REPORT: Bravo Didn’t Film Cynthia Bailey’s Wedding for RHOA to Avoid Liability, Plus Did Nene Leakes Demand $125K to Attend?

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Bravo Didn't Film Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill's Wedding for RHOA Season 13, Find Out Why They Didn't Capture the Event for the New Episodes and See Claudia Jordan's Confirmation

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill tied the knot on Saturday, October 10, with absolutely no Bravo cameras present.

Days after the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member said “I do” with 250 of her closest friends and family members, it has been confirmed that Bravo did not film the event for the new season.

“While there will be a videographer there, a wedding videographer, they’re not going to have a camera crew,” Straight From The A blogger Michelle Brown shared on her YouTube channel prior to the bash.

“It’s not going to be like [Eva Marcille]’s wedding or Cynthia’s [previous] wedding where they capture people coming in [and] everybody is mic’d up. It’s not going to be any of that because Bravo does not want to be liable for their cast and crew getting [COVID-19],” she explained.

Because Cynthia’s wedding included so many guests, Bravo reportedly felt it would be “irresponsible” for them to put their crew at risk of catching the coronavirus. However, when it comes to seeing the event on the 13th season of RHOA, there is a slight chance that clips of the event will be shown.

“Whatever clips they use [will] be clips from the videographer. It is not going to be a production where people are mic’d up,” Michelle shared.

Following Saturday’s event, former cast member Claudia Jordan confirmed the wedding was not filmed to a fan who suggested that Nene Leakes had been banned from attending by production.

“I believe Nene was actually invited. But I think production may have made her not appear,” the fan wrote.

“Bravo wasn’t filming,” Claudia confirmed.

Claudia Jordan Confirms Bravo Didn't Film Cynthia Bailey Wedding for RHOA

After seeing the disappointing news, a second fan said the lack of footage was “a shame” and noted that they were sad they wouldn’t see it on the show.

In response, Claudia confirmed there is a slight possibility that fans will get a glimpse of the nuptials.

“It might end up on there if they give them the footage. Stay tuned,” she teased.

Claudia Jordan Hints Cynthia Bailey Wedding Will Be Seen on RHOA

As for the claims regarding Nene’s absence from Cynthia’s wedding, Michelle said on her channel that Nene allegedly decided against going because she wasn’t getting paid to be there.

“If they ain’t paying me to be on the show, why the hell Imma go to a wedding?” Nene supposedly said.

In addition, a source revealed to Tamara Tattles that Nene allegedly demanded $125,000 to attend the occasion, and that “Bravo just laughed” about the ask.

“She was asking for $125,000 an episode and Bravo was fine with that…. FOR SIX  to EIGHT EPISODES,” the blog wrote, citing Nene’s contract negotiations with the network that were reportedly quite exhausting. “She chose to leave $750K on the table instead.”