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RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Responds to Backlash Over Brett Kavanaugh Comments, Reveals If She Voted for Donald Trump

RHOBH's Camille Grammer Responds To Backlash Over Brett Kavanaugh Comments On Twitter,

RHOBH's Camille Grammer Responds To Backlash Over Brett Kavanaugh Comments On Twitter,

Camille Grammer is speaking out after facing major backlash over comments made about Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

During the latest episode, Camille spoke to her co-stars about her thoughts on the sexual assault hearing against the politician and said she wasn’t so sure his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, was being honest. After all, as Camille attempted to convince her co-stars, it didn’t make sense that she would wait so many years to make her accusation.

In addition to facing backlash from the cast, Camille was also faced with criticism online, which she responded to in a series of tweets.

“FYI most women don’t tell when they have been sexually attacked. Please educate yourself,” someone wrote in a tweet to Camille on April 16.

“I have, you are correct,” she replied. “Not all women do.”

Following her tweet, another fan suggested Bravo TV fire Camille from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and said she likely voted for Donald Trump to be President.

“Gotta let you go, you probably voted for Trump,” the person tweeted to Camille.

But Camille didn’t vote in the way suggested, and confirmed, “No.”

During the RHOBH After Show, which was filmed after Tuesday’s episode, Camille stood by the sentiments she expressed on the show and said the Kavanaugh trial struck a chord with her because she felt put on trial years ago after joining the reality show.

“I felt that the first season of Housewives and with Kyle calling me a ‘f**king liar,’ I was made to look like this villain the first season, and I was this horrible person and I felt like it was just all coming down on me and it was affecting me as mother,” she explained. “My children were being affected by it, and when I watched his children talk about it, that’s when it hit me that I felt so bad for his kids because it struck a chord on me, what my kids were going through, because I’ve been there and my kids have been there and it just made me really, really emotional.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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  1. Of the subject a bit- I am working on a design project with Kelsey and his new wife kayte.
    She is THE NICEST CELEBRITY WIFE I have ever met.
    Classy, so humble, so kind- the exact opposite of Camille.
    When I finally met kelsey, he was the same as Kayte. I could not imagine this man married to such a stuck up, entitled lady.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. I was always slightly suspicious of how he was being portrayed by Camille. There was one time Kelsey was speaking to the camera indirectly about Camille and he was being very discreet and polite and in retrospect a class act—-actually reminded me a lot of LVP.

      Witnessing this most recent Camille debacle, I can only imagine how horrible it was for Kelsey.

      1. Totally agree with everything you mentioned. He is so kind, well mannered, and really genuinely involved in the project because he knows it makes his wife happy. Also surprisingly it was refreshing that he is a little bit frugal. He does not seem entitled at all
        He always dresses super casual with old sneakers doesn’t seem like he needs to impress anybody it’s really refreshing and his new wife is the same

        1. Thank you for sharing! He sounds like a genuinely kind and humble individual. That is so great that you have the opportunity to interact with him and his wife! I’m glad he has happiness ?

    2. Melinehc, and that’s why he divorced her, right? I’m happy to know someone who actually met him & to know he’s happy. I personally loved his show.

      1. A February 2019 headline: Actor Kelsey Grammer reaffirms support for Trump…I have trouble with this position – no matter how good the show might have been. JMO

        1. Sorry, I do not discuss politics or religion. !st of all, I do not understand enough about politics to even attempt to start a discussion about it, I will sound like a dope.

          1. Truly, I was not trying to have a political discussion here. In the context of the RB article and being upset with Camille, Kelsey is receiving too many passes for me. Thanks for your reasonable response.

          2. Well, Kelsey is not on this show and yet continues to be badmouthed by Camille who IS on the show and who has also been sneaky, vicious and cruel towards LVP. By being on the show and behaving the way she has been, Camille opens herself up to scrutiny and criticism.

            Kelsey was only very briefly shown season one and had minimal interactions with the cast members. Kelsey is not on the show and has not had any ties to the show for years and years and is being mentioned by his bitter and rage filled ex wife which I think is unfair and classless of Camille.

            I see him in a different category than Camille and I respect his freedoms and rights.

          3. I believe we all respect freedom and rights ( at least in theory) but I found it an interesting fact and chose to share. I agree that Camille’s comments about Kelsey are wrong and in poor taste. She does not know when to zip it. I hope I do.

          4. I guess what I was trying to comment on was your statement of Kelsey getting too many passes in comparison of Camille. I just see him in a different category than Camille because he is not on this show and is only being mentioned in a hateful way by his ex-wife who is on the show and also has other questionable behaviors specifically towards LVP. The fact that others are presenting a different side of him (in direct contrast to what Camille is saying) defends him, yes, but also proves Camille is a liar.

            Have a lovely evening ?

          5. Might I add, I have a deep faith & total love of my Lord Jesus Christ. That’s my belief & my faith & my walk with Him. Yet, I will tell no one I dislike their beliefs or who to believe in. That’s a choice & a free will.
            I’m imagining you are upset with whoever voted for whoever you didnt. We have to remember to respect every one’s choices in the political arena. I guess you spoke out of anger, but dont be.

  2. Is Camille really this dumb? The fans didn’t hate her during her first season because Kyle called her a liar. They hated her because she was a pretentious, arrogant, twit. Some fans came over to her side only when she hired a PR firm to repair her image. She’s been a fake ever since, but there have been moments when the real Camille appeared like when she accused LVP of lying about owning SUR. .

    1. Catmom! Right you are aBOT that! Remember when she humiliated Taylor Armstrong by telling the world her husband was beating her? And Taylor and her husband Russell fought about that and shortly afterwards he committed suicide? Well a few weeks ago, on RHOBH, Camille said that LVP put her up to saying it. What she said about her teeth is nothing compared with this.

      1. Haha. I’m an undercover bot. Don’t blow my cover. Camille has never needed any encouragement to open her big mouth. I never liked her.

        1. “She’s pernicious. That’s what she is. Pernicious,” she said in a sultry voice, raising just one shoulder.

        2. With all the terrible things she’s done, it’s the Lisa/teeth comments that will do her in. LVP doesn’t spend time and fortunes on all aspects of appearance–her face, her body, her house, her garden, her ponds, her swans, she even Botoxes her husband (who looks ridiculous now) anyway, she doesn’t spend fortunes on appearance to be made to look ridiculous–and hideous–on national tv. Didn’t Camille say she also had bad breath? There are things you could say about Lisa, like that she hates Ken, like what the heck was she doing with hunk she had stashed in her basement–was it Cedric? But I think the thing that would get to her the most is what Camille said.

      2. I don’t get how someone puts another person up to it. Maybe it was like Erika telling Teddi to keep saying it? Anyway, if someone told me to say something I would say, “No, you can if it is so important to you to be said.”

        1. No matter who told her what, it’s her fault and her responsibility for everything she said. After the Taylor Armstrong abuse/beatings/suicide in which a person actually DIED, she ought to never show her face in public again. Camille is a real horror of a human being.

  3. As someone who detest any talk of politics or whether someone did or did not vote a certain way, the argument on Kavanaugh/Ford had no place on the wives. Hollywood has its own issues and passing judgment from those who work in the industry is laughable.

    1. Agreed. Wish they had cut that out. We are so bombarded with politics, that it becomes unbearable to turn the tv on sometimes. I watch reality shows to try to escape that nonsense that is politics.

    2. I agree ?
      I don’t watch this to hear about politics, keep your opinions to yourself, batchit crazy hags. stfu!!!!

  4. The show without LVP begins with the beginning of crash & burn. Turn on each other like the vultures you are. If nothing else, I can relish this finally.

  5. I don’t remember his exact phrasing but I do remember that Kelsey Grammer stated their marriage fell apart because she never forgave him for actually being Kelsey Grammer instead of Frasier Crane and that no matter how much fame they accrued, she always wanted more. If he ever caught wind of Dorit’s exclamation to Camille at the dinner party, I’m sure he jumped to his feet, shouting Bravo!

      1. I saw an interview with Kelsey about it. Yes, it is in the works but it will be in a different city since he left Seattle at the end of the original show.

  6. Hard to believe she said she went to the 1st season with Kyle calling her a liar and making her appear as a villain, and minutes later asked her to be her bridesmaid. Sorry, I’m not buying this at all.

  7. I’m still taken aback she’s comparing what happened to Dr Ford to her experience during season 1. Shouldn’t the comparison be when she was supposedly abused? Her self righteous indignation was because Pyle called her a fucking liar, that’s what she’s worked up about. Cameltoe hasn’t changed one bit, I always knew it. She dropped her facade, finally. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f2c5806fa6d24a79777d88e38ecb9f17cb7922cc6b40f14936ce5679af417a7.gif

    1. I believe a lawsuit will start shortly in Texas. Camille accused Dimitri of assaulting her in a Texas hotel room in 2013 – she was recovering from cancer surgery. Dimitri sued her claiming she made up the story and demanded damages for defamation. I thought she was referring to this situation – but it was not mentioned and/or editing was at work.

          1. ??? the way she transitioned from defending the judge , to crying to inviting Kyle to be her bridesmaid was not a mentally cohesive journey ??

          2. “Not a mentally cohesive journey” sums up a lot of what I’ve been seeing this season— great comment! ?

          3. Really??? I don’t remember that ??? but that’s not unusual for me

            Kandi was on last week’s episode and she was awful

          4. She didn’t come off friendly or interested . She probably did the show to market herself to gay fans

        1. Lisa needs to replay all the old shows to remind herself that she was always surrounded by cuntwaffles

          1. Just a couple of episodes ago Cameltoe was throwing LVP under the bus when her and Rinner were discussing Trailor.

          2. She sure did. Meanwhile that intervention was the day they were planning an LVP gang up, but it somehow backfired. Poor Kunty Koven ????? They never get it right

          3. So true. They’re like Wiley Coyote…almost but not quite. Then when Wiley finally wins he has no clue what to do next. The coven haven’t got to the winning part yet.

          4. I wonder if the Coven had approached Cameltoe with their plan if she’d have gone along with it?

      1. I saw an item a couple weeks ago where Camille has filed a motion to bar the press from covering the defamation suit trial. I don’t know if there’s been any decision on her motion, but while digging around a little more, I discovered that Dmitri is an attorney. Does this chick have some sort of legal eagle fetish?

      1. I did- I also heard PK say ‘Well, I’m not exactly in the same boat as you.” I wonder what he meant by that.

        1. He probably thinks LVP still wants to be friends with him when the dust settles. Poor unfortunate PoorKunt

        2. It’s very confusing with PK because I was sure in last week’s episode that he said Lisa told him about the fight with Kyle. But then the next minute he is saying she hasn’t texted him etc.

  8. It’s funny, but recently I’ve been thinking that Camille and Lala from VR operate so much the same way. Then last night I was surprised to note that they share the same birthday, about 22 years apart.

  9. The morally corrupt , pernicious Camille probably didn’t vote at all. Being a lazy deplorable twat is quite time consuming and she didn’t have time to vote

          1. I LOVE that nickname LisaV created. Now that Erikunt has a show line, we have to give it a nick that is just as clever. Any ideas?

            “Erika’s Plain Jaynes”

          1. Any woman about to get married who is still obsessed with her ex’s dick kinda tells me she has a problem ??

          2. At this point, Camille has no credibility and her true nature as a vicious vindictive coven member has been exposed.

            She continues to bring up her ex-husband as a way to hurt him. She seems to do that kind of thing a lot most likely because she is full of rage and bitterness.

          3. Ladybug, that’s also describing Brandi too. Somehow, I dont see Camille’s 2nd marriage lasting either. Isnt her new husband also in trouble with the law? Once he gets a taste of her despicable character, if he’s not jailed, he’ll wish he were.

          4. Hi Starr ?. Happy Friday!

            Camille’s new husband has significant pending legal issues and a petition to have him disbarred. According to posters on this forum, these substantial legal issues are well known (I didn’t know but surely Camille knew). It does make you wonder. Considering how hateful she has been to LVP, I won’t feel bad for her should her new marriage disintegrate.

          5. You have a wonderful Easter weekend too. Thanks so much for the info. I’m sure Camille knew, but possibly wanted to spite poor Kelsey, would put nothing past her at this point. Not going to be a long lived marriage at all, I feel.

          6. So does her new husband, if she’s thinking of her former husband…
            Hi RainGurl!!! *Happy Thursday*

          7. Aww, thank you, Rainy!!!!. I went up to the White Mountains, New Hampshire with a friend to her condo up there. It was soooooo beautiful (plenty of snow, with 50 degree temps), quiet & calm. Per my usual, I was unplugged – no tv, no computer. I see I missed a lot of juicy stories that popped up.

          8. That sounds magnificent ☀️☀️?❤️❤️ It’s lovely to escape to a beautiful serene setting . Unplugging is an absolute must , otherwise what’s the point ?
            I hope you feel relaxed and recharged

            Mwah ?

          9. Hi FDD ~ It was. I have a special fondness for NH because I’ve been going up there since childhood. Thanks for the shout out.

  10. “ ? you don’t know how hard it was…sniff, sniff…I was a victim too…..?….whaaaa whaaa….it was so hard..??……I was bullied…..people were mean….???…whaa”

    “So….wanna be my bridesmaid?”

    1. I actually thought she was talking about the argument she had with Vyle on S1. “You’re such a fucking liar, Camille!” That resulted in her being voted the most hated HW.
      Funny how no one brought that up.

      1. She explained she WAS talking about that accusation. So how did Kyle become her bridesmaid if she was soooo awful to her.
        Phoney moron.

        1. Now I’m starting to wonder if LVP really invited Camille to LV for the opening of her new Restaurant or if Camille just showed up to save face because she knew her words about LVP were going to be exposed soon….

          1. Oooh interesting theory.
            Maybe she wasn’t invited by LVP at all but rather told to show up by Production. After all they obviously filmed it for the show. And Camille would want air time.

        2. That’s what was so confusing. Everyone, including Kyle, sat there acting as if those accusations had nothing to do with Kyle. So bizarre! Then to invite Kyle to be a bridesmaid! I think Camille knew what the Koven did and figured if she wasn’t part of the mob, she’d just be another victim. Don’t forget, 10 minutes before, she had the temerity to voice an opinion and The Koven bared their fangs to shut her down.

          1. All great points Mikeycat.
            I think we are watching these people reeling from having to stick to the “we hate LVP” script.
            Your right, Camille really doesn’t like Kyle and NO ONE likes Dorit. But they all have to play nicely-nice with each other as they attend Hyena School.

            Oh, and by the way, Erika hates them all. ?

    1. Keef…YES she wants to be relevant, & she is only making a FOOL of her self! She wants sooo badly to have a full time roll!!

        1. Yes. She is a real hippity hop to the piddley pot kinda woman. Yet she seems to think she’s a perfect ninja.

      1. Going back to S1 I remember her always kissing that married man.
        Also remember her talking about her breasts in front of the women’s husbands.

    2. I was liking her this season until the episode where she was making fun of LVP’s teeth and breath. It seems alcohol brings out the real Camille.

  11. The leopardess and her unchanged spots, eh Camille? Enter Kim Richards: Let’s talk about you and those huzzbands, Camille. At least Kelsey has kept mostly quiet, but some of us remember quite a few things that he let slip.

    Gurl’s victim card is covered over with lots of tarnish. Stfu with the bull hockey.

    1. Both of them have remarried, yet, nine years after the divorce, Camille is still attacking her ex/father of her children? Kelsey has been pretty quiet about the divorce but he gave an interesting interview with Oprah which shed a little light on their ‘happy’ marriage.

  12. So, if Kyle calling her a liar had such a terrible effect on her and her kids (the most important thing about it), why is she friends with Kyle now? She trashes LVP out one side of her mouth and kisses Kyle out of the other side.

          1. Well Baby Jayne Vajayjay obviously refused to fly them over with her PJ for BJs

      1. I think the wedding was producer driven. Cameltoe and her man were probably really married in front of friends and family.

    1. It’s so odd that she asked Kyle but there was Kyle throwing her a bridal shower – reminded me of the movie Bridesmaids when the rich obnoxious one outdoes the bride’s real friend.

      1. That’s a good comparison. Vyle must be the center of attention at all times!

        Fun note: Parts of that movie (i.e. the rich girl’s home foyer with the checkerboard floor) were filmed in my best friend’s ex-husband’s townhouse. LOL

        1. She really has to take centre stage. It was a very small thing but something struck me at last season’s reunion when Andy asked someone to give a toast and someone said “Rinna!”, Rinna started gathering her thoughts and Kyle jumped in with a toast. Rinna said “alright then” very flatly as she clinked glasses but she seemed to bristle a little. I bet they hate Kyle.

          1. Good catch!!! I forgot about it, until now. Vyle is trying to become RHBH’s BFrankelstein (i.e. to have the entire show revolve around HER.)

          2. She really is. Between her constant need to be centre stage and her really immature personality she must be really irritating to be around.

  13. Disappointed but not surprised by Camille. I can’t believe she did not let Lisa know the things she said about her before Vegas. Their relationship improved after the Malibu fire and death of her assistant – and Camille has said how wonderful Lisa was to her. Lisa deserved better.

    1. I feel the same way VER. When I first heard that Camille was with LVP at the Vegas opening I was proud of her that she was stepping out of the mean girl click and knowing she would take heat for it. So disappointing to see her so desperate to suck up to Kyle that she destroyed what little I liked about her. Looks like she’s learned nothing from her trials and tribulations. And I could give a flying rat’s ass about what any of these vapid women think about politics- on either side.

    2. I was happy Camille has been supportive of LVP but I always knew Cameltoe was not a friend of LVP and LVP needed to watch her back when dealing with her. Cameltoe is pernicious.

    3. Did she not say anything before because she was getting along with the other women – before they turned against her – I think they recently accused her of some underhanded maneuvers or some such? And then maybe she hoped those comments would be on the cutting floor so need to confess and apologize unless and until aired so as to not lose the only “friendship” remaining amongst these women?

      1. When Lisa helped Camille after the fire and loss of her assistant would have been a good time to explain her words/actions and Lisa could choose whether to accept an apology…all the other women knew what Camille had said – Lisa was denied a choice and blindsided by Camille’s lies of omission. JMO

  14. Wow. If Camille’s kids suffered, it was because of her words and actions. Same goes for Kavanaugh.

    BTW, I think it’s totally stupid to involve kids in things they had nothing to do with.

    1. I agree. It is also not a good idea to berate or mock on television, thus saved for future viewing, the father of your children even if that person is an ex and even if you harbor ill will. Emotionally stable and mature individuals are able to restrain themselves for their children’s best interest.

      These children will grow up and will watch these episodes.

    2. I agree. It is also not a good idea to berate or mock on television, thus saved for future viewing, the father of your children even if that person is an ex and even if you harbor ill will. Emotionally stable and mature individuals are able to restrain themselves for their children’s best interest.

      These children will grow up and will watch these episodes.

  15. Oh no. I’m done now. When politics start bleeding into my entertainment, I’m leaving the party. This is a free country and people are FREE to say and vote for whoever they want. I wish you hadn’t included the Twitter accusation about who Camille voted for. That kind of assumption makes me see red. When you try to silence someone you disagree with you are infringing on THEIR rights. Would you want someone to do that to you? We are all Americans and we better start getting together before we lose everything we all hold dear. Quit assuming who some one voted for. It’s none of your damn business! This kind of political bashing has to stop or you may just find your own freedoms slipping away. Once it starts it’s hard to go back. No one stays in charge forever and payback is a bitch. People need to mind their own business. And before you accuse me, I didn’t vote for Mr Trump, but I do recognize someone else’s right to. Sorry for the rant.

  16. One thing I like about Camille is calling out Faye Resnick. That and Dubois!! That was a classic. She can continue being a friend role. I hope LVP stays and they revamp the cast. Keep Kyle and bring in some people who hate her and let her feel what a gang up is like..

  17. I’m still doing my rewatch party and am now currently up to the Amsterdam trip in Season 5. After Kim said Let’s talk about the husband, but before Rinna went ape shit crazy, there was a brief locking of the eyes between the two. Kim definitely knows something on HH and I think it’s something more than the Julianne Phillips stuff. After they all returned home, Lesser Lisa meets up with Kyle to tell her all about how Brandi was suggesting a big intervention for Kim because Kim was that bad. Rinna was referring to the conversation she had with Brandi following her appearance on Brandi’s podcast….but…it’s fairly clear that during that conversation, Rinna was driving with the intention of getting Brandi to say something, anything, Rinna could later twist a little to implicate Brandi. Poor Brandi, wanting the approval of one of her soap opera heroines, fell into the trap very easily. Kyle took the info to Kim, who at first deemed Kyle a liar, but later, wrote Brandi off for a long while. Rinna accomplished what she wanted…Kim had no one in her corner to provide any support to battle Rinna and she folded. The HH secret stayed buried. At least for now…Kim did make an appearance this week!

    1. All of those HWs must know what Kim was talking about. I think the real reason Rinna didn’t bring up Dorit’s lawsuit is becasue she knows Dorit wouldn’t hesitate to get dirty if she had to, whereas Lisa Vanderpump never brings up stuff like that so Rinna feels safe taunting her.

      1. That would support why Rinna is so willing to back up Kyle every season. If Kim knows, you can be sure Kyle does.

    2. Sounds like another “reality” that’s being covered up by a dog story. Now that Lucy’s in a good home, let’s forget the dog story and get down to the real, juicy stories.

    3. YES!!!!!!!

      I brought this up somewhere recently in this forum. Kim knows something about HH and was about to reveal it and based on Rinna’s violent reaction, it must be serious as she wanted to shut Kim down immediately through sheer intimidation.

      I’ve been wondering what it is especially since HH keeps traveling to remote locations in Canada while his one daughter is in the middle of a mental health crises. That is contrary to the HH who drove his daughter to school daily during an earlier crises.

      Something is amiss…..

      1. HH off camping in the remote regions of Canada reminds me of that doctor who committed Medicare and insurance fraud by performing unnecessary nose jobs on people, some who were maimed for life because of it and one who died from cancer he missed. He fled when he was about to be charged and was off camping in the Alps to avoid capture, avoiding capture for many years. Whenever Rinna starts up about his latest trip, I always flash back to the crooked doctor.

        1. THANK YOU. ?. The fact that you are also wondering about this is very validating as I have been wondering about this too. Something is amiss.

          Your daughter is supposedly having a very serious mental health crises and HH is going off grid/dark in isolated areas living off camping MRE’s. Hmm.

          1. Being married to Rinna could be a good enough reason to favor camping up in the Canadian wilderness. She didn’t even like Ohio.

          2. Very true! Also, the camping MRE’s are possibly more nourishing than the meals he gets at home lol.

          3. Very true! Also, the camping MRE’s are possibly more nourishing than the meals he gets at home lol.

      2. I agree with you. Something isn’t right. Kim definitely knows something about Harry that Rinna doesn’t want out. I think it’s time to find out. I hope someone lets us know what it is.

  18. I still think of Mason’s interview months ago where she said that she was her brother’s mom and everyone was on edge because her mom had such a hard time with the divorce.

  19. I didn’t believe Ford either. I thought it was a witch hunt from the start and I voted for Trump. That’s my right. Rhinna is the one that made the big deal about it. Camille only spoke up when Rhinna challenged her about her opinion.

    1. I never told my my parents of my friends creepy brother that painfully tried to grope me when I was 8 or younger, or the guy who pulled over to show me his penis when I was walking home from school in 1st grade. I could go on, I grew up in a religious state, so many instances of creepy guys. I at least wasn’t rape by my uncle like my friend was.
      Cavanaugh was up for a job (lifetime appointment) and she was there as a character witness, as to if he should be a judge over all of us.
      A point that I think many didn’t factor in because of politics, which is sad.

      1. I experienced similar things when I was a kid by my sister’s fiance’ who felt it necessary to hang his willy out every time we were somewhere no one else was and try to make me touch it.. I didn’t speak a word of it until I got married to my husband. I still didn’t believe her to be credible. But just like everything, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to vote for whom ever they see fit.

  20. She’s entitled to have her own opinion about the accuser. Just because it isn’t the popular opinion doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to express it.

  21. If Camille supports that loser, that’s her choice but puhleeze with the children being “affected” thing..Kelsey embarrassed his family and affected his children by committing “adultery” and humiliating them by being an ass..Kavanaugh’s “rulings” and his narrow-minded views are what affects his family..Let’s hope that his daughter is not placed in the same situation that his “alleged” victim was..

  22. If Lisa was to make up with one member of the cast in order to bring down the rest next season who would you want it to be?

  23. Speaking of kids, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about Camille’s daughter, I wouldn’t give her a 2nd look on the street, and she seems to have the personality of drying paint.

    1. She looks a lot like Kelsey, and for a girl, it is not the best look. She can’t help that. As long as she doesn’t act like him. I can’t stand the man.

      1. Go to YouTube and watch his interview with Oprah. You may realize he was not what Camille tries to paint him as both as a husband and a father.

        Or, just scroll down – I posted the video.

        1. I just don’t like him and his history with women. No matter what Camille says, he ran off while still married and ended up with wife number 4..eventually.
          He has 7 children, but he clearly plays favorites. I think he is a sociopath who uses people and then tosses them out while he is hooking up with new ones. That is what I see in him, and he in his 60s and has not changed a bit. I don’t think that the trauma of his sister and family issues made him this way either, and I know about his family. I have also watched him talk about it, so I know what he says. He seems so innocent when he speaks so eloquently, but he is not IMO.
          I think Camille married him because she thought he was rich and famous despite his track record with women. She is not a wonderful person in any way, and I don’t believe all that she spouts. I think she was not so innocent ever, and I never was a fan.

  24. Camille is right in with the coven. She, EJ, Kyle & Dorit all have lawsuits to bind them. Seems Camille may have gotten a visit from Karma with this new husband. Then, I was suspicious he was after her money all along.

    1. “Woe unto Camille” has come down the pike a lot for Camille lately. If you look back over her life, for Camille it’s always, always “lately.” It could be interesting to watch the implosion go further. The more one checks out her nouveau huzzband, the more salacious it gets. He isn’t going to be her daddy. Heh heh. Set it off! Plus she changes on a dime. Seriously twists stuff to put the blame on anybody but her. Semi-pro manipulator who happens to make good TV every two or three years.

      After her behind-the-backstab trashtalk about someone’s gums, teeth and breath, she smells like shark bait no perfume can disguise.

  25. Camille’s remark that sexual assault victims would always tell someone soon after it happened is plain ignorant and completely wrong. Many victims keep it secret for years because they are ashamed.

  26. LVP has influenced all of the new ppl on the show. It’s her MO. She befriends them all. Influences them to do her dirty work, then abandon them when all is revealed. LVP was jealous of Adrienne Maloof (who is richer and prettier) and criticized and belittled her every chance she got. Now, when someone makes fun of LVP, you ppl (insane fans) want Camille to be fired. This is sick. As far as the Kavanaugh discussion goes, it’s refreshing to see that these women are not just airheads whose only interest is drinking, shoppping, not eating, jewelry, and promoting their individual businesses. While they don’t agree, they to have passionate opinions about things that affect others. Camille should stay if LVP stays. Both are useless twits!!

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