90 Day Fiance Star Colt’s Multiple Injuries Revealed in Police Report After Larissa’s Arrest, Plus Her Ex-Boyfriend Makes Shocking Accusations Against Her

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90 Day Fiance Colt Injuries Police Report and Larissa Arrest Mugshot

It’s been almost a week now since 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested for domestic violence against her husband Colt Johnson.

Immediately following Larissa’s arrest and release from jail, the couple claimed things never got physical during their domestic dispute. However, the police report from that fateful day has now been uncovered, and it reveals Colt suffered some injuries. Also, Larissa’s ex-boyfriend is making new shocking allegations against her following the revelation that she has multiple kids in Brazil.

The drama between Larissa, 32, and Colt, 33, started on Saturday, November 10, after Larissa took to her Instagram page to plead with her followers to call the cops, stating she had locked herself in the bathroom following a fight with Colt. She also stated that Colt had cut off service to her phone.

Later that day, news came out that Larissa, and not Colt, was the one who got hauled off to jail, which left many fans puzzled. Well, it appears there was good reason as the police report, obtained by In Touch Weekly, reveals Colt had “nail scratches” on his “eyebrow, left eye area,” and “red bruising” on his stomach.

The report reveals two Las Vegas officers arrived at the couple’s home last Saturday and heard “yelling” between a male and a female.  One of the officers attempted to kick down the door as the “yelling became increasingly loud.”  Ultimately, Larissa opened the front door and ran out, which led to the cops putting Colt in handcuffs.

With Colt in handcuffs, Larissa told cops her side of the story — stating the argument stemmed from Colt cutting off her phone service. She also alleged Colt “pulled the back of her hair,” although she didn’t have any visible injuries on her.

As for Colt, he admitted to turning off Larissa’s cell phone service but says he did it because she kept “posting bad things” about him on Instagram, which included claims he was seeing other women behind her back.

Colt said Larissa threatened to “flatten his car tires” if he didn’t turn her phone back on. He also alleged that Larissa “pushed” him against a wall during their fight and reached at his face with her hands, which caused her to “scratch his left eye area with her fingernail.” After cops observed Colt’s visible injury, they decided to remove the handcuffs placed on him, after which he pulled up his shirt to show them a “red bruise” on the right side of his abdomen.

The police report reveals officers decided to arrest Larissa due to Colt’s visible injuries and the fact that Larissa lacked any.

Earlier this week, Larissa was exposed online by an ex-boyfriend, Marcos Hack, who revealed she had three kids that she left in Brazil. Larissa responded by revealing she does share a son with Marcos, while also accusing her ex of seeking fame.  Additionally, she admitted to having just two children and claimed she chose not to mention them on the TLC show in order to protect their privacy.

Larissa then went on to accuse her ex of stealing from her and cheating on her, which led her to be depressed during their relationship.

Following Larissa’s response, her ex-boyfriend is now making even more shocking accusations against her as he claims she was once addicted to drugs and used to engage in prostitution. Larissa is however denying his claims. A screenshot of his post is below via 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.


As for Colt and Larissa’s relationship status, they are still together and going strong.


As we have reported, this weekend arrest was Larissa’s second domestic violence arrest in a span of a few months. She was also arrested on June 19 for domestic battery. That case was ultimately dismissed on October 2.

In the latest police report, cops cited Larissa’s first arrest as part of the reason they chose to arrest her again.

“Based on the facts and circumstances that [Colt] alleged a battery and had a fresh visible scratch and red bruise to support his story, and the fact that [Larissa] alleged a battery but had no visible injury to support her story, and the fact that a records check showed that [Larissa] has a prior domestic battery arrest from June 2018, [Larissa] was determined to be the primary aggressor and arrested for domestic battery,” stated the report.

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Photos Credit: TLC, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department