Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute Blasts Stassi Schroeder by Reminding Her She Was “Nothing” Years Ago, Says She Refuses to “Kiss the Ring” and Implies She Has No Real Career

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Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute Slams Stassi Schroeder for "Literally [Doing] Nothing," Says She Refuses to "Kiss the Ring" and Reminds Her She Was "Nothing" Years Ago

Kristen Doute lashed out at Stassi Schroeder after feuding with her former best friend over their wine line, Witches of WeHo, during Tuesday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

During an episode of the Pump Rules: After Show, Kristen targeted Stassi for “literally [doing] nothing” and reminded her that just years ago, she wasn’t nearly as relevant as she is now. Stassi also explained why she no longer wanted to be involved in their project with Katie Maloney.

As Kristen looked back on her heated discussion with Stassi about their wine line on the After Show, she admitted “it didn’t go well,” and she explained why she was so upset.

“We had two events to plan for Witches of WeHo wine that were really important to me,” Kristen said. “We have wine to sell. We have a sh*t ton of money to make. I like making money. I just bought a house. I’m not sitting here acting like I’m a rich b***h. My business ventures are very important to me.”

Kristen went on to suggest that Stassi was refusing to be a team player, even though she had nothing else to do.

“What the f**k are you doing? Like, you literally do nothing,” Kristen fired. “You were asked to push something on social media and because you have a f**king podcast and a book you think you are the Queen of England? F**k you!”

According to Kristen, Stassi should remember where she came from and not be so lax about her future success.

“We all started from the bottom. We’re fortunate to have a platform to have these companies and to work really hard. But remember, you were once down here and you can come back down here really fast,” Kristen warned. “In a couple years, no one could give a sh*t about her f**king podcast. Who in 10 years wants to listen to a 40-year-old talk about a pop culture podcast? Like, slow your f**king roll.”

“I don’t kiss the ring and Stassi Schroeder, you are much younger than me and b***h, you were nothing a few years ago,” she continued.

During her own Pump Rules: After Show segment, Stassi explained why she wanted to distance herself from their wine line.

“I just wasn’t passionate about it,” Stassi admitted. “The friendship [was] a huge part of it. I’m not going to sit here and do something with someone that I can’t even have a f**king conversation with. I’m not going to sit there and let her email on my behalf on something. I’m not going to let her make creative decisions.”

“It doesn’t feel right,” she added. “I’d rather go and do something I at least have control over.”

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