RHOA Star Yovanna Love Shades Nene Leakes and Denies Audio Exists as Kenya Moore and Nene Feud on Twitter

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RHOA Star Yovanna Love Shades Nene Leakes and Denies Audio Exists as Kenya Moore and Nene Feud on Twitter

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Yovanna Love Momplaisir appears to be throwing shade at Nene Leakes amid the Snake-Gate drama. Plus, see how Kenya Moore went head to head with Nene on Twitter following Sunday night’s explosive episode.

Is Yovanna suddenly changing her tune? While the RHOA “friend” admitted to Nene that she had “receipts” on the fact that Cynthia Bailey was talking trash about Nene behind her back on the show, Yovanna is now insisting she never said it was in the form of an audio recording. In fact, Yovanna is suggesting that Nene was the one who started the rumor that there was even a recording to begin with.

While chatting with the hosts of the daily talk show, Sister Circle, Yovanna threw her friend Nene under the bus as she suggested she was lying about the whole “recording” drama.

“Just because I said I had receipts, that did not mean that that was the definition of an audio recording,” Yovanna explained while appearing on the show on January 13. “That is a rumor that was started and it spread like wildfire.”

When asked who was responding to the false recording rumor, Yovanna named “Nene” as she once again insisted she had nothing to do with secretly recording anyone and insinuated no such recording existed to her knowledge.

As the rumor of the alleged “recording” or “audio” has spread among the cast this season, many of the housewives believed it was Yovanna’s doing, coining her a “snake.” And as fans saw in last Sunday night’s episode, the “Snake-Gate” came to a head as the housewives collectively accused Yovanna of lying about not having the audio, which she continued to deny. However, Nene revealed in her confessional that Yovanna was the one who had “information.”

During this explosive “Snake-Gate,” Nene and Kenya went head to head as Kenya accused Nene of lying and withholding information, essentially adding more fuel to the fire.

“A ????defending a ????” Kenya wrote on Twitter Sunday night as the new episode aired, insinuating both Yovanna and Nene were snakes.

On the show, during the argument, Nene grew more and more annoyed with Kenya’s accusations. And as things looked like they were about to get physical, Nene began verbally berating Kenya and went after her looks, referring to her as “blow-up booty.”

“Does [Nene] own a mirror? On her 6th nose job always coming for the pretty girls on the show #byeugly #byewig #byesnake #RHOA” Kenya wrote shortly after on Twitter Sunday night, shading Nene for attacking her looks.

But Nene didn’t keep silent on Twitter either. She almost immediately responded by tweeting, “I hope y’all are watching with clear eyes and open ears #RHOA”

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