Jeff Lewis Cuts Off Ex Gage Edward’s Access to Nannies and Car Amid Bitter Custody Battle, Flipping Out Star Says He “No Longer Wants to Communicate”

by Alyson Shepard Comments

Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis Cuts Off Access to Nannies and Car Amid Bitter Custody Battle With Ex Gage Edward, Says He "No Longer Wants to Communicate"

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis no longer wants to communicate with his ex, Gage Edward, regarding their young daughter and has recently cut off Gage’s access to his nannies and car.

As if this tumultuous custody battle couldn’t get any uglier. As fans already know, the outspoken reality star ended his ten-year relationship with Gage at the beginning of 2019. Following their separation, the estranged couple agreed to a temporary custody agreement over their two-year-old daughter, Monroe, back in August. However, last week, Jeff revealed their agreement fell apart as he accused Gage of torturing him.

And during a recent episode of his Sirius XM Radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, the 49-year-old reality star expressed he wanted a 50/50 shared custody agreement over Monroe. But unlike past agreements, Jeff said that this time, he no longer wants any communication with Gage.

“I did speak to Gage yesterday very briefly. There were no pleasantries. It was just like, this is the deal. This is what I will agree to. It is that 2-2-3 schedule,” said Jeff, on October 10, referring to a custody schedule where both parents rotate days during which they get custody of their kids.

“I’m anxious to try the new schedule and see how that works,” he continued. “And I said, I no longer want to communicate with you. I want to raise our child as I see fit when she’s with me and you can raise her how you see fit when she’s with you.”

Jeff wasn’t done as he added that in going forward, he would also be restricting access to a number of perks he had been making readily available for Gage.

“All of the things that I have been accommodating with, those benefits are no longer available. There will no more employee communication. No more communication with my employees, trying to get information about me and what I’m up to,” he said.

Jeff added, “I was giving him full access to my employees, my nannies, my extra car.  I said that is now off the table. You can now hire your own employees. You can now buy your own second car with the nanny. And then he said, ‘what about her classes?’ I said I’m going to go ahead and roll her classes. She just won’t go the days that Gage has her unless he wants to take her.”

According to Jeff, he had been going out of his way to be accommodating to his ex, but he hadn’t been receiving the same considerations in return.

“I said there’s also going to be no more seeing Monroe on my days because I had been accommodating him that way. He’ll be like, ‘you know, I miss Monroe. Can I take her to music class this morning?’ on my day. I’d be like no problem. I said that’s no longer happening,” shared Jeff. “He’s going to understand now how truly accommodating and generous it was. And that’s now all going to shift and I’m done and I don’t want to talk.”

Jeff stated that his desire to form a friendship with his ex and co-parent peacefully is why he had been going out of his way to remain amicable.

“I think I get sucked in because I miss him and I miss our friendship,” he admitted.

Still, Jeff believes Gage’s new boyfriend, who he refers to as a “homewrecker,” is a big part of the reason he is having issues co-parenting with Gage.

“I think the boyfriend is jealous of any sort of friendship we could have and I think he destroys it,” claimed Jeff. “I think that’s exactly what happened on Sunday because we were real close to putting a deal together. He was going to put it in writing and send it right away. Six hours later, it’s all off the table and he’s calling his attorney.”

When it’s all said and done, Jeff insisted he was completely done with being friendly to Gage and that there would no longer be any communication of any sort between them going forward.

“I believe that boyfriend, that homewrecker, is in his head and wants to drive a wedge between us. And look, I’m not trying to get back together,” Jeff shared. “I just want to be a friend and I want to co-parent and that can’t happen anymore. And that’s where we’re at.”

This news comes just a month after an incident that resulted in Monroe’s expulsion from her prestigious preschool. According to Jeff’s own admission, he was to blame as he was badmouthing some of the mothers of the school on his radio show — and needless to say, Gage was incredibly angry about the whole situation.