Psychologist Reveals If Bethenny Frankel Should Get Full Custody of Bryn In Court, Plus Jason Hoppy Claims Her ‘Fame and Fortune’ Caused Daughter to be Rejected from NYC School

by Lindsay Cronin

Psychologist Reveals If Bethenny Frankel Should Get Full Custody of Bryn In Court, Plus Jason Hoppy Claims Her 'Fame and Fortune' Caused Daughter to be Rejected from NYC School

A psychologist, who was assigned to interview the daughter of Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, amid their ugly custody battle, revealed in court whether or not he believes Bethenny should be awarded full custody.

Also in court, Jason attempted to blame Bethenny’s “fame and fortune” for their daughter’s rejection from the Friends Seminary Day School in New York City in an email that was made public during an appearance in court on Tuesday.

As the former couple battled over custody of their eight-year-old daughter, Bryn, it was revealed that the Real Housewives of New York City star’s child was turned down by the Gramercy Park school in 2015.

“It seems that our daughter’s being disadvantaged solely because of her mother,” he wrote, according to Page Six, suggesting Bryn would have been accepted by the school if it wasn’t for Bethenny’s reality career.

“Perhaps they are aware of your cousin being incarcerated as a pedophile, your uncle’s overdose or your cousin’s identity theft,” Bethenny fired back, with Jason’s attorney, Robert Wallack, denying the pedophile claim.

“You’re absurd, pull it together,” she added.

Although Bethenny ultimately apologized for the comment, saying that “any animosity only hurts Bryn,” Jason continued his attack, saying, “true colors always shine through.”

In other news pertaining to the ex-couple’s custody case, Dr. Alan Ravitz appeared in court on Tuesday to give his expert opinion on the best possible custody situation for Bryn and during a cross-examination by Jason’s lawyer, he admitted he doesn’t believe Bethenny should be awarded full custody

According to Dr. Alan, who interviewed Bryn in 2018, the child is doing well with her current situation and could be negatively impacted if Bethenny was to be awarded full custody.

“If in March 2019, she continues to do well in all these things you describe, would you say the custody agreement now is good for Bryn,” Robert asked, via Radar Online.

“Yes,” Dr. Alan replied. “If the schedule changed and the custody agreement changes, then Bryn, she can do worse. It will require an adaptation on her part and she is going to have to adapt to the changes, and we don’t know if her adaptation to such change would fail or be successful. But it could get worse for her.”


“I don’t think another arrangement is going to be better than the current arrangement,” he added.

Later on during the trial, when Bethenny’s lawyer, Allan Mayefksy, cross-examined the doctor, he shockingly revealed Jason had been “emotionally violent” towards Bethenny and noted that she was “psychologically traumatized” by his behavior.

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