RHOP Recap: Ashley Writes Statement to Support Monique as Battle Lines Are Drawn, Plus Karen and Gizelle Clash

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RHOP Recap: Battle lines are drawn with Ashley Defending Monique and Karen and Gizelle Clash

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, we are still in Portugal with the ladies of Potomac. Let’s get back to Madeira and see what troubled tea they can brew up this week!

Karen is still giving Gizelle a taste of her own nasty medicine about Jamal. She is really coming for Gizelle! FINALLY! I am loving every minute of it. Side note: Apparently, so does production since the Grande Dame and Gizelle’s beef has been getting a lot of air time this season. Karen is really paying the shade forward and it is about time that Gizelle gets called out on her hypocrisy. She truly believes Jamal is living in her phone and so do we!

Karen decides to share with the group that Gizelle put a video of herself in front of a jewelry store on Instagram. She inquires not so innocently, “Were you ring shopping with Juan?” Karen isn’t falling for Gizelle’s story that she was documenting her “cute outfit” since we all know how fashionably challenged she is.

The ladies decide to do a toboggan ride while Poncha’d up going down a steep hill into traffic? OMG, are they crazy, and it literally swerves into traffic? I love an adventure ride but one that veers into traffic on a boxy thing with wheels steered by two men seems like a death wish! Why does Wendy have to always shade Karen about her fragile bones? In her ITM, Karen isn’t having it and just wants her to shut her mouth. Karen was so scared she was calling out “Portland” instead of “Portugal.” LOL! Production sure likes forcibly putting Karen and Wendy together starting on the plane and NOW stuck inside of a wooden box of danger! Phew, thank God they survived that in one piece!

I love it when the housewives experience the culture on these destination trips. They check out the market and do a little shopping. During all of this, Candiace has been making some not-so-subtle comments about being a mom. Hmm, is she really considering this, or is she grasping for a new storyline to keep her position on Potomac?

Gizelle pulls Karen aside and mentions Robyn’s impending engagement. Karen insists she is just curious. She found a way to get the engagement tea out of Gizelle. She swishes her boom-boom when walking away from Gizelle and it is just pricele$$!

Ashley asks the ladies to be downstairs at 6:30 p.m. It is now 4:30 p.m. and they can’t get ready by 6:30 p.m.? They are a bunch of divas! The ladies head out to dinner and all of them look fabulous except, of course, the usual fashion victim Gizelle. She enlists Ashley to help prank Wendy with fake spiders and snakes. She is going to lose her sh*t over that one. Gizelle shares with Ashley that Juan is going to propose again to Robyn. For someone who is trying to keep this a secret she sure is yapping about it to a lot of people.

Wendy calls Eddie to ask for fashion advice. He seems like a real sweetheart. I am really enjoying getting to know him this season. Can he be the housewife next season instead of Wendy? Sorry, I really miss seeing Chris Samuels and Eddie has been a welcome diversion for me.

While at dinner, the ladies are sampling all of the local delicacies. I am really living for this food p*rn! The ravioli looks super yummy and I have to try the Poncha!

Wendy mentions how Eddie wanted her to get away since she has a lot on her plate. She only mentions sleeping between 4-6 a.m. How does she function with only two hours of sleep? Candiace is thankful that the ladies have been open about their struggles, and even hearing the torn an*s story from Ashley hasn’t deterred her. Honestly, I would have rather not heard that story even though it can be a reality for some of us. I would rather block it out, honestly!

Candiace is now considering the motherhood journey. Ashley takes the opportunity to confront Candiace about how she mocked her pregnancy journey. That is some truth there. Candiace is trying communication without aggression. It is about time, but Ashley seems to have lost patience with her. That karma train is back in the station, and Ms. Darby is the conductor and she is going full steam ahead for Candiace!

Karen shares how Ray has finally realized how supportive she was during his financial crisis. She tells the ladies it took Ray two years to recognize the sacrifices she made for him. IMO, Ray liked the barefoot and pregnant Karen instead of the career woman. Karen is being really vulnerable this season and I love her for it. Just throw all of it out on the table, Karen, and don’t let Gizelle tell your story!

Candiace and Ashley debate how they had their frenemy struggles while Ashley was going through the loss of her baby. Ashley feels violated emotionally. Gizelle thinks that Candiace is basically Ashley 2.0. Those are some fighting words for Ashley. Robyn interjects that Ashley was vicious to each one of them in the past. She defends Candiace saying vile things on social media and says it’s like a character flaw — uh, yeah, a HUGE one. Candiace apologizes to Ashley, but Ashley feels like she is doing it because of the Monique situation. Yep! Me too, there is some damage control going on.

Back at the hotel, Gizelle, Ashley, and Robyn break into Wendy’s room to put the spiders and snakes in her bed. Have you all noticed how Gizelle can’t walk in her heels? She walks like a linebacker in heels! They decide to hide in the closet so they can watch her reaction. Wendy hears them giggling in the closet and discovers them. Production is really breaking down walls in these HW shows. They watch Wendy’s reaction on the producers’ monitor in the hallway. She almost peed on herself. Wendy is a good sport and gets a laugh out of it.

The Savoy Palace pool is gorgeous! Gizelle and Robyn discuss Karen, again. It almost seems like they want to dissect everything Karen has said about her marriage and throw it in her face. I don’t remember Karen saying she doesn’t like Ray’s d*ck?

Robyn is going through her photos from the ballcap photoshoot. She doesn’t like Karen’s photos, and of course, Gizelle agrees with her. Robyn doesn’t want to include Karen’s photo since she doesn’t look her best in the photo. I am going to be super shady and say you might want to consider it might be the accessory, not the model! They kind of insinuate it might be an age thing. What’s up with the age shaming with Karen? She looks fabulous and better than some of them. I hope I look that good at her age! Sorry, I digress…

Karen and Candiace meet up to chat at the bar upstairs with that beautiful view as a backdrop. Portugal is definitely on my bucket list after seeing it. Karen tells her that she is proud that she controlled her temper with Ashley at dinner. I guess all of her counseling is finally sinking in and she will be more careful with the words that come out of her mouth.

Gizelle, Robyn, and Ashley chat by the pool and discuss the dinner conversation. Ashley shares that she was asked to do a character reference for Monique. Miss Robyn immediately jumps to the conclusion it will be a character assassination statement against Candiace. No, Robyn, it is a character reference for Monique. Try to focus, Robyn, and stop grasping at straws.

Gizelle and Robyn give her grief over defending Monique. Ashley is loyal to Monique since she was there for her when the cameraman incident occurred. She mentions how Candiace went after her in the past and she threw a knife at her. Gizelle and Robyn can’t comprehend that Monique could go to jail over this incident and be taken away from her family. They believe that the Samuels destroyed the tape of Michael so Ashley will always soldier for Monique. That is most definitely a strong possibility. Production shows all of the social media vitriol. Who honestly wants to be called a roach and a bed wench? Ashley is willing to take her chances and lose her fake friendship with Candiace.

Ashley wants to support Monique and is willing to deal with Candiace’s anger after the fact. She will ride that karma train into court and release all of her pent up anger against Candiace. I think the more important question is “Where does Bravo stand on this situation?” Is Candiace really on the chopping block instead of Monique? We then have another to-be-continued…

Next week, we are still in Portugal and there seems to be some sort of S&M party. Ashley tells Candiace that she wrote a statement on Monique’s behalf and let’s just say that it doesn’t go too well. Have a wonderful week, everyone!