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Brielle Biermann Shares Racy Pics and Video to Celebrate 22nd Birthday, Admits Lip Injections Look ‘a Little Crazy’

Brielle Biermann Shares Racy Photos to Celebrate 22nd Birthday, Talks Lips Plastic Surgery

Brielle Biermann turned 22 on Monday and in honor of her special day, she shared a series of racy posts on her Instagram page.

After celebrating her birthday at Las Vegas’ Catch restaurant at the ARIA Resort and Casino over the weekend, the Don’t Be Tardy cast member posted several images, and a video, with her fans and followers.

“Open to everything this new year has to offer me… Hello 22,” she wrote in the caption of the now deleted post, which included a clip of Brielle playfully unzipping her top.

While celebrating her birthday over the weekend, Brielle was wearing a lingerie top and hot pink blazer.

“I don’t know about you… but I’m feelin twenty twooooo! (Always said I’d never say that when I turned 22 yet here we are…),” she captioned another photo.

During a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Brielle opened up about her decision to get lip injections when she turned 18, telling the publication she did so “because I had none.”

“All my friends had beautiful, full lips,” she recalled. “Like my best friend Elizabeth. I was like, you b***h, I want lips that look like yours.”

Although Brielle has faced a ton of backlash from her fans and followers on social media due to the size of her pout, she told the magazine she doesn’t regret her decision to have her lips done and doesn’t believe she’s “gone overboard” like some have claimed.

“Since I was 14 I was like, I have to have my lips done right when I turn 18. If I could’ve done it sooner I would’ve and I don’t regret it,” she said.

When Brielle turned 18, her mother, former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kim Zolciak, took her to the doctor she used for her own injections.

“Brielle was very insecure about her lips, I heard about it FOREVER,” Kim explained. “And when she turned 18, she was like, I’m doing it. And I was like, well, I’m going to take you to the best, I’m not going to let you go to somebody who’s not good. So I did take her and I got a lot of heat for that, but it’s like, she’s going to do it anyway.”

“People always have something to say,” Brielle noted. “You’re never going to win. I knew that it was coming. Everybody has an opinion, and some people say I’ve gone overboard. I will say, in some pictures, they do look a little crazy, but I feel like in person they’re actually not.”

Don’t Be Tardy season seven airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, Instagram


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