Judge Releases Luann de Lesseps After Ordering Her Into Custody, Sentences RHONY Star for Probation Violation Plus She Speaks Out

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Judge Releases Luann de Lesseps After Ordering Her Into Custody, Sentences RHONY Star for Probation Violation

The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps has scored a lucky break this morning.

Earlier today, a judge ordered her into custody during her courtroom appearance over violating her probation, for drinking alcohol and missing AA meetings. However, according to the latest reports, the same judge ordered she be released.

According to court documents, Luann admitted to violating her probation to the judge and in return, he chose to reinstate her probation terms, with additional conditions, in lieu of sending her back to jail. 

The Blast reports that in addition to Luann’s original probation terms, she must now also undergo weekly phone counseling sessions and monthly in-person psychiatric sessions. She was also required to have a breathalyzer device in her car and ordered to take medicine to treat her alcoholism.

It was last month that Luann’s probation officer filed court papers revealing the RHONY star had failed an alcohol test, and refused an offer of returning to rehab for 30 days or to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. She allegedly admitted to her probation officer that she had consumed two mimosas after a cabaret performance in Chicago

And during court this morning, the Palm Beach judge yelled at Luann and ordered her into handcuffs as she tried to argue her case. Fortunately for Luann, her time in custody was brief as the judge had a change of heart after her lawyers argued her case on her behalf.

Luann was originally placed on probation last year after she got arrested in December 2017 for attacking a police officer while in Florida.

Luann is also breaking her silence in a statement released to PEOPLE.

“These reports are false,” she said, addressing the earlier reports that came out this morning. “I’m glad the judge was understanding once made aware of the evidence provided and I was then released. I am now looking forward to completing my remaining few months of probation. I want to put this behind me and move forward with my life.”

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Her probation is still scheduled to end on August 28.

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