Teen Mom 2 Dad Jo Rivera Reveals Why He’s Asking Kailyn Lowry for Child Support, Defends His Actions Amid Backlash

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Teen Mom 2's Jo Rivera Reveals Why He's Asking Kailyn for Child Support

Jo Rivera is fighting back after being accused of being lazy following his recent child support filing.

Following the release of Teen Mom 2 preview, in which Jo was seen chatting with his wife, Vee Torres, about his decision to request for child support from ex-girlfriend Kailyn Lowry, he took to Twitter to further explain the reason for his filing.

“The gap is absolutely incredible between what I make and what she makes,” Jo told Vee in the sneak peek clip.

Although Jo and Kailyn have 50/50 custody of their nine-year-old son, Isaac, Jo believes Kailyn should be making payments to him because she makes a lot more than he does.

After the clip was released, Jo was faced with a backlash from his Twitter fans, who called him lazy and slammed him for allegedly refusing to work to support his child.

“I run two businesses outside of MTV and work 5-7 days a week but I should go get a job?” he asked. “I’m STILL paying child support and you think I shouldn’t fight that? Jan 11th I had to pay almost 2 grand to her. You know nothing and spew out lies. Sounds like you are the trash around here.”

In addition to his role on Teen Mom 2, Jo is also making money flipping houses. Still, with her books, hair care line, and other businesses, Kailyn makes substantially more.

During his Twitter rant, Jo shared a photo with his online audience of a receipt for the child support payments he’s made over the past several months to Kailyn. 

It is possible that this is a legal strategy by Jo in which perhaps he can reach a settlement with Kailyn where neither party has to pay child support since they share 50/50 custody.

Jo also revealed that he’s responsible for paying Isaac’s medical insurance.

“No I pay his health insurance separately… they sent a few months of payments back because of some issue and I had to repay it,” he explained after being asked about a “strange high payment” on his receipt.

Months ago, after Jo first filed his request for child support, Kailyn addressed the issue on her podcast series, Coffee Convos, where she pointed out that her ex simply doesn’t need the money.

“I could see…if one parent is struggling at 50/50, it’s warranted,” she said on the episode. “But if you’re not financially struggling, and the child does not live two different lifestyles in each home, to me you’re just being greedy and you’re just doing it because you can.”

“I don’t think that’s fair. Like I said, I’m not against child support,” she continued. “If a man makes less than the mother, and they’re in a situation where they need it, and it’s warranted, OK fine. But he’s just being greedy.”

The issue was also discussed in the trailer for Teen Mom 2 season nine.

“You are not doing this in the benefit of Isaac. I don’t really have anything to say to you so go f**k yourself!” Kailyn told Jo in the clip.

Teen Mom 2 season nine airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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