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VIDEO: RHOA Viewers Slam NeNe Leakes After She Slaps Phone Out of Fan’s Hand for Filming Her at the Airport

VIDEO: RHOA Viewers Slam NeNe Leakes After She Slaps Phone Out of Fan's Hand for Filming Her at the Airport

NeNe Leakes was involved in a bit of an altercation last week at the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., where she recently opened a new boutique.

Amid production on the upcoming 12th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe was spotted chatting on her phone as she walked through the airport. Then, a fan began recording her on his phone, much to her dismay.

“Hey NeNe, how are you doing?” the fan asked.

“Your number one fan over there!” he continued.

But NeNe wasn’t interested in speaking to the fan, who was filming her as she walked. NeNe swiftly put her hand up and knocked his phone out of his hand.

Following the intense run-in, the fan took to Twitter, where he shared a video of his encounter with the reality star.

Be advised, the clip below contains profanity.

After the fan posted the clip, a number of his online followers slammed NeNe for her “disgusting” and “rude” behavior.

“What NeNe did was disgusting and uncalled for. You didn’t approach her aggressively. She had no right to hit your phone out of your hand. NeNe accuses Porsha of being violent but she behaves this way to her OWN FANS. This wouldn’t have happened had this been Kandi,” one person wrote.

“[NeNe Leakes] is nothing but a RUDE, NASTY BULLY. I do not know why [Bravo TV] or [Andy Cohen] keeps her around. I will never watch a show she is on,” said another. “NeNe needs a swift kick in her wallet – kick her off the show, bad for the brand.”

“I think it’s so funny how she truly believes she’s an A list celebrity. It’s just laughable,” a third person added.

Other followers of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fan felt otherwise and pointed out that the fan should have never been filming NeNe without her permission.

“Not okay to film people without their permission and then be upset about it,” another person explained. “Totally uncalled for to call her the word you called her (or anyone). Leave celebrities alone when you see them in public, they’re just regular people. Leave them alone.”

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