RHONY Recap: Dorinda Slams Ramona at Bizarre Halloween Party! Plus Sonja and Leah Get Trashed

by Elizabeth Comments

RHONY Recap: Dorinda Calls Out Ramona at Bizarre Halloween Party

Finally, the Real Housewives of New York City is back after a hiatus! Wait! New taglines! Minty fresh Dorinda, Sugary Sonja, and MIA Tinsley? Let’s check out what they have been up to!

Leah, Dorinda, and Luann meet up at the costume shop. Leah is bringing her ex Rob as her plus one to the Halloween party. Luann is planning a spooky spectacular where she is not going to sing? I am so sad, NOT! It is interesting to see their ITMs being done by Zoom. I guess Bravo did need the hiatus to edit these episodes to add the ITMs during the pandemic.

Dorinda is still complaining about how Ramona used them for promotional purposes. She has known her for 20 years and hasn’t figured out Ramona always has an agenda? Dorinda feels like Ramona took three hours of her nap time busy day to help Ramona get a freebie. You can see where production is heading here. Ramona is going to be the new target since Tinsley escaped to Chicago.

Ramona in her obnoxious fur coat is meeting Rori, who is her matchmaker. She said the Red Scarf guy that she set her up with fit everything in her box. Hmm, that frankly sounds a little gross. I can’t fathom what guy would want anything from her nasty box!

Ramona thinks that men are intimidated by her. Yeah, they love when she guffaws and fixates her bulging eyes on them. Production super-shadily shows how she is a blubbering mess without a man in her life. If I set a guy friend up with her he would NEVER speak to me again! This lady, Rori, is blowing smoke up her a** to earn $$$. Just keep shacking up with Mario in Palm Beach!

Elyse and Sonja meet for dinner to discuss Ramona’s birthday party. Sonja cracks me up when she says she doesn’t like parties when she can’t identify her targets people. Elyse shares how Ramona disses her and only uses her when she has no one else around. Yep, that is her MO. Sonja claims she could hold Ramona ransom with all of the dirt she has on her. Spill it, Sonja! I have to say, Sonja looks beautiful in her ITMs. Zoom does her a lot of favors! I must need better filters, SIGH.

Dorinda and her daughter Hannah meet up. You can tell she is such a mother hen when she takes off her own coat since Hannah is cold. Hannah thinks her mom is actually a better person as a single woman. Has she not paid attention to how she has been behaving lately? Hannah thinks her mom is like an anchor. Yeah, she literally tried to drag Tinsley down all season. I always feel like Hannah overacts for the camera. #badacting

Leah and Rob take their daughter to dinner in Chinatown. Now I know how Leah stays thin, no carbs! It is nice they can still maintain some sort of normalcy for their daughter. Rob has a close relationship to Leah’s mom, which is pretty unconventional but good for them. Leah thinks she married someone like her mom since Rob is very similar. Kier questions Leah on why she still lived at home at 19. Good question! I think Leah is like a Toys R Us kid who just doesn’t want to grow up.

It is finally the day of Luann’s Halloween party. Leah arrives first at the salon for her makeup. She is going as a voodoo slut. Luann goes by her venue first and the décor is awesome! I could do without the goat head on the table, though. Did you catch the guy brushing its fur? Yuck!

Ramona brings the one and only Missy who dated Tom as her plus one. She arrives early in her ill-fitting costume with her tits out since she texted everyone to come earlier than what Luann had planned. Ramona wanted to change Luann’s start time to accommodate her schedule. Ron who was Ramona’s Tinder swipe shows up in a pretty creepy costume.

Sonja, Dorinda, and Elyse ride together. I agree with drunk Sonja, Dorinda did bring it with her costume. Dorinda’s makeup and costume look awesome. Sonja is literally speaking in tongues already on the car ride to the party. It is going to be an interesting and crazy night. This group on a normal day can be a scary group of witches. Halloween gives them a free pass to get their freak on!

Ramona is already insulting the guests, specifically Andrew, I believe, who she thinks has a fake belly. She just has no clue how to behave and that is why it is so unbelievable she has so many friends who just want to be on camera. I think drunk Sonja looks better than Ramona in her costume since they are virtually wearing the same costume.

While Luann is getting ready, Jill arrives, since they are still buds and stay in touch. She has a new boyfriend. Good for her after losing her husband Bobby. RIP, Bobby, he was a good guy.

Dorinda is impressed with the theme of the party. Sonja keeps chanting to Ramona “in your ear, in your rear.” She keeps walking around banging on stuff with these voodoo dolls. Elyse tries to confront Ramona, which is pretty anti-climatic since she doesn’t give a damn about her feelings. If I hear Ramona say “I have 80 girlfriends” one more time, I am going to puke. How desperate do you need to be to want to be friends with that one? Dorinda doesn’t understand why Ramona can’t share her day with others. Oh boy, Ramona questions Dorinda’s sobriety. This is going to get scary ugly.

This apparently is the first time the ladies are meeting Rob. They think they should still be together since they are still friendly. Luann wonders who wound Sonja up before the party. It is like a battle of who can be more bizarre between Leah and Sonja. They are both speaking gibberish to each other, and Sonja likes Leah since she is freaking weirdo.

It is funny to hear the cross conversations between the ladies. Luann can’t believe Ramona’s gall to bring Missy. Leah screeches, “Shots fired!” Ramona is trashing Dorinda. Dorinda thinks Ramona is a shitty friend. She brings William, who is a handsome guy. Ramona is getting pissed because she already claimed him by slobbering all over him at the last party.

Dorinda stands up and makes an announcement. Who would want their friend to come to a party and first ask them, “Are you drunk?” I am sorry not sorry, but that is a reasonable question for this group. Ramona is insufferable, and trust me, I hate to EVER side with her. It pisses me off that Luann feels bad for Ramona since she brought Missy with her.

When Dorinda tries to shame Ramona it doesn’t even affect her. Every time the camera pans to Sonja I burst out laughing since she is such a hot mess. When Elyse is trying to be nice to Ramona, she acts like she isn’t even listening to her. In Ramona’s ITM her daughter Avery mother like daughter is saying, “Why are you even wasting your energy talking about her?” The apple doesn’t fall far from the Singer tree.

Leah is literally dissecting the seafood tower and swinging the octopus around. Dorinda has a knife in her hand and is carving the pig. You just can’t make this shit up and that is why I love RHONY. Ramona and Missy head to their other party home to bed. The night ends peacefully with no real bloodshed and thankfully grooves into a dance party!

Next week, we are back in the Berkshires. Elyse tries again to confront Ramona to no avail and Ramona seems to be coming for Leah. Have a safe 4th of July weekend!