Jax Taylor Blames ‘Horrible’ Editing for Vanderpump Rules Scene, Defends Comments Made to Brittany’s Father

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Jax Taylor Blames 'Horrible' Editing for Vanderpump Rules Scene, Defends Comments Made to Brittany's Father

Jax Taylor caused a stir during last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules and ahead of the new episode, he attempted to explain himself on social media.

Before he was seen sitting down with fiancee Brittany Cartwright‘s father and brothers, the longtime reality star and SUR Restaurant bartender explained to his fans and followers what he meant by his comments about always taking care of himself “first.”

“For those of you who want to come at me for tonight’s dinner scene, first of all. Yes, mentally I have to put myself first or I won’t be able to take care of my wife or my kids, that is what I meant by that, and for the most of you I think you got that, I wouldn’t be making all these moves forward and say something so selfish, I believe everyone needs to put themselves first or how can I possibly be good for anyone,” he wrote on Instagram.

During Monday’s show, Brittany’s family questioned Jax about his intentions. However, rather than assure them that he was dedicated to properly “loving and cherishing” their family member, Jax informed her father and brothers that while he loves Brittany “more than anything,” he’s “always gonna be number one.”

Although the comments seemed to be extremely selfish and unaware, Jax told his online audience that the scene in question was “edited horribly.”


“In 7 years never once complained about editing, but this scene was edited horribly, I even spoke to her father after and he was like ‘this is not how it went’ we are both on the same page just so you know and he agrees with me. And that’s all that matters, wanted to clear that up. I feel I owe it to you guys (viewers). I don’t want to let anyone down ever again,” he continued.

Continuing on, Jax said he stands by his sentiments regarding his statements about him and Brittany looking out for themselves first but added that things will change once they get married.

“When we get married, that’s a whole different thing, because now I’m responsible for her and I do believe in taking care of my family and I 100 percent will,” he promised on the Vanderpump Rules After Show

“That being said, she needs to take care of me too. I need love too,” he added. “It goes both ways. If I’m not happy, how am I supposed to make you happy?”

Vanderpump Rules season seven airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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