RHOP Recap: Wendy and Ashley Go at it on Girls’ Trip and T’Challa Attacks Wendy!

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Recap: Wendy And Ashley Go At It On Girls Trip And New Rumors About Michael Darby Have Surfaced

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies are leaving Potomac to go to Monique’s lake house in Maryland. We will have some mama drama and bird attacks! Let’s watch and see how this plays out!

Candiace and Chris are still pretending to be looking for a new house that is out of their budget. She is acting as if they need a bigger house because of bogus baby plans. Chris asks about Karen’s party. Candiace shares that she apologized to Gizelle, and she lets Chris know about the invite to Monique’s lake house. Candiace is unsure about going to the lake house. She doesn’t feel her friendship with Monique is the same anymore. That is for sure.

Gizelle has to call Jamal’s assistant Ravi to coordinate when she can see him? Umm, okay. I can kind of see what went wrong in their relationship if a third party had to coordinate when you saw each other. Gizelle would rather have a relationship where the guy would just pull up. She might want to pursue that instead of recycling this old relationship.

Ashley and Michael are discussing the lake house trip. Michael questions if she is bringing Dean with her. Ashley assures him she is and is bringing help. Michael, who is very traditional, is glad that she is bringing the baby since he needs his mom at this age. Agreed, but he puts it in a way that comes across as rather chauvinistic.

The ladies are heading to Monique’s lake house, and Monique shares a long story of what her to-do list involves each day. Wow, she sure does have a lot on her plate, but as Chris says, she has a lot of help. I think Monique needs to worry more about going out of town with this group. Does she really want to take this group out to the middle of nowhere? Hopefully, cell service works out there!

Chris can’t believe that Monique and Gizelle are driving together. Gizelle sees T’Challa and seems freaked out he is riding with them. She wants to make sure he will be in a cage while they are in the car since he is sitting next to her.

Karen arrives in her cute little ensemble, which the other ladies compliment. She needs to be lifted into the truck by Chris. Swoon! Love a gentleman! Karen can’t say the same about Gizelle’s attire, and in her ITM, she slams her lack of fashion sense. Miss Karen proclaims, “Thank God she is a beautiful woman.” Super accurate shady.

Wendy is getting ready to leave on the trip all hooked up to the breast pump. She is pumping around the clock while maintaining her busy professional life. This is the first time she is leaving her baby, and she is looking forward to some grown-up time. Wendy is juggling a lot in her household with three young children.

Gizelle, Karen, and Monique discuss Wendy in the truck. Karen is still peeved over her speculation about her sex life with Ray. Wendy intrigues Monique and she is willing to get to know her.

Monique, Gizelle, and Karen arrive and the lake house looks gorgeous! Gosh, the Samuels’ vacation home is far bigger than my home! Robyn arrives next and on time? Wow, who knew she could tell time? There is actually even a guesthouse? Wow, this is really impressive, but the ladies act like they are in the woods camping. Candiace arrives in her car doing her pageant wave out the window. Wendy arrives after doing all of her pumping. When she hears Ashley is bringing her baby, she is taken aback and annoyed.

The ladies keep questioning Monique about T’Challa. The other ladies don’t understand why she wants that bird. Monique is an animal lover and she loves to have someone to listen to her. She is hoping he will become her mini-me and just repeat after her.

Wendy states she wants to use this time to get to know everyone on a deeper level. Poor T’Challa can’t wait. He dive-bombs her. He probably had enough of all of the squawking from this group. It is like a scene from the movie the Birds when he attacks Wendy. LOL, that was pretty funny. Karen thoroughly enjoyed that the bird tore into her. Honestly, he was just trying to land on her shoulder but her screaming freaked him out.

Wendy is none too happy that Ashley brought along Baby Dean and now the bird too. Ashley can’t be away from him quite yet. Wendy tries to compare herself to Ashley. I am sorry but I am on Ashley’s side. It is very different for a first time mom, but Wendy tries to argue she is a new mom too. Sorry, not when this is your third baby.

Wendy is getting a little too defensive over this. She proclaims to be present, and she sacrificed and suffered to be there. I could have sworn I heard violins playing in the background. Ashley and Wendy then go to battle on nanny-gate. It then goes into whose husband has the more important job. Wow, the mama drama between these two is off the chain already. Wendy does like to throw around titles because Eddie is an attorney and is still taking care of her family — WITH help, mind you. Michael is just a restaurant owner so his time isn’t as important to Dr. Wendy.

Ashley and Wendy get into a huge screaming fight over basically who is a better mom. Wendy, just FaceTime your daughter already! Robyn had to turn her back in the kitchen to shade Dean from all of this vitriol. Monique tries to intervene in this fight because they are getting so aggressive. She told Ashley to bring the baby since she doesn’t have a fulltime nanny. I agree with Ashley that Wendy is projecting her own mama guilt, and Robyn can’t get why Wendy is tripping on leaving her baby at home. She can barely remember her second son’s name. LOL. I can remember my mom going through two to three names before she got to mine when I was a kid. I get it!

The ladies are all complaining over no cell service. See, I knew this would be an issue!  How can you call for backup when you are incommunicado? Monique saves the day and gives out the WiFi password. Wendy and Monique discuss what triggered the blowup. She would have allowed her to bring the baby if she knew she wanted to. They discuss what is on the agenda for the weekend.

Candiace rides over to the guesthouse to chat with Gizelle in the golf cart. Side note: That would be so fun to have a place like that and travel around in a golf cart. Candiace has to own that her wicked Twitter fingers were used on Gizelle to cause hurt. Gizelle feels that she was outgunned and that was uncool. Candiace apologizes for her nasty grams, but Gizelle still compares her to a yappy Chihuahua in her ITM. Still nothing accomplished, SIGH.

The dinner outside looks awesome by the pool! The ladies decide to play a game of curiosity. Candiace is asked first about her school-age years. Gizelle asks if that was when she got a nose job. Production shadily shows an older picture of Candiace seemingly proving some, ahem, modifications. Candiace asks Robyn if she’s really getting married. Robyn claims that they are still on that path. Karen asks Gizelle, “How can you trust your husband after he was a cheater-cheater-pumpkin eater?” Yikes! Now I know why these two haven’t spoken since filming ended. Gizelle claims all is forgiven with Jamal.

Gizelle asks Ashley, “Has her booty h*le healed?” Karen basically wants to know if it is part of their sexual repertoire. They all enquire, “Does it normally get used?” Karen shares hers is retired when the question is reversed. This wasn’t a nice question at the last dinner table. When did this become appropriate dinner conversation? On a side note: Did you all catch Candiace checking her teeth on her butter knife? I was just happy that she wasn’t going to throw it.

The curiosity game shifts to Wendy and Karen. Karen didn’t appreciate Wendy asking about her sex life/coochie box without having had dinner together at least. That question to Karen was a little bit much for new friends or more likely foes. Just be honest, Miss Karen, you don’t like your HBIC title being challenged in this group.

Wendy thinks Karen is very dismissive. Production shows clips where Karen has dissed Wendy. They both sit on the same board and are on a sub-committee so quit pretending you don’t know her Karen, KAREN! I agree with Wendy on this one — just acknowledge her for goodness sake!

Wendy and Ashley go at it again at dinner. Ashley surmises Wendy is ferocious and that is why she doesn’t have many female friends. Wendy prefers friends who aren’t fake b*tches. Oh boy, here we go again!

Ashley thinks that bringing the husbands into it was a low blow. Robyn tries to mediate and help Wendy to see how she overreacted. Wendy won’t apologize for her tone and delivery. They are checking so many boxes I can’t keep track. Wendy tells Ashley, “I don’t speak to your kind?” What is that supposed to mean? Wendy wants Ashley now to address her as Dr. Wendy?  Oh my, here we go, we now have a grande dame and a doctor in the house. There are too many boxes to check and way too many titles! It ends with a to-be-continued…

Next week, the stripper text is mentioned. Wendy is questioned on her delivery and there is a twerk off! Have a great week everyone!