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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney On How They’re Spicing Up Marriage in the Bedroom After Admitting They’ve Been ‘Slacking’

Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney On How They're Spicing Up Marriage in the Bedroom After Admitting They've Been 'Slacking'

Tom Schwartz is spicing up his marriage to Katie Maloney.

While celebrating National Margarita Day on Saturday, February 22, the Vanderpump Rules cast member revealed that because he and Katie have been known to “slack in the bedroom” at times, he’s created a drink he believes will help them become a bit friskier with one another.

“I’ve been working on [a new drink] because it’s no secret that me and Katie sometimes slack in the bedroom,” Tom told Page Six. “I’ve been working on this one to get the mojo. I don’t know if it’s just like placebo or whatnot, but it’s pretty cool.”

According to Tom, his new drink consists of passionfruit liqueur, tequila, fresh lime juice, an egg white or aquafaba, and the Damiana flower, which is a known aphrodisiac.

“That’s like my little mojo margarita I’ve been working on,” he explained. “It’s not perfect yet. It’s silky. Silky is sexy, isn’t it? I love a silky texture in a drink.”

Although Katie confirmed that her husband’s new drink is “delicious,” she wouldn’t say whether or not the beverage helped her and Tom out in the bedroom. Then, when asked if the drink resulted in any “rage texts” being sent, she said that she’s only been sending irate messages “if someone deserves them.”

Tom’s new beverage is not yet available at TomTom, but during his interview, he revealed another fun option for visitors.

“There’s not an official secret menu, but the secret menu is a half shot of Patrón, a light beer and a box of Nerds,” he said. “It’s the Schwartz special.”

Tom and Katie tied the knot in August 2016 but, as Pump Rules fans may have heard, Lance Bass revealed last summer that due to an error in their paperwork, the couple wasn’t actually married. Then, weeks after his shocking reveal, the couple reportedly celebrated a second wedding in Las Vegas.

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