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RHONJ Star Joe Giudice to Have Bail Hearing as He Slams ICE Custody as “Inhumane,” Will He Demand Immediate Deportation if Bail is Denied?

Will RHONJ Star Joe Giudice Be Allowed Back in the U.S. if He Goes to Italy as He's Requesting? Why His Request is Risky

RHONJ Star Joe Giudice to Have Bail Hearing as He Slams ICE Custody as "Inhumane," Will He Demand Immediate Deportation if Bail is Denied?

Joe Giudice is gearing up for a bail hearing as he feels the conditions at the ICE center, where he is being detained while he awaits the results of his deportation appeal, are simply “inhumane.”

According to a new report, Joe’s wife, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, and a number of extended family members are expected to attend a bond hearing tomorrow, September 11, at a Pennsylvania immigration court. Joe hopes a judge will allow him to leave ICE custody and return home to New Jersey.

On September 10, TMZ revealed that while Joe won’t be present in the courtroom, he will be seen via a live video stream from the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

As an insider explained, Joe is feeling extremely homesick and believes he got a raw deal when it comes to his ongoing incarceration. As RHONJ fans well know, Joe entered into a 41-month prison sentence in March 2016 after pleading guilty to charges of bank and wire fraud. However, because a judge ordered his deportation before his sentence was completed, Joe was immediately taken into custody by ICE after his March 2018 prison release.

Following the deportation ruling, Joe appealed the decision and lost before filing a second appeal in a higher court.

A separate report by Radar Online is also claiming that if Joe’s bail gets denied tomorrow, he is planning to demand he immediately be deported to Italy, according to family sources who revealed Joe has described the conditions at the ICE detention center as “horrible.”

“It’s been horrible, and he doesn’t want to rot away there any longer. The moment he is denied, he said he will pull his appeal and get ready to go to Italy,” said a source.

Joe’s attorney is also speaking out via a statement to TMZ.

“What is happening to Joe Giudice and to his family and thousands of other families regarding these draconian immigration laws is nothing short of inhumane,” Joe’s attorney James J. Leonard, Jr. said in a statement. “We are praying for some sort of relief tomorrow from the Court. This family has paid their debt to society and then some. Enough is enough.”

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