UPDATE: ‘RHOC’ Braunwyn Burke’s Mom Dr. Deb Denies Using Slur Against Man at Fashion Show as the Woman Who Feuded With Them Speaks Out

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RHOC Star Braunwyn Burke's Mom Dr. Deb Accused of Using Racial Slur Against Man at Fashion Show as the Woman Who Feuded With Them Speaks Out, What is Dr. Deb Saying?

UPDATE: Dr. Deb is denying she used a racial slur that day as she reveals she was mic’d up and any such language would have been picked up via her mic pack. Reality Blurb can confirm that production sources are backing up Deb as they state they went back to listen to all of her audio recording from that day and they found no evidence she used any racial slurs.  The original story is below.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke‘s mother, Deborah Windham, also known as Dr. Deb, is strongly denying she used a racial slur against R&B singer Christophe Keyes at a fashion show.

Following Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Dr. Deb is under fire online by not only Christophe, but also by Kathryn Marino, who vented about Dr. Deb and Brauwnyn on Instagram after fighting with the two women during the OC Fashion Week event.

After Braunwyn appeared on Watch What Happens Live and admitted that she and Dr. Deb are “working through some stuff” after unfollowing one another on social media, Christophe, who was accused by Dr. Deb of putting his hands on her in an inappropriate manner, after he stopped her as she attempted to make a restroom visit,  accused producers of pushing a false narrative on the show and explained that he was not the “security guard” the network pegged him to be.

“I don’t know any security guards who wear custom suits and sponsor the events they work at,” he stated on his Instagram Stories.

Christophe then took aim at Dr. Deb directly, accusing her of using a racial slur against him after bullying Kathryn at the event.  Dr. Deb is however strongly denying this claim.

“Of course not! It’s all recorded everything I say is recorded,” Deb responded to a follower on Instagram on October 24. “That guy is looking for his 5 min of fame.”

RHOC Dr Deb Denies Using Racial Slur

On October 23, Christophe made the following post on his Instagram page: “Let’s talk facts. No one grabbed you. You were out of line in your actions to bully [Kathryn Marino] and by not following the rules of the house. I asked you to stop because you were going where you weren’t allowed. Not to mention how you called me a N****R thinking that would effect me.”

RHOC Dr. Deb Accused of Racism at Fashion Show

Kathryn also shared a statement with her online followers.

“I don’t appreciate the bait and switch [Braunwyn],” she wrote. “That was uncalled for and the threat to throw me over our chartered yacht this was not your event to dictate. You were only accommodated for at your request and I supported your daughter and this is the thanks we get for supporting you. You insulted our sponsor [Christophe]. Without him you would not have been able to showcase your daughter’s collection. The audacity for you to even twist the truth for your own gain.”

Following Kathryn’s post, Christophe returned to his Instagram Stories.

“In case y’all didn’t know, [Kathryn] is a G. The [RHOC] messed with the wrong one,” he wrote with a screenshot of her message.

Kathryn Marino Calls Out RHOC Braunwyn Windham Burke After Fashion Show

As for Dr. Deb, she attempted to explain her fashion show behavior with her own Instagram post, which further accused Christophe of crossing the line.

“I’m sensitive to anyone grabbing or touching me aggressively without permission, based on my past experience, having been a target for predators , especially men, I had too many of my high school friends dads, bosses, and over eager seniors doing it,…just don’t do it, don’t grab us, don’t grab us by the arm, don’t grab us by the p***y, just don’t,” she wrote.

Dr. Deb then thanked her daughter, Braunwyn, and Kelly Dodd, for having her back during the event.

Also during Braunwyn’s appearance on Tuesday’s WWHL, she mentioned to a caller that Kathryn may have filed a lawsuit against her and her mom but didn’t share any additional details about the potential case.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 14 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.