RHOC’s Tamra Judge Reveals Most Embarrassing Moment as a Parent and What Advice Her Kids Come to Her For

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RHOC's Tamra Judge Reveals Most Embarrassing Moment as a Parent

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge recalls her most embarrassing moment as a parent and talks about what it’s like being a mother of four.

It’s easy to forget that the Bravo star is a mother of four, especially since not all her kids appear on the show. But given that Tamra became a mother to her son Ryan Vieth at just 19-years-old, she’s got a lot of fun stories up her sleeve — some more embarrassing than others.

“This is really bad,” the 52-year-old said shamefully in an interview with PEOPLE for their Celeb Parents Get Real segment.  “I was a teen mom and Ryan was probably 3 years old, and he was screaming in the car. He would not be quiet. He was in his car seat and I stopped the car and I said, ‘If you don’t be quiet, I’m gonna take your car seat out and put it on the curb and I’m gonna drive away.’”

“And to this day, he still reminds me,” Tamra continued. “He might’ve been a little older, ’cause he sure remembers! He’s like, ‘Mom, that was horrible, I can’t believe you said that!’ I go, ‘That is horrible.’ ”

But the CUT Fitness owner appears to have learned a lot since her days as a teen mom. And her kids’ ability to effectively communicate with her is something she’s really proud of as a mother.

“They’re not afraid to talk to me, they’re very open with me,” the Orange County housewife admitted. “Talking about everything. And it’s good to know what’s going on in their [lives].”

Tamra dished that when talking to her son Spencer Barney, 19, it’s usually about “girl problems,” and her 14-year-old daughter Sophia “wants to talk about makeup and nails and what happened at school.”

“They’re very open with me — maybe a little too open,” the reality star added.

Finally, the mother-of-four took a moment to reflect on the relationship she has with her own parents.

“I was the total opposite with my parents. We didn’t talk about anything,” Tamra divulged. “So I made sure with my children that they felt comfortable. I’m not gonna judge them. They’re not gonna get in trouble for telling me something that happened.”

Tamra’s parenting skills were recently put to the test when she had to play mediator between her sons, Ryan and Spencer, as they butted heads about opposing political views.

Tamra continues to co-parent three of the children she shares with ex-husband Simon Barney. And while the two have struggled a lot since the breakup of their marriage, Tamra and Simon were reportedly getting along during their daughter Sophia’s graduation back in May although Tamra remains estranged from her eldest daughter Sidney Barney.

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