Andy Cohen Hints at How He May Have Contracted the Coronavirus, Plus He Explains Why RHOBH and RHONY Premiere Dates Can’t Be Moved Up and Which Housewives He’s Been Texting in Quarantine

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Andy Cohen Hints at How He May Have Contracted the Coronavirus, Plus He Explains Why RHOBH and RHONY Premiere Dates Can't Be Moved Up and Which Housewives He's Been Texting in Quarantine

Days before Andy Cohen announced his positive test for the coronavirus, the Bravo host hinted on his radio show on how he may have contracted COVID-19.

Andy also explained the reason the premiere dates for The Real Housewives of New York City and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cannot be moved up and shared which Housewives he has been in contact with in recent days.

Prior to Andy’s reveal on Friday that he has the coronavirus, he told listeners of his own Sirius XM radio show, Andy Cohen Live, that other than the occasional walks outside with his son, one-year-old Benjamin, he had been “hunkered down” in his Big Apple apartment along with Ben and his nanny. He also noted that he had been helping one of his neighbors who had been diagnosed with the illness and was unable to go out in public.

“I have a neighbor who has coronavirus and I went out to get them food at the supermarket, and some supplies, and I left them in front of their door,” he shared on March 16.

Andy continued, “the person that I know that has it has had terrible aches and pains, and chills. This has been going on for almost a week. They just can’t shake it.”

Two days later, Andy revealed he developed a 99.5-degree fever while also noting that he had come across a couple of other people with the virus. Andy lives in New York which is the hardest hit state in America, accounting for over 50% of the 30,000 cases in the country.

“I have a neighbor who has it, I have a friend who has it. There’s someone in my building who just got it,” Andy revealed on the March 18 episode of his show.

Andy also appeared on Amy Phillips‘ Sirius XM show, Reality Checked, and responded to Bravo fans who have been hoping to see the RHOBH and RHONY premiere dates moved up. According to Andy, it all has to do with the editing.

“I’m getting so much like just release New York now and release Beverly Hills now. The issue is that there are only a certain amount of episodes that are totally color corrected and locked right now for both of those shows,” Andy explained to Amy Phillips on her SiriusXM show on Thursday. “I think for New York, there’s like eight or nine done and for Beverly Hills, there’s like five done or something like that.”

Although moving up the series’ premiere dates may have been possible at some point, it doesn’t appear to be possible any longer because the shows’ producers are having to edit the episodes remotely, which is “more labor-intensive” and “slower.”

“If we released all those now, we would wind up screwing ourselves in the end, so that’s the issue,” Andy said. “The truth of the matter is, if this [coronavirus crisis] is going to go on for a while, just think of how much more we’re going to be ready for RHONY when it premieres!”

Andy also revealed which Bravo Housewives he’s been in contact with while in quarantine.

“I spoke to Nene [Leakes] the other day and then I’ve just been texting with a lot of them,” he dished. “I was texting with Denise [Richards] today. And then I texted with Lisa Vanderpump today. I spoke to Bethenny [Frankel] a couple of days ago.”

Photos Credit: Ron Adar/, Bravo