RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Reveals ‘Wild’ Bedroom Secrets About His Sex Life with Wife Melissa Gorga in New Book!

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RHONJ's Joe Gorga Reveals 'Wild' Bedroom Secrets About His Sex Life with Wife Melissa Gorga in New Book!

Joe Gorga opened up about his marriage to wife Melissa Gorga in his new memoir, The Gorga Guide To Success, and he didn’t hold back.

According to an excerpt from the recently released publication, the Real Housewives of New Jersey dad shared details about his “wild” sex life with Melissa and revealed they actually had sex each and every day for the first decade of their marriage.

“Before we started the show, we’d come home and make dinner. Melissa was this cute little wife,” Joe recalled, according to a report from Radar Online on March 13. “We were so hot for each other, we used to have sex every day. Not kidding, for the first 10 years we were together, we had sex every day. Even after the kids came.”

Joe and Melissa are parents to daughter Antonia and sons Gino and Joey, and will celebrate their 15-year wedding anniversary this August.

While the couple has been together for a long time, Joe said he always makes an effort to keep things spicy.

“We take the time to still have crazy, passionate sex together,” Joe said. “Just this Christmas, I surprised her with a new wedding ring because, no matter what, she’s still my bride.”

Just weeks ago, Melissa opened up about the marriages seen on the Real Housewives shows and said she understands why so many of her fellow Bravo TV reality stars have gotten divorced.

“These women get their wings and they’re like ready to fly. And it’s not that you don’t love your husband. I think you get jaded,” she suspected. “It’s very easy to get a divorce when you become a ‘Real Housewife’ because these girls come from true housewife status into like, ‘Well, I’m a strong businesswoman,’ and if you can’t handle that, these girls get divorced.”

As for her own marriage, Melissa said she’s learned to allow Joe to be Joe.

“The more I try to dictate or kick him under the table, the more he acts out. So, I’ve learn to just let him go with it and then not take responsibility any longer. I used to put us as two people as one. Now, I’m like, ‘No, he’s Joe and I’m Melissa,” she explained. “What he says is what he says and whatever I say is what I say.’”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 is currently in production.

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