baltierra Blames Catelynn Lowell's

Tyler Baltierra admitted that he partially blamed his wife Catelynn Lowell‘s lack of action for her ongoing struggles with mental illness during the Teen Mom OG reunion days ago and on Twitter, after facing backlash for his statements, he fired back at his critics.

Tyler took to Twitter this week, where he stood by his statements and told his fans and followers he would not stop speaking his truth.

“Judge me. Hate me. Be angry with me. Don’t agree with me…I don’t care…I’ll never stop speaking my truth,” Tyler tweeted. “I don’t blame anyone for being sick! I blame the lack of action to use the remedy for that sickness. Becoming ill is not anyone’s fault…staying ill, is a different story.”

During the Teen Mom OG reunion special, Tyler discussed his thoughts on his wife’s behavior surrounding her mental health struggles, which have included depression and suicidal thoughts, with hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab.

“It seemed like you were really resentful and angry with her behavior around her illness,” Dr. Drew said.

“Correct,” Tyler replied. “And I learned that I have these resentments.”

“Do you blame her for being sick?” Dr. Drew asked.

“After a certain time, yeah,” Tyler admitted. “After a certain [amount of] time, you’ve got to take accountability. ‘Uh Cate did you not notice you haven’t changed in three days? Did you not notice you haven’t gotten out of bed?’”

During his chat with Dr. Drew and Nessa, Tyler said he was well-aware that he’d be labeled “insensitive” for his comments but added that he felt it was best to voice his true feelings, rather than act as if they aren’t there.

As for Catelynn, she said that while she did feel Tyler’s bitterness towards her, their relationship has since changed for the better.

“At first when everything was coming out, yeah. And I feel like things have been changing, especially with me going to therapy,” she explained.

Tyler did get a lot of support as well on Twitter as many fans told him they understood where he was coming from.

As fans saw earlier on in the season, Catelynn and Tyler agreed to temporarily separate as they awaited the birth of their third child.

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