It’s Official, Judge Rules Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Giudice Must be Deported from the U.S. as Joe Cries in Court

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Judge Rules RHONJ's Joe Giudice must be deported

Teresa Giudice and her family may soon be headed to Italy.

This morning, during a hearing at a Pennsylvania immigration court, a judge ruled that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s incarcerated husband, Joe Giudicemust be deported back to his native Italy after his prison sentence is complete.

“Based upon the law, I find you deportable and ineligible for any kind of relief,” Judge John Ellington announced, according to an October 10 report from Radar Online.

“Mr. Giudice, no matter how this turns out, I wish you the best. I decided this case as a matter of law,” he explained.

Upon hearing the news, Joe expressed shock and immediately attempted to argue his case.

“I don’t understand how I can be deported on this case,” he said. “If you will, I’ll tell you my side. I shouldn’t even be here right now… I have to go back and tell my kids this, and they’ve been waiting to hear from me.”

“I get no joy in telling a family this news,” Judge Ellington replied.

An emotional Joe continued to try to argue his case and reportedly broke into tears.

“My charges are one of the lowest charges in this whole BOP facility or whatever you call it. I can explain,” Joe cried.

“I don’t think your attorney will want that, Mr. Giudice,” the judge explained.

Joe began serving a 41-month prison term for charges of bank and wire fraud in March 2016 and in June of this year, a spokesperson for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) revealed he was in removal proceedings.

During a previous court hearing in regard to his potential deportation, Joe attempted to convince the judge on his case to allow him to remain in the U.S. with his wife Teresa and their four daughters.

“I’ve been here my whole life, I wouldn’t know what to do in any other country,” he told the court. “I want to stay here.”

Joe is able to file an appeal until November 9. His appeal however appears to be a very long shot.

The one good news for Joe is that Teresa recently revealed through her attorney that she has no plans to divorce him.

Joe’s prison release date is currently listed as March 14, 2019. It is however possible he might get released months earlier.

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