PHOTOS: 90 Day Fiance’s Larissa Arrested Again Following Fight with Colt, See the Photos of Their Injuries Plus What Caused Fight

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90 Day Fiance's Larissa Arrested Again After Bloody Fight With Colt

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been arrested again, for the third time in a span of months, following a bloody fight with her husband Colt Johnson.

The never-ending drama between the volatile couple began last night with a post that showed Larissa with blood all over her face.

Along with images of her injured face, Larissa wrote: “Colt called the cops on me, we argue.”

These posts were all later removed from her Instagram page and Colt actually deleted his page once again, but below are screenshots.

Larissa also posted a video where she explains that she only scratched Colt on his mouth, but the picture that Colt’s friend sent to John Yates makes it look like she did a lot more to him.

90 Day Fiance Colt Injuries fight with Larissa

Colt’s Friend shared a photo of his bloody mouth allegedly at the hands of Larissa

Larissa kept sending messages to John letting him know a bit of what was going on. It turns out that she found out Colt had been spending money on porn, and she wasn’t happy about it. Larissa shared that this is what started the fight between them.

Larissa even went as far as to say that Colt tried to kill himself a few days ago. She shared a photo of a cut on her finger as she revealed it happened when she tried to help him.

By the end of the night, Larissa was safe at her best friend Carmen’s house. There was no word about where Colt was after she left. She was afraid that she would be arrested. This morning everyone found out that she was alright. So far, the only information out is that her best friend did say she was arrested. The charges have not been revealed yet or if Colt was arrested as well after this altercation.

Below are more photos of Larissa’s injuries, taken while she was at her friend’s home.

90 Day Fiance Larissa bloody injuries after Colt Fight

Photos of 90 Day Fiance’s Larissa’s injuries following her fight with Colt

Larissa was first arrested back in July 2018 for domestic violence against Colt, and then once again in November 2018 for the same charges. The charges from her first arrest were ultimately dropped, but the charges from the second arrest are still pending.

In Las Vegas, by law, cops have to arrest someone in cases of domestic violence or domestic disturbances. Almost all of the couple’s fights have stemmed from accusations of Colt cheating on Larissa.

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Photos Credit: TLC, Instagram