Ex Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel’s Former Nanny Claims She Saw Him Abuse Kathryn Dennis, Accuses Kathryn of Drinking During Early Pregnancy

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'Southern Charm' Thomas Ravenel's Former Nanny Says He Abused Kathryn Dennis, Accuses Kathryn of Drinking While Pregnant

Kathryn Dennis and ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel’s former nanny, Dawn, shared shocking details about the time she spent working with the couple and their two kids, daughter Kensington, 4, and son Saint Julien, 3, during a deposition in 2018.

According to a new report, Dawn, who began working for the ex-couple after Kensington’s birth and again in 2015, accused the Southern Charm star of drinking while pregnant and said Thomas was often “reckless” while in the presence of the children.

In the transcript of Dawn’s deposition, which was shared by The Blast on March 7, she said Kathryn was attentive and affectionate towards the kids while Thomas was forgetful and less focused.

As for their drinking habits, Dawn said that while she never witnessed Thomas or Kathryn using illegal drugs, she frequently saw him drinking around his kids and at times, he mixed booze with pills, including Klonopin and Viagra. As for Kathryn, Dawn claimed Thomas “bought and provided the alcohol for her while she was pregnant.”

“It was during her early pregnancy, and it wasn’t very many times. But I recollect very clearly was that Thomas bought the alcohol and handed it to her,” she shared.

Thomas drank so heavily one night that Dawn noticed “he was vomiting down the bed, down the nightstand, down onto the floor, and I was very afraid that he would die of asphyxiation or like choke on his own.”

Speaking of Thomas’ allegedly violent tendencies, Dawn said he was never aggressive with Kensington or Saint Julien but was known to go into “rages” with Kathryn and at one point, she witnessed Thomas throwing an ashtray filled with cigarette butts at Kathryn’s face after learning “she overslept when it was her turn to take the baby in the morning.”

During another incident, Dawn said Thomas nearly “amputated Kathryn’s hand in a car door.”

“One day he was very angry at Kathryn for not keeping her house clean enough and was pushing over bookshelves,” she said.

Dawn ultimately cut ties professionally with Thomas after he hired another nanny and cut her hours. She also said Thomas had become “more erratic” and was “drinking and driving” before she stopped working for him.

Dawn accused Thomas of rape in early 2018 and in September, he was arrested on charges of second-degree assault and battery.

Kathryn is currently fighting for full custody of Kensington and Saint Julien.

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