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Kyle Richards Claps Back at Fan Who Accuses Her of Being Jealous of Lisa Vanderpump as Lisa Rinna Addresses Claims of Bitterness Over Spinoff, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread!

RHOBH Star Kyle Richards Claps Back at Fan Who Accuses Her of Being Jealous of Lisa Vanderpump, as Lisa Rinna Addresses Claims of Bitterness Over Spinoff, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread!

RHOBH Star Kyle Richards Claps Back at Fan Who Accuses Her of Being Jealous of Lisa Vanderpump, as Lisa Rinna Addresses Claims of Bitterness Over Spinoff, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread!

Does Lisa Vanderpump‘s feud with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stem from jealousy?

Over the past few days, a couple of Vanderpump’s co-stars, including Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna, have been accused of being jealous of Vanderpump and her ongoing television success. However, according to a series of new tweets, it looks like Kyle and Lisa don’t want anyone to think they’re green with envy.

“You’re such a fake!!! Girl you will never take Lisa V’s spot!!! You’re jealous because Andy like her more than you!!” a fan tweeted to Kyle last week.

“My dear …. I have my own spot,” Kyle replied.

Although many believe Vanderpump is the “OG” of the RHOBH, Kyle has been on the show just as long and is also an original cast member of the series.

Kyle’s co-star Erika Jayne did however declare Kyle the new “Queen” of the show earlier this month when she tweeted: “All hail the TRUE Queen of #RHOBH @KyleRichards.”

As for Lisa, she faced rumors claiming she was bitter about Vanderpump’s new Vanderpump Dogs project because she allegedly wanted to land her own spinoff series with husband Harry Hamlin before seemingly addressing the report with a couple of her own tweets.

“When we had our show Harry Loves Lisa. We did 8 episodes and that was plenty!” Lisa wrote days ago, along with a promo photo from the 2010 TV Land series.

“At the time we had the stores and the recession had hit and we were broke, Honey. That show saved us at the time,” she continued.

Although Lisa didn’t directly address the rumors of jealousy, her Twitter posts seem to suggest that she is not at all interested in starring in her own series, as a past report suggested.

RHOBH Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread, so feel free to comment and chat below as the episode airs!  A preview clip is below.

The RHOBH airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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          1. I have never really liked Kyle and I tried. I kept coming back to how can anyone be friends with that resnik woman. Did you read her book? UGH.

          2. I did not read her book. I have seen her BS designing in pyles house…not a fan. I would rather have a Brooke Shields furniture consulting services.

  1. That preview is disgusting. Rinna thinks she owns the rights to speculating and questioning motives, it seems. Camille’s theory is closer to reality than anything Rinna ever comes up with. Besides, Rinna absolutely destroyed Dorit with a vengeance during the past two seasons, so what’s her friggin’ motivation in defending her now? Speculation: She’s helping Kyle make sure the attack army is big enough to really make Pinky uncomfortable.

  2. On behalf of all of us , I want to thank the one and only Fiddles for all her efforts with this thread

    We all love you gurl ❤️❤️????☀️?

      1. You’re going above and beyond ??? plus everybody knows they are welcome even if their name is not on the list so we thank you ?❤️

    1. Hi rain! Fancy bumping into u here! First time at this site…i must say its got such a different culture/environment than the other one. I like it here ❤️

          1. Ahhhhh…gotcha. No luck on that one. I am never able to watch real time. I watch on dvr. ☹️ Sounds like fun tho!!

  3. Shitlip’s show didn’t last because the rats ate all the wiring in the cameras. There’s obviously nothing else to eat in that house!

      1. Agree, Teddi has been doing the world of reality podcast tour as well – she always wanted to be an actress.

  4. Kyle’s spot is with the company she keeps, with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick (They are truly birds of a feather)….Vyle is sooooo disgusting and no one cares about “Pat the puss” input, she needs to go keep her old as dust husband happy so he doesn’t kick her back to the strip pole

    1. Wasn’t it Camille that first described Faye as “Morally Corrupt”? I recall reading that Faye was deep into drugs around the time that her best friend Nicole S was murdered. She was quite the scandalous person in her past.

      1. Yes that’s right. She also posed for playboy shortly after the trial, because that’s what good friends do!

  5. Looking forward to Camille tonight calling out Dorits authenticity and questioning why Dorit adopted the dog in the first place?

    1. It’s Lisa’s fault…for starting a rescue foundation to encourage Dorit to adopt while planning a future storyline and spin-off…LOL!

  6. I can relate to Denise. I have a daughter with a disability but with diligence and many many years of therapy, one would never be able to tell.

  7. So if LL doesn’t agree with it it’s Camille being wishy washy? Nothing Camille said was a lie about dipshit.

      1. Yep, sticking to the script. Pisses me off so much. I’m just glad the fans are seeing through this bullchit.

  8. According to this story: GRinna bragged that she had 8 episodes of her show with HH? EIGHT! EIGHT whole shows – WOW!!! Such pride LIPSA has for being a flop.

          1. I was never taken with his looks. Ursula Andress was a beautiful woman! Whatever did she see?

          2. I agree about Ursula. She was a stunner. Their son is handsome. HH was sexy & had a velvet voice. Today, he’s unrecognizable to his former self. GRinna must have used him up.

    1. THANK YOU !! They didn’t speak once, not even texting. She was gossiping with one of her employees.

          1. That’s true but teddi’s supposed to be an accountability coach that keeps her cool, isn’t she?

  9. OKAY, So, Denise was high as a kite in the restaurant with LVP & Vyle
    In every scene, Denise looks as if she just rolled out of bed.

    1. I don’t care if she did. The main point keeps getting muddled. Dreet committed the crime, ffs. Tedium has gone sideways with a non issue.

  10. Teddi, silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. In the texts that you presented and John Blizzard presented, there is not one text directly from LVP.

          1. True, but I don’t think that she’s gonna get the time of day to defend herself with all of them ganging up on her.

  11. This is BabyCunt taking responsiblity, really? And what does LVP have to own up for, did she dump the dog? No…I don’t think so.

    1. Teddi and a moron and the fact these other beaches think we belive LVP would have Blizzard txt Teddi on her behalf is laughable.

      1. I feel like doing a primal scream with this STUPID story line which completely ignores DREET’s malfeasance & LIES!!!! Nobody. Not one person has asked her to provide the name of the “wonderful woman” to whom she allegedly gave the puppy!!!!!

  12. Yes Dorit, I can’t wait for the truth to be set free about you taking Lucy to the Kill Shelter. I hope the video is released

        1. Two of his sons, HUD and Speck beat the shit out of a guy and one of them also got into it with John and gave him a black eye.

          1. Thanks @TNC and damn! I consider myself pretty celeb gossip savvy, but I really did not know that his kids were so rotten (Teddi included).

  13. And here is what they’re all latching onto and pushing as the narrative, “it’s not about the dog, it’s about friendship”.

    1. How can they be so soulless? Even if you don’t like someone, going after someone who’s just lost their only sibling to suicide? Suicide isn’t a normal death, it’s so much more.

  14. I hate that LVP had no idea she’s with the enemy, while they were filming, when she’s with those women.

        1. Me neither. She had no clue they were all plotting against her. Except Denise and Camille. But gosh Kyle pretending to be her friend while storing the pot in the background. I had no idea Kyle was that evil.

          1. That’s what really gets to me, they are all plotting against her and she has no idea.

  15. I hate that LVP had no idea she’s with the enemy, while they were filming, when she’s with those women.

  16. Hi everyone!! Sorry I am late and I guess my invitation got lost in the mail again. What another disappointing episode & gang up on LVP yet again ?

    1. Your invitation wasn’t lost in the mail, I’m having problems with tagging, feel free to make suggestions. This is an open site, anyone can comment.

      1. I don’t understand that logic from posters who seem to post on other threads without an invitation from you
        But okay !

  17. While Teddi was ‘splainin’ herself to Dorit, she said long run-on sentences. One started with “they sought me out…because of yours and I’s relationship….” That was highly amusing fractured English. Here is an accountability coach who doesn’t use the word “ours.” It’s yours and I’s. Incredible.

  18. On WWHL, Andy just asked Tedster: “Do you think the beef between LVP & Dorit is really about the dog?” Her answer was: “No. It’s about making a friend look bad.” Someone has got to smack Ted across the face.

  19. Come join us for tonight’s episode of RHOBH.
    I’ll post a link that goes through disqus for those who are having trouble accessing the site through normal means. https://disqus.com/home/discussion/realityblurb/kyle_richards_claps_back_at_fan_who_accuses_her_of_being_jealous_of_lisa_vanderpump_as_lisa_rinna_ad/

    If you’re not on the list or I’ve tagged you improperly, it’s not on purpose. This is an open thread, open to everyone regardless if you received an invite or not. Let me know if you want to be added to the list. Enjoy everyone !!



          1. Oh he is now actually thriving. ??? getting his strength back.
            I am just so thankful it is behind us. Scariest thing I’ve ever been through.
            Thank you for asking, Fiddle. ?

          2. So Amaising Ms Mais and so very happy to hear it. Surround him with your spring flowers !!

    1. Hi Fiddle! Hope you are well! Living in the wrong country unfortunately:) I look forward to watch online today though!

      1. Hey C’est !! We’re here every Tuesday at 7pm, put it on your calendar. 🙂

        I think they’re all assholes for going after LVP when her brother had just committed suicide and she was at a low point in her life.

        What’s your take?

  20. The only thing that Blizzard’s texts prove is that he and Hannah should both be fired and that Theo is a lying Kunt

  21. Camille showed up to drop her bunny pellets on both sides of the feud. That way we could remember who the hell she is when she hosts her birthday party later.

        1. She is Dipshit’s confidante AND Mellenhead’s confidante! After all the shizz that has gone down between Erika and these two – fights, tears, insults, threats – it’s just unbelievable!

    1. She just rushed home from her threesome with Denise and what’s his name. I recognize that hair now, thanks to you. I knew I’d seen that stiffness somewhere before.

  22. So when…OH when will dortwat own up?…and mo, the kramplies can not afford you houses…even when you swindle them.

          1. I get what you mean. She’s very good at seeming pleasant but she told a lot of lies last year too

  23. I’m not an LVP stan, but I do like her. Kyle should probably acknowledge that without LVP, the show would probably not have become as popular as it did. There is no way Kyle would have been interesting enough to carry the show on her shoulders.

        1. Jesus…this shit is all about what this twat did…I liked her 1st year when she was her own person with lips and tap your twat.

  24. LVP was semi finished with Dodo the dodger last season. By the way Theo, LVP outed Dodo on camera during their lunch. She didn’t need you. Ya thirsty bitch

      1. Lol. Well that was the one thing I had to get off my chest. I’ll probably give y’all more later as she pisses me off

    1. And now, she has NEVER done anything like this (a takedown) EVER in her life – seriously – she is ridiculous.

  25. LOL..cam saying to strap on Harry Canada Hamlips wifes face “does doridiot have all this money she says she has” I imagine right before lips was going to ask for a loan.

    1. According to Tedious, she watched the previous seasons and she noticed “a pattern” of Lisa manipulating her friends to look bad in front of the camera while keeping her hands clean. I call bullshit. Kyle and Rinna filled her bleached and botoxed head with the LVP Hate (no doubt, using select episodes from prior gang-ups on Lisa as proof.)

    2. we know it was John Sessa that told Lisa what was happening. So why didn’t she just say that? LVP looked guilty when she said nothing. She was waiting for Teddi to come clean maybe, or did she not want to bring Dr. Sessa into it?

      1. I think she was hoping Ted would tell the truth. I think there was a major fuss going on at VPD and Lisa was slightly confused. I’ve been on anti-depressants, they mess with your train of thought

      2. If you look back at past seasons, Lisa has never been one to talk about what happens off camera. She didn’t do it in the Munchausen season when it was clear why she said “I thought you would bring Kyle into it.” because Kyle & Rinna had talked about it before the season started. It wasn’t Lisa who told the story of how magazine gate was impossible because she arrived late for filming. This is the first season I can ever remember her breaking that fourth wall.

  26. “The truth will always set you free” mews Dorit.
    Great. Lemme get the Bellagio on the line and you can explain that to them, Dumbass.

  27. What is it with Kyle trying to dress like LVP. Last week Kyle wore a pink suit to LVP’s house and now she is attempting to rock a blazer and ruffle top like LVP does( in the photo above ). Sorry Kyle but LVP wore it best!

    1. It’s funny because Caftans are Vyle’s favourite go to, but when Pumpy wears them, well she looks like royalty. Vyle really is Jan Brady

  28. I swear if I ever meet any of you and you kiss me on one, let alone two sides of my face…you are on the floor and I will have your food delivered through a straw.

    1. “Oh you look GORG….so pretty….you look great…..aren’t you pretty….love the blouse….look at the shoes…..?????

        1. No..all of the HW’s are to blame…it has always been stupid…I always have called it the look up and down.

      1. I hate that crap…it is so teenager mean girl garbage. I am a grown woman and I do not need validation from someone I am lunching with.

  29. I swear if I ever meet any of you and you kiss me on one, let alone two sides of my face…you are on the floor and I will have your food delivered through a straw.

  30. Why would Pyle want to keep Big Kathy’s memory alive? She taught her daughters how to give bj’s.

    1. Big Kathy pimped out Kathy and Kim. There is all kinds of awful gossip on the internet about how she forced Kim to be a casting couch regular with men when she was a minor.

      Kyle was very fortunate to be the baby in that family.

    2. Big Kathy pimped out Kathy and Kim. There is all kinds of awful gossip on the internet about how she forced Kim to be a casting couch regular with men when she was a minor.

      Kyle was very fortunate to be the baby in that family.

  31. Teddi you need to admit that not once did you discuss anything in regards to Doggy Gate with LVP. You went with your narrative all based on assumptions and speculations based on texts messages that did not come directly from LVP. Your beef should be with John B

          1. Or lose whatever shit I have left ??? I am not a Camille fan so that teaser with both her and Rinna was already a buzz kill

          2. Yeah well wait till she starts to spout her lies. Camille is a stupid KUNT and such a fukking liar

          3. She doesn’t seem ok to me ?? if you told me she’s a serial killer with bodies in her basement, I would readily believe it

            Oh wait , she’s ‘homeless’ now ??

  32. So…about all this “Lisa wants to keep her hands clean” BS – when has LVP NOT spoken up in the past on her own behalf? Because I remember her admitting that she was unsure about Taylor. I recall her admitting joking about Yolanda’s stupid IG posts. I even recall her being the only one to honestly admit talking about Erika when she left Teddi’s beach house (Kyle lied). These women constantly complain about LVP’s jabs one minute and then claim she doesn’t like to do her own dirty work the next.

  33. These bitches are shaking in their Louboutin‘s because they never dreamed Lisa V. Would show up at the launch party. Now they’re Probably shitting in their Manolo Blahniks. I sincerely believe she will be at the reunion. The reality is they all were played by Dorit ( please insert your own spelling of these grifters) & P.K. Lisa showed up then & she will be there to Check Mate those bitches at the reunion. IMO

    1. Teddi is still basing everything on text with jb. And Dorit saying this isnt about Lucy! STFU And own up instead of playing victim?

    1. Do none of them have ‘free will’? LVP’s talents are being wasted as a restauranteur. She should work for the CIA, training agents.

      1. Pinky suggested that they say or do something, they chose to say or do it, and all of a sudden, they’re victims.

  34. Thank you, Camille, for remembering that this show is supposed to resemble reality at least a little bit. Her comments about Dorit’s shady finances were the highlight of the episode for me!

        1. So, I see that a little differently. I believe that LisaV has taken an active role in suggesting how to get information out in the show. I just don’t hold her responsible if another Housewife decides to act on her suggestion. Maybe she encouraged Camille to speak out, maybe she didn’t, but ultimately, it was Camille’s choice to speak or remain quiet.

          1. Exactly. All these dim witted women blaming someone else for what they decided to do of their own accord. So, if LVP suggested they they walk out into the Pacific and swim to Hawaii, they would do that?

          2. My thoughts also. I think LVP has been doing the work of the producers. I have thought this for a good while now.

            Any HW that cries she has been manipulated by anyone in the cast has my disgust. You can’t be manipulated if you don’t want to be manipulated. Those that say that have their own agenda and Teddi is an excellent example.

          3. It was indeed her choice. But Camille’s reaction was quite extreme with Traylor. Pent up anger and frustration if you will. I think LVP is the sort of person that would tell you to speak up if you have an issue with someone or something IMO. And I can’t imagine Lisa jeopardising VPD for a storyline or to punish DimRit

      1. If I remember right, Camille couldn’t wait to out Taylor. Seems when these women say the wrong thing or fans chastise them they turn it on Pinky. How stupid they all are to be easily manipulated.

  35. Every single one of the RHOBH is jelly about something one of the others have that they don’t whether it’s money, youth, beauty, a good relationship, status or fame. Is anyone who is truly a kind, successful, smart, fulfilled person going to want to be on a reality show based on superficial and salacious behavior? If course not. I think we are asking too much of these women, who at the end of the day are just not very good people.

  36. More BS from Ted Mellencrabs: “Lisa was the one calling me every night. I got sold, I’m sorry “ what a fukking bullshit artist. How in the world did Lisa know that Dodo was going to dump Lucy? Does Tedious want to tell Dodo she called her a narcissist? Because I’m sure she left out that little gem. Does she want to tell Doshit about “is that the dog” ? Does she want to tell Doshit about “Do you recognise the dog” to her daughter? Did she share that little nugget of information? Blizzard already mentioned to Tedious that he was in the shit now, which means he did something he knew would get him in trouble! But keep revising history arsewipe because we’re all going to believe you!

    1. Meanwhile she is STILL lying on the show that she couldn’t go through with it. She’s only admitting to being involved because she was caught but none of then seem at all bothered by that.

      1. She couldn’t go through with it because Lisa told everyone to shut up, but she’s even twisting that around

        1. Teddi did her best at Vanderpump Dogs, but Lisa didn’t let her go through with her plan. Dorit should be thanking Lisa, and Teddi should be on an apology tour.

          Now, where would that leave Kyle, Erika and Rinna?

      2. When she’s saying she couldn’t go through with it what she means is she was “suppose” to say more about the story, revealing how the dog was left..

      1. Exactly. Anyway since when is it a sin to check in on someone when people are bullying them. It’s called being a decent human being!

    2. That first statement is supposed to incriminate Lisa…. Calling the newbie nightly to check on her is truly being bitchy….. Tedium is warped beyond description.

  37. This season is juicy as heck. LisaV is really off her game this season. She can multitask with the best of them & usually spins her webs pretty well, but she’s making too many careless mistakes this season. Her brother’s death has knocked her equilibrium off.

    1. WOW!!! Blahvo is going against self interest. LisaV is their brightest star & biggest lure to their moth eaten network.

  38. When Ted says she couldn’t go through with it and “owns it” she still has never said she LIED. She’s creating her own words because she doesn’t want to admit she lied and trying to make Lisa V look bad. But of course that’s exactly what she did.

  39. Who is Lesser Lisa trying to fool? Her show flopped so she spins it that it was a pain in the neck and who wants that. She does and if had been a success she would have been bragging about it all the time.

    Phony is as phony does.

  40. LVP drives the story lines. The other wives are supporting players juggling to find their place behind LVP.

  41. When a woman cannot show loyalty to her own sister (calling out Kim on her alcoholism on air for the world to scrutinise amongst other haneous betrayals) how can you expect her to demonstrate loyalty to a friend?!

    Her only devotion is to money and fame.

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