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Real Housewives of New York City

Leah McSweeney Dishes on Her First RHONY Reunion, See Her Pic as She Talks Safety Protocols Plus How the “Adrenaline” Rush Kept Her Going All Day

Leah McSweeney Reveals How Her First RHONY Reunion Went Amid COVID-19 Safety Protocols, Plus How the "Adrenaline" Rush Kept Her Going All Day

The season 12 Real Housewives of New York City reunion was apparently one for the books, and newcomer Leah McSweeney is dishing on her very first experience on the couch.

The RHONY rookie detailed in a new interview how carefully and purposefully the crew and production team handled the coronavirus protocols, and also how she prepared for her first in-person reunion.

“I’m just so grateful that Bravo and that Shed [Media], all the amazing crew and staff and Andy [Cohen] and everyone, every single person that was involved in getting it to be in person,” Leah told E! News on August 6. “When I tell you they were so careful and the amount of testing and protocols and masks and social distancing and this and that. It was a huge undertaking and they did it.”

Leah added how much having her first reunion in person meant to her, perhaps considering the hefty drama she’s faced this season with Ramona Singer.

Ramona recently called out her co-stars Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps for being late to the reunion taping. At least Leah didn’t catch more Ramona flack for her timing, and she detailed her “adrenaline” rush that caused her to be prompt even with a super early wake-up call.

“The wake-up call was very early. I’m not the best sleeper. I was nervous and I kept stressing out about not being able to sleep and of course I only slept from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. So I did the reunion on three hours of sleep,” the reality star said. “My makeup and hair girls got there at 5:30 a.m., I’d been up since 1:30 a.m. But the adrenaline was running. I obviously talked to Martin, my trainer, talked to my mom, talked to [ex-husband] Rob [Cristofaro]. Martin was the one specifically, he’s just like, ‘Go out there and be you.’ That’s it.”

Host Andy also detailed the safety details of the set. He took to his Instagram Stories on the day of the reunion to explain how the taping was being prepared.

“Well, this reunion is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. I wish you could see the setup,” he noted. “You’ll see it soon enough. All protocols being observed. Masks at the ready. Hand sanitizer next to my apple.”

Andy also previously explained on his Radio Andy show that there would be “a lot of protocols” and that everyone working that day would be tested for COVID-19 to ensure best practices.

“There’s very few crew; there’s very few people allowed. We’re all six feet apart. I don’t think raising voices is going to be a concern because with that group… hopefully this is gonna go well.”

Photo Credit: MediaPunch Inc/Alamy Stock Photo


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