Here’s How Lisa Vanderpump Felt About Lisa Rinna’s Diss as Sources Say She Expects “Nothing Less” of Her, Will She Respond to Her Former RHOBH Costar?

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOBH's Lisa Rinna Disses Lisa Vanderpump Again

Lisa Vanderpump was reportedly not surprised to see that Lisa Rinna recently dissed her on Instagram.

After Rinna called out Vanderpump for responding to a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewer who slammed Kyle Richards for turning on Vanderpump during season nine, a source claims Vanderpump expected “nothing less” from Rinna. Rinna then took aim at Vanderpump by suggesting she “misses” her role on the show.

“Lisa Vanderpump was not at all surprised to see Lisa Rinna diss her on social media,” a source told Hollywood Life on May 25. “She expects nothing less than an opportunity for Rinna to take a dig at her. The two women cannot stand one another. Even if they were in the same room, they’d ignore the other.”

Last week, after Kyle said on Twitter that she couldn’t think of one time that her co-stars had her back on RHOBH and noted that it was a good time for Rinna to come to her defense, a fan prompted a response from Vanderpump.

“Errr you did have a very good friend [Lisa Vanderpump] but when she was mourning and going through a difficult time you all turned on her like a pack of wolves…….,” the fan wrote.

“True dat,” Vanderpump replied.

Then, after a screenshot of the interaction was shared on Instagram, Rinna weighed in.

“Someone misses being on a hit TV show,” she wrote.

According to the Hollywood Life report, Vanderpump has considered firing back at Rinna but isn’t sure if she should quite yet.

“Vanderpump hasn’t decided yet if she will respond to Rinna, but she’s leaning more towards letting it die now than replying. She definitely has thought about it though. Rinna gets under her skin more than any of the other ladies even if she doesn’t want to admit it,” the insider claimed.

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