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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did Ex RHONJ Star Jim Marchese Refuse to Pay for Son’s College Because He’s Gay? Jim and Amber Marchese Speak Out

Did Ex RHONJ Star Jim Marchese Refuse to Pay for Son's College Because He's Gay? Jim and Amber Marchese Speak Out

UPDATE: James has vehemently denied any claims that he exposed his younger brother to inappropriate images. The original story is below.

Jim Marchese is speaking out against claims of potential homophobia.

After being accused of refusing to pay for his son’s college tuition because he’s gay, Jim and his wife, Amber Marchese, a former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, are admitting that the allegations against Jim have “been hell.” Jim says his son, 19-year-old James, never actually came out to them. 

“We weren’t really afforded a sit down saying…’I have to tell you something, I’m gay’ type of conversation, that never happened,” Amber told Celebuzz on June 27.

Instead, they allege that they discovered “p*rnography” on James’ phone, and that Amber’s younger kids saw it. Because James had been lying to them, they claim, they decided to reprimand him.

“We never yelled at him…we never said ‘we hate you’ or ‘we’re never going to pay for anything,” Amber explained. 

“He got in trouble because he was allowing friends of his at school…to send p*rnographic images…it should never be in a 14-year-olds hands,” Jim claimed.

Although James suggested on his GoFundMe page that Jim ousted him due to the fact that he’s gay, both Amber and Jim have insisted that they were upset at James because of the graphic nature of what was on his phone—not the fact that the content was homosexual.

On his GoFundMe page, which was launched on June 15, James asked for $35,000 to help pay for his tuition at Fairfield University and said the school “feels like a home.” He also accused his family of ousting him because he’s homosexual.

“At the beginning of 2018, my father ‘found out’ I was gay,” he wrote on the site. “My father has been slowly cutting ties with me until I ‘live according to his standards.’ Essentially, this meant — and still means — that I have to be ‘straight’ and date women while ‘admitting’ that I chose to be gay … With this, my father has refused to help in paying for any schooling because he believes I have to live in his home and follow his preferred life-style to be good enough to receive any financial assistance with school.”

Following the launch of his page, James received over $12,000 worth of donations.

On Thursday, James told Page Six that he has “been working really hard these past two years to try to get as many scholarships as [he] can” to attend Fairfield.

“With not being able to get a co-signer for student loans and me not being able to just take out student loans without a co-signer, I turned to GoFundMe to try raise money just for the rest of the cost for my first year of tuition, because I’m currently working to build up my credit score, so that I can just take out a loan without the co-signer next year and the subsequent years as well,” he said.

Amber and Jim went on to tell Celebuzz that James hadn’t yet agreed to sit down with them and discuss his plans for college.

“He refuses to talk about colleges with us,” Amber said. “As far as the colleges go…I’ve never even heard of Fairfield University, and Michael wants to be a teacher. Economically that is just a bad investment. During arbitration…Jim has made it known that there are other colleges such as Rutgers…or Seton Hall that Jim went to. We were very happy to pay for any of those colleges.”

In regard to James’ GoFundMe page, Amber claimed that it is “one hundred percent complete fabrication, scam, lie.”

“He is very much using the gay card and the emotions of the LGBT community during this month of June. He’s known he’s wanted to go to Fairfield for how long? And he’s waited until this week,” she concluded.

Amber and Jim also spoke out with statements on social media denying James’ claims of homophobia.

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Link in Bio: I am going to repeat. My step son was never kicked out nor banished from his siblings. He coldy walked away never to return (January 17, 2018). It took many months to help his little brother and sister deal with a tragic loss of siblings. Although we were paying for his tuition at school, he did not include us with proms, school functions, nothing. Never called for brithdays, Christmas, nothing. We were never afforded a sit down conversation about sexuality. Michael got in trouble for lying about his where abouts with my other, at the time, 14 year old step son. Michael was brining the 14 yo around 18 year predators who wanted to vulgarly, sexually abuse him (found in texts/snapchat). This had been done to many Christian Brother freshman children. Michael was grounded by taking his range rover away. Michael has refused to sit down and speak with us for neary 2 years. We raised this child, sacrificing so much, giving unconditional love. I never treated him any differently than my own biological children. I have so many emails and texts imploring this young man to come home and talk. That we love him no matter what he is going through. He refused. This is parent alienation at its best. As far as college, we tell all of our children that we are going to be economically smart about it. Michael does not get a more expensive school because he wants speical privileges for being gay. Michael is using our platform to brow beat us into going to a school that we said no to. Currently, it is not in our budget. This is called a temper tantrum from a spoiled rotten, privileged young teenager. Michael, i forgive you, I love you, and you can always come home as you are. Nothing you do will make me love you less. However, the answer is still a resounding NO!! Daddy and I will not condone your lying, cheating, scamming, or public outbursts such as this. I dont care if Andy Cohen himself tells you how awful we are. It is not happening. Again, I love you, please, come to the therapy so we can discuss this as it should be discussed. Behind closed doors with a professional. I love you. THERE IS SO MUCH TO THIS STORY. #entitlement @bravotv @gofundme @fairfieldu

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Amber and Jim were featured on the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Photos Credit: WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo, YouTube


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