RHOC’s Tamra Judge Gives Update on Sons Ryan and Spencer After Vicious Political Feud, Talks Rift With Estranged Daughter Sidney

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RHOC's Tamra Judge Gives Update on Sons Ryan and Spencer After Vicious Political Feud, Says She 'Hasn't Lost Hope' of Reconciling With Estranged Daughter Sidney

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is opening up about her rift with her estranged daughter Sidney Barney. The reality star also explains where her sons Ryan Vieth and Spencer Barney stand after clashing over opposing political views.

Bravo star Tamra, 51, is no stranger to family drama — she does have four kids, after all. And while we may not see the reality star’s offspring all that much on the show (with the exception of Ryan from time to time), the issues and drama between them and their mom are very present on the show.

Over the last couple of seasons, we’ve watched Tamra navigate through her strained relationship with her eldest daughter Sidney. But have things gotten better at all since then? When asked about Sidney in an interview with US Weekly, Tamra said that things were “the same” between them.

“She’s away at college, and so it’s still pretty tough,” Tamra shared. “But I haven’t lost hope.”

Tamra has struggled to maintain a relationship with her daughter ever since her divorce from Simon Barney in 2011. At that time, Sidney moved in with her dad and stopped communication as she accused her mother of being “embarrassing” and “mentally abusive” after airing out their dirty laundry on RHOC.

But Tamra and Sidney aren’t the only family members at odds. The reality star’s eldest son Ryan, an avid Trump supporter, got in a heated argument with his younger brother Spencer, who has opposing political views. When asked about the status of Ryan and Spencer’s relationship since the episode aired, Tamra revealed it was “much better.”

“It got really heated right before we started filming,” dished the CUT Fitness owner in the interview. Tamra went on to explain that Ryan posted about Trump online, which started a vile argument between the two brothers.

“I remember I was sitting in my bedroom and Ryan was at his house, Spencer was home,” recalled the Bravo star. “Spencer comes into my room, ‘You know what Ryan said to me?’ And then my phone rang and it’s Ryan on the phone and I’m like, oh geez, here we go.”

While Tamra admits she doesn’t pick sides with her boys, especially in the realm of politics, she does think Ryan should act more maturely when arguing with his younger brother.

“You know what, your brother looks up to you,” Tamra says she explained to Ryan. “If you don’t agree with the way [Spencer] handled something, maybe just be a little more mature about it.”

This isn’t the first time we’re learning about Ryan’s anger issues. The reality star’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Rodriguez recently leaked a string of threatening text messages he had sent her amid their ugly custody feud.

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