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Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss Calls Out Katie Maloney and Asks Her to Clarify Her Cryptic Tweets About ‘Abuse’ and ‘Consent’ Regarding James Kennedy

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss Calls Out Katie Maloney Over James Tweets

Raquel Leviss isn’t happy about Katie Maloney‘s latest string of tweets.

Earlier this week, after Reality Blurb published a report in which Katie was seen talking about “abuse” and “consent” after being body-shamed by James Kennedy on Vanderpump Rules, Raquel labeled her co-stars “hypocrites” and suggested Katie’s comments were a “cry for attention.”

“They’re all hypocrites. #fact,” Raquel wrote in response to our story.

After suggesting there were issues with “abuse” and “consent,” Katie said her comments were made in an effort to encourage someone else who had been abused to come forward.

“Maybe I am standing up for those abused who are scared to come forward.. all I can say is there is much more going on here,” she said, seemingly referencing her issues with James.

Katie Maloney tweets about James

While Katie has since deleted the tweets, Raquel didn’t take too kindly to the insinuations about James. 

“To #consent basically implies rape,” Raquel wrote in response to Katie’s message.

“Is there something you would like to say?” she asked.

Raquel then said claims of abuse were “very serious” and added that no one should take the allegations “lightly.”

While some fans and followers of Raquel’s wanted to know why the model waited so long to respond to Katie’s message, she explained that she is not a follower of Katie’s and didn’t realize she had said what she did until she read our article.

“Because I don’t follow Katie Maloney and read this article which enclosed her tweet,” she told the fan.

“It’s unclear why she tweeted #consent and if there’s an actual accusation I would like to know more about it. Otherwise, it’s a cry for attention,” she concluded.

Vanderpump Rules season seven airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit:  Milla Cochran/, Instagram


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