RHOP Recap: Candiace and Monique Butt Heads at Ashley’s Sip and See, Plus Wendy Questions the Women’s Friendship

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Recap: Candiace and Monique Butt Heads at Ashley's Sip and See, Plus Wendy Questions the Women's Friendship

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, we are still at the dinner from hell. Will there be any resolution or will the fight drag on? Let’s dive into the drama, shall we?

We begin the episode where we left off last week. Candiace wants all of them to shut the f*ck up. When Wendy inquires about why Candiace has to be the only one to apologize, she gets an earful of all the nasty shade that Candiace has been throwing on Twitter. Some of the highlights that Ashley shares are bed-w*nch, roach, and concubine. Candiace has also called Michael an overseer. She refuses to be browbeaten into an apology with an audience. She claims she is now peaceful and won’t participate in this type of apology session.

Robyn tries to interject that an apology is required since Candiace went berzerko and threw a knife at Ashley. The sweet and calm Candiace tells Robyn to shut the f*ck up!  Who is the argument between now? Gizelle now thinks Monique and Candiace are going for each other’s jugulars.

Wow, this fight is all over the place. Is this about Ashley anymore?  Monique asks about how close Candiace is to Charrisse? Candiace pretends that their stale and moldy issues are in the past. She admits she should have given Monique a heads up about the fact that she was coming to the party. Candiace was just randomly checking boxes on her contact list. Bullsh*t.

Karen intervenes since she thinks it is verging on bullying and she just wants to eat her Chilean Sea bass. She can’t understand why Monique and Gizelle are trying to force an apology between Ashley and Candiace. The meal mercifully ends and Ashley and Candiace actually hug.

Then the real drama begins when the cameras go down but mics are still live. We hear a conversation between Monique and Candiace. They are obviously discussing Charisse coming to her party. In her ITM, Candiace talks about Monique being one way off-camera and being two-faced, and we are now starting to see when the pot starts getting stirred.

Ashley and Michael go clothes shopping for Dean’s party and they discuss who is invited to the party. Ashley isn’t going to enjoy people putting their hands all over little Dean. Did they wash their hands after they went to the bathroom? Ashley is having a lot of anxiety over being a new mom. Michael is more concerned that Karen, aka the baby-kisser, is going to smother Dean with makeup. He also can’t believe Candiace is coming. Maybe they should put a metal detector at the front door? Ashley admits their sex life is just not happening right now due to her discomfort. I imagine this issue will come into play later in the season based upon the previews

Robyn comes over to Gizelle’s new place. Gizelle is having a tough time keeping her mouth shut over Juan’s tea. Robyn inquires about her relationship with Jamal. Jamal is coming to town for Gizelle’s birthday. They show Jamal wearing a pink suit with his stuff all puffing out and how Gizelle’s needed at least to be able to pick his wardrobe! Robyn asks, “Where is he staying?” Gizelle said he isn’t staying at her home. Gizelle thinks all kids should want their parents back together just like the movie the Parent Trap? Sorry, Gizelle, real life doesn’t work like this and you can’t compare Jamal to the fictional character Nick Parker.

Wendy and her husband Eddie are both Igbo and they are from the same tribe in Nigeria. Their boys are learning to count in Igbo with their grandma. Little Karter is doing a great job! Wendy came to the U.S. when she was a toddler. Wow, Wendy has a very impressive resume. Her mom is big on education, and her two master’s degrees along with a Ph.D. prove that. Wendy is also a professor at Johns Hopkins. She has an impressive back story. Wendy likes to advocate for those who have been marginalized. Now it makes sense to me why she agreed to do this show; it is a great platform for her advocacy.

Candiace and Chris are shopping for his little girl and her bonus daughter. She decides to also shop for baby Dean. Candiace tells Chris that inviting Charisse to their party was an issue for Monique. She acknowledges that she knew they had issues but thought they were in the past. Candiace thinks Monique is a flip-flopper. Chris advocates for Candiace to control herself. Good luck with that one!

Karen goes over to Monique’s house and she is still terrified of T’Challa. The ladies discuss the party and how the drama went down. Monique would have preferred a heads up about Charisse, and she feels like Charisse has been spreading this scandalous rumor without any regard for her.

We get to see Wendy practice her political spiel in front of her baby. Production shows us footage of her as a commentator on the Lebron James story and President Trump. Wendy has a lot going on with two boys and a new baby girl! How does she find time for all of this? Phew! I don’t know how she is juggling all of this!

Gizelle and the girls are going to meet Jamal to celebrate her birthday. She is expecting a yacht. Jamal jokes that it is a water taxi but no it’s a little nicer than that. Grace is acting like something is up. There is a whole discussion on how long it’s been since the kids saw their dad. When Jamal went to Grace’s school, she ran to her dad yelling, “Get out!” It is a very awkward family dynamic. Grace is nominated to talk but is scared to open the envelope. Jamal gives his three girls a restaurant in Atlanta. The girls don’t understand that this means they are getting something from their dad. Isn’t it Gizelle’s birthday — where is her restaurant card? They sing “Happy Birthday” with virtually no enthusiasm.

Jamal asks when was the last time you were happy on your birthday? He claims it is his job to make her happy. I just don’t see any sincerity in any of his words or actions. I am unsure why he has so many followers in his church. Jamal is of the belief that he is the only one who can make her smile. He is way too full of himself!

We are now at the “Sip and See” for baby Dean. Ashley and Michael discuss if they will let the guests hold the baby. Ashley has fears that baby Dean will get herpes in his eyes if he gets kissed. No wonder why she has been so depressed and won’t leave the house! Stop Googling and stick to your doctor’s advice!

Gizelle arrives and she can’t believe she is in the Darby house. When Gizelle asks to hold baby Dean, it is allowed but no kissing! Robyn and Monique arrive at the party. They discuss how Candiace behaved the other night and they think there was some resolution. Monique thinks their friendship is now really superficial. She thinks if they ice Candiace out, she will see the error in her ways. Hmm, I don’t think that will work with Miss Candiace.

Candiace and Monique sit next to each other. It is really awkward when Candiace holds baby Dean. He starts to cry over being held by her. Karen and Wendy arrive so the gang is all here. Wendy is flummoxed about why Karen pretends she doesn’t really know her. Karen is not impressed with Dr. Wendy. The grande dame is a little jelly of Dr. Wendy!

OMG, Charisse arrives and is knocking like she is the police! Why is she here??? I am sorry but Monique calling her an Oompa Loompa is pretty darn funny. I am glad that at least Ashley gave Monique a heads-up about her attending this party.

Ashley decides to bring up the accountability issue with Candiace at the baby’s party? She shares they discussed the issues about her behind her back and she wants to be transparent with her about that. Candiace feels like she was ambushed at the party and her issues are with Ashley and no one else. Monique tries to talk but gets shut down. Wendy isn’t feeling Monique and doesn’t feel she is a loyal friend to Candiace. I think Wendy might have picked the wrong horse in this race. Candiace doesn’t feel she is among friends and Monique is a flip-flopper. She thinks now that Gizelle and Monique have made amends that she has been put out on the curb.

When the conversation gets heated, Candiace storms out, and Karen tells Wendy to let her go. Ashley follows Candiace out. I hate to say this but I agree this doesn’t have to be a group conversation. Ashley, with her lactating breast, is actually trying to console Candiace outside. They agree to discuss it outside of the group.

Gizelle thinks that Candiace behaves like a child. Candiace is actually a very over-indulged child.  Gizelle tries to get Monique and Charisse to talk. Then Monique leaves upset. These party guests are dropping like flies! Gizelle is really stirring the pot with this crap. Charisse is not willing to admit she didn’t spill the “word on the street.” Karen just wants some more food — she’s hungry, let her eat!

Next week, Candiace and Gizelle go at each other and what is Karen thinking in that Pepto-Bismol suit?