RHONJ Recap: Joe Blames Teresa For Not Making Him a US Citizen as Kids Spend Easter Without Him

by Elizabeth Comments

RHONJ Recap: Joe Blames Teresa For Not Making Him a US Citizen as Kids Spend Easter Without Him

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, relationships are being questioned and the Guidice girls are dealing with the loss of their dad and his potential move to Italy…

Joe Gorga shares with Melissa that Joe Guidice’s appeal was denied.  Melissa is worried for the girls since she grew up without a dad. Dolores and Frank go shopping for lighting for David’s house. Dolores sees a text regarding Joe’s appeal. She thinks they need to stop fighting and let Joe go. That seems to be the consensus of everyone.

Jennifer’s brother Steven arrives to give Olivia a piano lesson. Steven, who is a music teacher, is also gay and didn’t follow in the family footsteps and work in the jewelry store. In the Turkish culture, being gay is really taboo and shameful according to Jennifer. Jennifer claims she was totally unaware of this growing up with Steven. He is taking baby steps with his parents and giving them time to digest this information about him. Gabby inquires if her uncle is gay. Jennifer uses what is going on with her brother as a learning experience to teach her tolerance. Gabby seems like her experience with bullying has made her empathetic to her uncle.

Teresa and Danielle meet for drinks to discuss the Marty situation. Teresa claims the Cabernet in Jamaica went to her head and she had loose lips. They then order some drinks…Teresa shares Milania overheard what happened with Joe and she is extremely upset. She changes the subject again to Marty.

Danielle says, “Getting along with Marty isn’t terrible?” She is using his kindness to manipulate him. Danielle says she regrets (I call bullsh**) she hurt Marty but she wants the home as a legacy??? Danielle’s new boyfriend/fiancé/victim Oliver is the co-signor for a new loan? Wow is her love life full of potential targets! I need a flow chart.

Margaret and Joe Benigno are discussing Danielle and Marty. They seem to be genuine friends with him. Marty arrives and Margaret starts interrogating him. He says things are peaceful with Danielle and he is refusing to answer the burning question: Did you f*** her? She tells him it is only peaceful because Danielle has a two million dollar financial incentive! Margaret practically begs Marty not to take Danielle back. Margaret clearly reads between his sex clouded vision of his reality blurry lines and realizes he did f*** her! The praying mantis strikes again! Margaret thinks an exorcism is required to banish Danielle’s evil presence from the house.

Jackie’s kids ask why their grandparents don’t live together. She shares that they are happier that way and have been living like that for 19 years. Jackie’s dad has a lot of expired food in his fridge, for god’s sake, and a bunch of empty prescription bottles. He needs at least a housekeeper if his wife won’t live with him. He is also a hoarder and likes to gamble. Her dad wants her to watch a video basically to fat shame her so she doesn’t look like that again? He asks the kids, “Who is that big girl?” I just can’t process this, it just explains a lot about why Jackie is who she is. It is really heartbreaking that he did that in front of her kids.

Jackie’s father then makes another incredibly insensitive comment, saying, “You were a good inspiration to kids that are heavy” about Jackie’s battle with an eating disorder. Jackie says, “Dad, I almost died!” He feels like she looks great now so it was worth it? Wow, listening to him say that made my jaw drop…

Joe Gorga comes over to discuss Joe’s legal issues. Teresa shares that her husband is blaming her for not helping him become a US citizen. “He blamed me yesterday,” shared Teresa. “He said, ‘Why didn’t you make me an American citizen?’”

Wow, there is literally no accountability in this family! Joe Gorga has a heart to heart with Gia. He tells her that her dad is really deteriorating in ICE and she needs to let him go. Gia doesn’t want to be selfish, but she is not ready to see him leave the country.

Dolores is putting out Easter eggs for the kids. She has Easter catered instead of cooking like she did for many years. What a lucky girl, and the spread looks delicious. Her family is arriving, but I bet you can’t guess who is late? Frank is wondering why Dolores isn’t pissed off. Dolores questions her parents about their eating habits. Dolores’ dad is under the mistaken impression that toasting his food makes it healthier… I WISH!

David The invisible man strolls in and greets everyone. Dolores thinks Frank is only peeved because she is not biting David’s head off for being late and he would have been in the doghouse. Trust me, Frank, Dolores was pissed at you for cheating and it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with tardiness…

Frank announces all future holiday get togethers will be at David and Dolores’ new home! Dolores’ poor dad gets excited thinking he is missing something? Is there light at the end of this one-sided relationship? All David can say is, “I am just trying to finish the house!” Wow, is that really telling where his priorities lie…

The Gorga family goes to Teresa’s house for Easter dinner. Melissa brings sprinkle cookies! Wait! What, no explosion from Teresa?  Teresa and Joe are concerned about their dad Papa Giancinto because his health isn’t good. He has had pneumonia multiple times. Papa Giancinto doesn’t want any special attention from his kids, but he is clearly not well.

The food looks amazing at the table and Teresa mentions her mom in prayer. Her dad breaks down into tears… Joe Guidice calls from ICE. He is trying to sound upbeat and cracks some jokes. The family breaks down into tears as Joe Gorga tells Joe he misses him. Audrianna starts sobbing after hanging up with her dad. Gia takes her for a walk to take a break.

It is just painful to watch what these kids have been put through as a result of their parents’ actions. Audrianna wants to see her dad before he leaves, but Teresa doesn’t want her to see him in the detention facility. She wants to know if her dad is being deported and Teresa doesn’t want to tell her. I am sorry but I think she needs to be honest with her even those she’s young. Dishonesty is what got them into this mess… Joe uses the sprinkle cookies as an analogy that the little stuff isn’t important. Amen to that…

Next week, Teresa overshares with Gia, and Margaret loses it and pours a water bottle over Danielle’s head and her pigtail extensions are yanked! Good times to come…