Was Ashley Jacobs Thrown Out of the Southern Charm Finale Party? Patricia Altschul Speaks Out

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Ashley Jacobs Thrown Out of the Southern Charm Finale Party

Filming on Southern Charm season six reportedly concluded with some major drama.

According to a recent report, filming on the season six finale episode, which took place at a party thrown by Patricia Altschul at The William Aiken House in Charleston, South Carolina, included a planned ambush from none other than Ashley Jacobs, the former girlfriend of fired cast member Thomas Ravenel.

Fit News‘ Amy Feinstein shared a report regarding the cast’s night out, revealing that while Ashley was planning to cause a scene at Patricia’s event, someone tipped off Patricia about what she was planning to do and she arranged for Ashley to be met with plenty of security who were ready and willing to “take out the garbage.”

As the outlet explained, the uninvited Ashley was escorted to the curb in the rain by Patricia’s security team and was said to be as “mad as a wet hen” as onlookers cheered and clapped at her removal from the event.

Once outside, the distraught reality star called the man she once appeared on Southern Charm with: Thomas.

On Twitter, Patricia shared the Fit News article with her online audience and posted an image of her bodyguard, who she thanked along with the hashtag #PartyCrasher.


Patricia also called out Ashley as a “fame wh**e.”

“Nobody knew for sure whether she would come or not but being the fame wh**e that she is I decided to cut her off at the pass,” she explained.

She then shared that despite Ashley’s attempt, her return was ultimately a “dud.”

“Her brief appearance resulted in no drama, no acceptance, no storyline…in other words a pathetic dud,” tweeted Patricia.

Patricia comments on Ashley Jacobs Return

In a third tweet, Patricia explained Ashley’s status on the show and described her upcoming appearances as “anticlimactic at best.”

“We were told we wouldn’t have to film with her,” Patricia wrote. “She was never a cast member so she couldn’t have been fired……. she was forced on a few of the cast in a surprise ambush this season but that doesn’t mean that she is featured or is a credited cast member…anticlimactic at best.”

Southern Charm Patricia Talks Ashley Jacobs Return

Southern Charm season six will begin airing on Bravo TV sometime this year.