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RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel Breaks Down In Court Over Alleged ‘Abuse’ and ‘Torture’ by Ex Jason Hoppy, Claims He Called Her ‘Shirtless’ Often on FaceTime

RHONY's Bethenny Frankel Breaks Down In Court Over Alleged 'Abuse' & 'Torture' by Ex Jason Hoppy

RHONY's Bethenny Frankel Breaks Down In Court Over Alleged 'Abuse' & 'Torture' by Ex Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel broke down in court this morning after her former husband, Jason Hoppy, was seen “taunting” her in a FaceTime video recorded in 2015.

As the ex-couple’s custody battle over eight-year-old daughter Bryn continues to be heard, the Real Housewives of New York City star was seen sobbing in the courtroom as she accused Jason of “abuse” and “torture.”

According to a Radar Online report, the drama between Bethenny and her ex began just minutes into their latest court meeting on March 25 after Bethenny’s attorney, Ronnie Schindel, began to question her about her co-parenting efforts with Jason.

“I have a video that happened on May 9, 2015, and it was Mother’s Day weekend, and Bryn’s birthday weekend. The circumstances were I was trying to FaceTime Bryn, and [as] I have experienced every day, Jason [was] using it as a tool to harass me and assault me,” Bethenny said.

When the FaceTime video began playing, Bethenny was heard asking to talk to Bryn “for a sec.”

“No keep recording me, keep recording me, you lost your privilege when you began recording me,” Jason replied.

After the video concluded, Bethenny said Jason used phone calls to “taunt” and “abuse” her.

“Just basic torture and taunting every day. ‘Is everything okay Bethenny? You seem upset Bethenny. Did you have a bad day Bethenny?’” she recalled, adding that Jason was frequently “shirtless” or “without clothes” during his FaceTime calls.

Bethenny told the court that the tension between herself and Jason had a “dramatic effect” on her relationship with her daughter.

“Until something stops you don’t realize how traumatic and damaging it is,” she said. “When that person is arrested, you’re sleeping better, you’re not stressed. You’re physically more psychologically healthy. You’re not a wreck all the time. It’s like you can have a slightly normal life and you’re more connected with Bryn because you’re not in a panic about what will happen with the emails.”

Bethenny is requesting “more physical time” with Bryn, as well as “ultimate decision-making” authority.

“Decision making has been impossible and tedious and not a collaborative or rational or reasonable process,” Bethenny explained. “And the decisions, the minor decisions, go on with email and bogged down in anger, and we can’t get anything minor done. And now Bryn is getting to the age, that as she gets older there is the physical, and medical, and God forbid, drugs, we have to be rational and reasonable and have good judgment.”

“Jason will make decision about how he would hurt me. If I say black, he will say white,” she added.

Bethenny’s boyfriend, Paul Bernon, appeared in court on Monday to support her.


  1. So is she suggesting that four years ago when she would try to face time he would strip before answering? I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing.

    PS… that was before their divorce was finalized & she agreed to the current custody arrangement.

      1. *laughing out loud*. OMG your comment is hilarious and provided much needed comic relief!

        I have had a long hard day and this comment cracked me up.


    1. Right! Since when did she become such a delicate ass flower she’s tortured by a mans bare chest? Lol. I can’t with her.

    2. Bethenny is bringing up old complaints that she let go of prior to 2017. If I was Jason, I’d want her drug tested and a psych evaluation.

  2. Barfenny’s “evidence” is from 2015. Jason saying, “Hi. How are you?” is considered “tor-chur” to the delicate flower. She can’t handle casual conversation with her Sperm Donor because he had the gall to want to see his offspring equally to her. Oh, the humanity!!!!!

  3. If there is anything we know about B*tchenny is that she is a grade A BULLY. Like most bullies, they know when to pull the victim card. I’m not saying Jason is an angel, but there is no doubt in my mind after watching B*tchenny on TV for so many years that she also bullied Jason (through her lawyers). B*tchenny thought Jason would lie down and take her abuse. I’m glad he is standing up for himself and fighting for shared custody of Brynn.

  4. BF is the poster child for Borderline Personality Disorder. If I were the judge in this case I would order a psych eval on both…& I can state with confidence whose stability would be in question.
    She needs to get help, because having 2 stable parents is what is best for Bryn.

  5. Lol. Remember when she was on the show saying this was the most horrific thing in the world that was happening to her and turns out he was just showing his chest ?????????????

    When did Bethenny become such a precious little snowflake that can’t even look at a mans chest without feeling tortured?

    1. From the bitch who has been on national tv flaunting her chest and runs around as often as possible in bikinis so she can post them. Omg she is such a fraud.

  6. I really hate that this horror movie is playing out in that poor child’s life and is being recorded for posterity via the media. I foresee a lifetime of intense therapy for Bryn.

  7. Oh Hoppy- you disappoint me..
    No need to resort to shirtless assault.
    All it would’ve taken is one well placed piece of fish.
    Then we could’ve all been spared this torture
    (I’m kidding!)
    Happy Monday Sexybeasts!?

  8. Bethenny has skinnygirl underwear and sports bras now ??? for the love. Isn’t it better to do one or a couple things right than to have a bunch of things half assed?

    1. That is what she told Heather when she gave them all active wear…”you should stick to one thing for your brand.”

    2. She sells her brand, (ie Trump) she maybe play a bigger part with some products but she has ownership of the name. Some like to piggy back off of that.

    3. SG is nothing to her, now. She licenses products here & there. Her deal to produce reality shows w/MGM could be HUGE. She could become bigger than Andy!

        1. I think it’s amazing that she got a deal w/a star producer. She’s signed w/ a different network, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually has more shows than Andy. She’s teamed w/the guy who did Survivor, The Apprentice, The Voice, Shark Tank & their spin offs. His shows have up to 20 million viewers each; RHONY has 1 million. Good for her. She never quits.

          1. Yup. That she doesn’t. When I think Bethenny has settled into one thing, she has another up her sleeve.

    1. Hiya Rain!!! It’s horrific to endure Jason’s “taunting”. The SkinnyBitch has been slurping too much SkinnySwill. She acts as if Jason put a hit on her.

      1. Hello lovely ???
        She was ‘assualted’ and ‘taunted’ ?? to add insult to injury , he dares subject her to his pecs sans shirt …. poor poor thing

        We REALLY need to redefine what terms like assault mean if this woman intends to use them casually and recklessly like this

  9. Bethenny has spent a lot of time in court making faces and boo-hooing. I wonder if the judge has asked her to get her high beams and low beams checked.

  10. Wish they could get this figured out asap..it’s been going on too long. Not healthy for anyone involved.

  11. The daily updates in Page Six are like watching a train wreck. According to Page Six some of her answers to things that were covered during the divorce that Bethenny did “appeared to minimize the behavior”. Like calling him white trash & dousing him with water when he was sleeping. She’s crazy if she thinks she is looking better.

  12. I can’t even image what her life was like. I saw how exhausted and fragile she was on the show. If she was like that with cameras running she must have been an absolute puddle on the floor when they weren’t. A deranged stalker is nothing to take lightly. How many women are murdered every year in situations like this?

    1. I read another story where Dennis used to show up at the park Jason and Brynn were at. We only hear her side of the story.

    2. You know that day when Jason got arrested? It was Jason’s time with Bryn. Dennis & Bethenny showed up. So who was stalking who? Nothing that Bethenny is revisiting now is from after that day, it’s all from before the divorce/ custody arrangement.

      1. Who was arrested? Tells me all I need to know. Don’t like my comments? Scroll on. My opinion is not up for debate.

        1. The cops were not happy about arresting Jason. They did not arrest him at school.
          The stalker charges were trumped up shit the druggie and his hahaha pretend fiance rigged up.

    3. I know I am one of the few here but I actually like Bethanny, not always the best delivery but atleast we see her real life and not made up stories.
      I think she was a ticking time bomb and very reactive due to her high stress level from all of this.

  13. I agree this article doesn’t look much like abuse. But…if you have followed all the articles and all the claims and if you have lived the same nightmare you would recognize the torture that 1000 little cuts does to a person. I didn’t see it until a therapist sent me to a domestic abuse organization. They suggested I get the police involved. The 1000 cuts were thankfully recognized by professionals who knew I needed protection. They were correct. I had no idea what he was planning. No idea what he was capable of. No idea that the 1000 little things he did to me was just the beginning of his personality disorder. They saved me from a situation that I had no clue was abusive much less dangerous. If you recognize some of the same in your situation, please seek help. Educate yourself. Protect yourself. And please don’t listen to these comments from those who have not been cut like us.

    1. Yeah but… in today’s session Bethenny was downplaying calling Jason white trash & dousing him with water while he was sleeping. They had to reread her answers from their divorce proceedings 5 years ago to get her to answer truthfully. They were both pushing buttons & they know the buttons to push.

    2. Thank you for that. That’s why women don’t go to the police until it’s too late. They think they’re crazy. I guess some people won’t be happy until Bethenny ends up dead. I’m glad your abuse was recognised for what it was and you got the protection you needed.

    1. And she wants a greater percentage of time with Bryn so she can poison Bryn’s relationship with her father.

  14. By contrast, Jason hasn’t cried in court that HE was forced to look at the SkinnyBitch’s hideous, gnarled face & hear her grating, horn-like voice. For anyone, THAT would be torture!!!

  15. ~ adding that Jason was frequently “shirtless” or “without clothes” during his FaceTime calls…..so she was just hanging out naked with his daughter there….GTFO

  16. Nobody knows the HORROR that is seeing your Ex husband SHIRTLESS unless you have been divorced.
    If my ex husband face timed me shirtless, I would immediately reach for the xanax.
    Poor B.

  17. The last court appearance/media onslaught of Bethenny’s included examples of so called ‘abuse’ by Jason and, honestly, like this, they were a joke. The worst on the list was Jason describing Bethenny as ‘difficult’. Difficult is probably the best thing you could call Bethenny. So calling that abuse is, frankly, an abuse of the word abuse. And calling shirtlessness an ‘assault, is downright infuriating and an insult to victims of actual assault.

    1. That’s being discussed now. They are reading back how she answered some questions during the divorce to get a truthful answer out of her.

  18. It’s apparent that Jason and B should have very limited contact with each other.
    Unfortunate that they share a child. I hope this is resolved in a positive way for Brynn to enjoy both parents, that doesn’t involve the parents having to deal with each other.
    They need the Kelsey Crammer form of divorce. No more communication.

  19. “And now Bryn is getting to the age, that as she gets older there is the physical, and medical, and God forbid, drugs, we have to be rational and reasonable and have good judgment.”
    What does she mean by drugs?

  20. Is there a source other than Radar Online? I’m interested in hearing what the testimony was – but am a little skeptical with the source.

  21. HAHAHAHAHAH Jason shirtless. She is such a sick woman…she does nothing but run around half naked and posts all the time. I sure hope this judge is fair.

  22. I am just thinking about all these millions her lawyers are cashing in… just to show some 4 year old videos. At this point in the trial… I am not sure who Bryn should live with permanently.
    Whatever the outcome is… we will see those two back in court again in the 5th year cycle.
    Yes folks… the court cycle will continue until Bryn turns 18 and decides to move to Dubai.

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