RHOP Recap: Candiace is Furious at Ashley Over Her Statement to Cops in Defense of Monique

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Recap: Candiace is Furious over Ashley's Statement in Defense of Monique

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, we are still in Portugal. Candiace is informed that Ashley is writing a statement in defense of Monique. What drama will ensue when this is shared amongst the ladies? Let’s watch and see!

Ashley with production prodding tells the two green-eyed bandits, Gizelle and Robyn, that she is going to tell Candiace about the statement she gave to prosecutors in defense of Monique. She is going to share the inflammatory news at the dominatrix party that Gizelle and Ashley are planning. What could possibly go wrong when you have whips and chains in the room? I don’t think Ashley really thought this one out. BIG mistake, HUGE!

The ladies head to the beach, and they are going to take a dip into the ocean water that has microbial properties. I tried something like this in Puerto Rico and the water was luminescent. Ashley is the first to jump in the water and takes one for the team. The ladies do a little photoshoot and they all look spectacular in their suits. SIGH, what I would give to travel to such a beautiful destination like this right now…

I am really impressed with how great Wendy and Ashley look in their suits after just having their babies. You have got to admire their body confidence to put on bathing suits on camera. Looking good, ladies!

Candiace shares the remix version of her song, “I See You.” Production does a music video version of her song. Candiace looks awesome in her pink bathing suit. In her ITM, Gizelle shades her original version of the song. She intimates that she did a lot of ooh, oohs in her original version.

Candiace is struggling with her relationship with Karen. She feels she is not standing by her side regarding the Monique situation. Candiace feels she can no longer trust her, and she doesn’t appreciate how Karen has been downplaying Monique’s behavior.

Wendy receives a FaceTime call from Eddie and she gets a little showy with him. Who knew the “Most Educated One” would flash her “cooch” at her hubby on camera?

Karen chats with Ray and she is showing how sexy she looks. She tells Ray that the dominatrix party may inspire her to revive their sex life. It looks like things may be looking up in the Huger household. Good for you two — get your groove on!

While at dinner, Karen decides to order a glass of champagne. She gets some side-eye from the other ladies, who are wondering, “Does she have an ulcer or not?” I love how smooth Miss Karen is by saying, “I took a little medicine and I am all good.”

Robyn asks about who sent racy photos to their guys while they were in Portugal. She has sent them to Juan and I am sure he is enjoying them while he is getting a little side action. Robyn tries to portray her relationship like it’s a healthy relationship, but boy do we all see it differently.

They get Candiace to send Chris a sexy pic of her boobs. Candiace hasn’t been giving enough “poon poon” to Chris so she flashes him her Hershey kisses. Chris thinks they are just being silly.

It is now the last day in Madeira and the ladies are taking motorbikes to a Poncha bar. I am so glad production showed the ingredients for Poncha. It looks yummy. OMG W-T-H is Gizelle wearing? What inspired her to wear a gold sequined long skirt to ride a motorbike? Candiace is wearing a top with some green fur coming out of the sleeves. Karen looks the part of the Grande Dame in her red pantsuit. Don’t the ladies know ahead of time what is on the agenda so they can dress appropriately for goodness’ sake? We are treated to some gorgeous sites while they are riding motorbikes to the restaurant.

Robyn announces at the table that her website has gone live. You know there will be an issue since Karen’s pictures didn’t turn out too good…according to Robyn. I am sorry that isn’t nice at all and rather mean. In Karen’s ITM, she tosses the tacky hat to the side and she is “just good” with this diss by Robyn. You know Miss Karen will be gunning for Robyn over this at the reunion.

Gizelle is chatting with Ashley and Karen about Jamal. She acts like things are all good with him and they have good communication. Sure you do, Miss Gizelle. All you do is talk on the phone since he lives in your phone! We see this relationship for what it really is. #Fake.

Karen shares that she started a wig line. She is going to have a “Wig Shift with a Bang” party. In her ITM, of course Gizelle has to shade her about supposedly having too many businesses since she can’t say it to her face. Since Karen is having a launch party, Robyn wants to know if Monique is invited. Please do tell, Miss Karen, we would like to know as well. Karen has decided it isn’t wise to invite Monique to the party. Agreed, too soon.

The ladies get all decked out in their dominatrix outfits while some sexy music is playing. Ashley brought all of her naughty toys to the party, which she claims weren’t used before. Thank goodness! I don’t think I could un-see it or not envision it being used on Michael! Production has to use an eggplant to cover up some of the naughty stuff.

Candiace wins the best costume award! She really can pull that look off with her butt cheeks fully on display. Ashley decides to ask some revealing naughty questions about their sex lives. She asks about who gave blowj*bs recently. Miss Karen’s mouth is officially retired. She shares she gets her enjoyment from a vibrating pillow and it gets nice and wet when she gets her groove on. I never heard about one of those before. Gizelle thinks that Ray must be getting his knob slobbed somewhere else them. She fails to mention her precious preacher Jamal is probably in a compromising position as we speak.

The ladies decide to act out their dominatrix sides. Candiace gets led around on a leash on her knees. Ashley decides to dry hump everyone. She shares a story about Michael and her when they were in Ibiza. Ashley was making out with another woman with Michael cheering her own. Not surprised at all.

Ashley decides to totally ruin the fun mood of the party by sharing what she did for Monique. She shares that her statement included her previous personal interactions with Candiace. Wendy isn’t happy that Ashley did that and thinks it was done to undermine Candiace’s credibility. She thinks this is some snake sh*t. Candiace thinks that Monique couldn’t handle her mouth and all that comes out of it. Bingo, that is exactly what happened there.

Candiace says, “F*ck you, Ashley!” She feels totally betrayed by Ashley. Candiace, in her opinion, was the victim in this situation and she expects her unwavering support. Wendy actually gets teary-eyed hearing what Ashley did. Ashley exits the room before it gets even uglier.

Karen contemplates sharing something that she saw on the police report. She saw that Candiace admitted in the police report she “released a glass” acting in self-defense. I am not quite sure what exactly Candiace was disclosing in her statement. Karen is reluctant to tell the others what she knows. The night ends on a very uncomfortable note.

Side note: Karen’s refusal to not choose sides between Candiace and Monique has somehow kept the peace amongst the ladies – for now anyway. But since Ashley has picked her side with Monique, they find themselves on an island.

Karen is being left off a tacky ballcap website. The dynamic of the group has shifted and you can foresee it is going to become less about the violent altercation and more about the power struggle to become the HBIC in this group. Who will prevail? My vote is for the Grande Dame coming out victorious.

The upcoming reunion seating chart is pretty telling since Karen and Gizelle are seated closest to Andy. Production is definitely trying to shift the narrative of the season from the violent altercation to the disintegration of friendships.

Candiace calls her husband Chris and tells him about Ashley’s statement. She is incensed over what she did. Chris gives her good advice and tells her to focus on the ones who are standing by her side and remained loyal to her.

Ashley calls Michael and shares what happened. Michael mentions that Candiace had brandished a knife at her and she had the right to tell her truth about her. Ugh, the battle lines are clearly drawn, and I expect we viewers are like lambs being slowly led to the slaughter.

Next week, Monique shows up to the wig party, and EVERYONE but Karen is shocked. This should get really messy! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and have a great week!